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Improve my Oral English!

1.I'm sure to succeed. 我一定会成功。

2.The girl is very pretty. 这女孩很好看。

3. I'm fond of music. 我喜欢音乐。

4. I'm careful to pronounce every word correctly. 我认真地发准每一个单词。

5. You're very kind. ==It's very kind of you. 你很和气.

6. I was quick to promise. 我爽快地答应了。

7. I was delighted to hear of your success. 我听到你成功的消息十分高兴。

8. The greedy guy is very eager to become rich. 这个贪婪的家伙渴望致富。

9. This idea is not easy to express in English. 这想法不容易用英语表达。

10.I'm doubtful what I ought to do. 我对我应该做的事表示怀疑。 And I opened a business shop in taobao website the address is: http://shop34588265.taobao.com in today, I'm pleasure if you visit it, thanks a lot! At last, I'd like to use this sentence to finish today's topic: I'm sure to succeed.

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1. The game had to be abandoned because of crowd trouble. 比赛因观众闹事而终止。 2. All my friends have deserted me. 我所有朋友都遗弃了我。 3. You have got to discard before you pick up another card. 你得先丢一张牌,再拿另外一张牌。 4. They are planning to go abroad, but I think they dropped the idea now. 他们计划出国,但我想他们已经放弃这个主意。 5. He resigned his post because he had been offered a better job. 因为有了更好的工作,他辞职了。 6. If people are unkind to him, he feels rejected. 如果人们对他不好,他有被抛弃之感。 7. She cancelled her trip to New York as she felt ill. 她觉得身体不适,故取消了纽约之行。 8. Can we ever eliminate hunger from the world? 我们能把饥饿从地球上根除吗? 9. The secretary has been removed from her position for her negligence. 该秘书因为疏忽大意而被免职了。 10. They delete his name from the list of members. 他们把他的名字从名册上删去。
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1. The disastrous fire undid months of hard work. 灾难性的大火使我们数月的辛勤劳动化为乌有。 2. We must see the reverse as well as the obverse side of things. 我们必须既看事物的正面,又看到事物的反面。 3. I can dispose of your argument quite easily. 我能轻易驳倒你的论点。 4. He's gone, I'm glad to be rid of him. 他走了,我很高兴不再受他的纠缠。 5. The dicision made her very unpopular with the staff. 这一决定使她在工作人员中很不受欢迎。 6. They tried to enforce agreement with their plans. 他们企图迫使人们同意他们的计划。 7. We had to force the window open. 我们不得不用力撞开玻璃。 8. Continual failure drove him to despair. 连续的失败使他陷于绝望。 9. Lack of funds for campaign compelled his withdrawal. 由于缺乏资金,他不得不退出竞选。 10. The sight of the ships prompted thoughts of his distant home. 看到船他想起遥远的故乡。
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1. They'll find him out that he's been dishonest (=discover him who has done wrong, lied). 他们查出他不诚实。 2. I'll fit you in after lunch (=give you an appointment). 我午饭后见你。 3. Let's fix a date up (=make arrangement). 我们安排一次约会吧。 4. The police followed it up (=investigated it). 警察深入调查了此事。 5. You've missed out my name (=not included). 你漏掉了我的名字。 6. I'm packing in smoking (=stopping). 我在戒烟。 7. She was passing over (=not chosen). 她没被考虑提升。 8. I'll pay you back for this (=get my revenge). 我会为此好好惩罚你。 9. Point it out to me (=show or explain). 给我指出这个东西。 10. He's sending me up (=ridiculing by imitating). 他用滑稽仿动作取笑我。
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1. I can't shake this cold off (=get rid of it). 我无法摆脱这个感冒。 2. Shut him up (=make him stop talking). 让他闭嘴。 3. Sort this company out (=orgainse it). 整理一下这个公司。 4. I'll spell it out (=make it absolutely clear). 我会详细解释此事的。 5. We must step up production (=increase). 我们必须增加生产。 6. You're always telling me off (=reprimanding). 你总在责骂我。 7. Win him over (=persuade him to agree). 说服他支持。 8. The government is trying to wipe out drug trafficking (=destroy). 政府尽力铲除毒品交易。 9. I opened the door to let my girlfriend in. 我打开门让女友进去。 10.I brought her a chair to sit on. 我拿来一个椅子让她坐。
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1. I want something to cheer me up. 我需要一点什么东西来提提神。 2. I went to live in the USA to /in order to / so as to learn English. 我到美国居住以便学习英语。 3. I want you to stay. 我希望你留下来。 4. I advise you to leave. 我劝你走。 5. My conscience compelled me to confess. 良心迫使我承认。 6. If you fail three times, you are not entitled to try more. 如果你失败三次,你就再也没有资格和权力尝试了。(事不过三) 7. I request you to use your influence on my behalf. 我请求你为我施加影响力。 8. I bribed him to say nothing. 我向他行贿,让他保持沉默。 9. I dare you to say that again. 我谅你也不敢再说了。 10. The salesman urged me to buy a new car. 这推销员极力动员我买一辆新车。
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1. The president's speech impelled the nation to work much harder then ever. 总统的讲演激励全国人民比以前更努力地工作。 2. I like people to tell the truth. 我喜欢人们说实话。 3. I'd love you to come with me. 我喜欢你跟我一起来。 4. I saw him put the key in the lock, turn it and open the door. 我看见他把钥匙插进锁眼,转动钥匙,把门开打。 5. I have never observed you do otherwise. 我从没看见你有其它做法。 6. Did you notice me leave the house? 你注意到我离开房子了吗? 7. I've never known you behave so badly before. 我真不知道你干事这么坏。 8. What would you have me do? 你要我做什么? 9. Have the visitor show in, please. 请把客人带进来。 10. I'll have you know I'm a true man. 我要让你知道我是个男子汉。 http://shop34588265.taobao.com/
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1. I could smell trouble coming. 我琢磨着要有麻烦了。 2. Watch me doing it. 看我做。 3. I can hear someone knoking? 我听见有人敲门。 4. I observed him trying to force the lock of the door. 我看到他企图撬开门锁。 5. Did you notice my hand shaking. 你没注意到我的手在抖吗? 6. I feel my heart beating wildly. 我感觉心在狂跳。 7. I found Julia work at her desk. 我发现朱莉娅在书桌旁工作。 8. She left me waiting outside. 她让我在外边等。 9. This set me thinking. 此事使我思考起来。 10. I'll have you speaking English in three months. 我让你三个月内学会英语。
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1. Could you oblige me opening the window? 请你为我打开窗好吗? 2. The opposition have demanded that all factors be made public. 反对派要求把所有的事实都公布于众。 3. Economic sanctions have been imposed on Iraq. 伊拉克受到经济制裁。 4. Her fatness renders her unable to touch her toes. 她的身体很胖,使得她够不到自己的脚趾。 5. Your presence is requested at the meeting. 请你务必出席会议。 6. All passengers are required to show their tickets. 所有的乘客都必须交验车票。 7. I didn't know anything about the books so my choice was quite arbitrary. 我对那些书一点都不了解,所以我的选择是相当随意的。 8. I'm afraid I've no alternative but to report you to the police. 除了向警方告发你以外,我是别无选择余地了。 9. The car radio is an optional extra. 汽车上的收音机是任你选择买或不买的额外配件。 10. He made a voluntary statement to the police. 他自愿向警方供出一切。
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1. The police struggled to keep order. 警察奋力维持秩序。 2. She saved his strength for the end of the race. 她保存体力准备在赛跑的最后关头进行冲刺。 3. I don't know whether to stay in teaching or to try to get another job. 我不知道该继续当教师还是另谋一份工作。 4. We make sure we're always well stocked up with candles just in case. 我们要确保时刻备足蜡烛,以防万一。 5. You are storing up trouble for yourself by not admitting the truth. 你没有承认事实是在给你自己制造麻烦。 6. The ancient Egyptians knew ways to preserve dead bodies from decay. 古埃及人懂得保护尸体使之不腐烂的方法. 7. I have reserved a room for you at the hotel. 我已在旅馆为你预订了一个房间。 8. She tried to retain her self-control. 她力图保持自我克制。 9. They had sufficient food to sustain life. 他们有足够维持生命的食物。 10. He has worked hard to maintain his family. 他努力工作来养家。
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1. Don't shout! You'll have the neighbors complain. 别喊!你会让邻居们抱怨的! 2. I've never had such a thing happening to me before. 以前我从没碰上过这种事。 3. I don't want anyone meddling in my affairs. 我不要任何人掺糊我的事儿。 4. I can't understand you behaving so foolishly. 我真不理解你做事这么蠢。 5. Can you imagine me being so stupid? 你能想像得出我是这么愚蠢吗? 6. Does this justify you taking legal action? 这就是你要起诉的理由吗? 7. I can't remember my husband ever being unkind to me. 我想不出我老公对我有什么不好。 8. I admire you standing your ground. 我钦佩你坚持立场。 9. I showed her how to do it. 我示范给她怎么做这事。 10. May I ask you how to pronounce the word? 我可以问问你怎么读这个字?
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Thank you very much. They are very useful . Super!!!!!
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1. Tell me where to put it. 告诉我把它放在哪儿。 2. The boss told me when I should go back to work. 老板告诉我应在什么时候回去工作。 3. You haven't told me whether to sign this form. 你没有告诉我是否要在这个表上签字。 4. Please advise me whether I should accept the offer. 请告诉我是否接受此提议。 5. Please instruct me how to do my work. 请指导一下我如何工作。 6. To teach a dog how to smell. To teach a fish how to swim. 班门弄斧。 7. Please show me how to start this computer. 请给我示范一下怎样启动这台电脑。 8. She asked me what my name was, where I came from, and when I would leave here. 她问我名字叫什么,从哪儿来及什么时间会走。 9. I drive myself very hard. 我努力工作。 10. You'll drive me mad/crazy/wild. 你会使我发疯(发狂).
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1. I call that dishonest. 我认为那是不诚实的。 2. Do you consider it wise to inferfere? 你认为干涉是明智的吗? 3. The accused man declared himself innocent. 被告人声称他是无辜的。 4. I must get the breakfast ready/cooked. and table clean. 我必须准备好早餐,把桌子擦干净。 5. I can find nothing new to say on this subject. 关于这个话题我找不到新的东西可说。 6. I don't hold myself responsible for my wife's debts. 我不认为应负责偿还我妻子的债务。 7. Will you keep these things safe for me? 你能给我保管好这些东西吗? 8. Who left that window open? 谁打开了窗户? 9. Leave me alone! 别干涉我! 10. How do you like your tea?I like it rather weak. 你喜欢喝什么样的茶?我比较喜欢淡一点的。
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you 're very kind and diligent,thank you very much ! It is excellent
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1. Don't stand about doing nothing-make yourself useful! 别闲呆着-做点有用的事! 2. I made my meaning clear. 我把意思说得很明白。 3. Open your mouth wide. 把嘴张大。 4. I painted the ceiling blue. 我把天花板漆成了绿色。 5. I prefer it fried. 我比较喜欢油炸的。 6. Pull it shat/tight. 把它关上(拉紧)。 7. I pushed the door open. 我把门推开。 8. Do you want it raw? 你要生的吗? 9. I've have wiped the slate clean. 我们已捐弃前嫌,重归于好。 10. I find it difficult to understand you. 我觉得你很难理解。
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1.you look great today.(你今天看上去很棒。) 2. you did a good job. (你干得非常好。)  3. we‘re so proud of you.(我们十分为你骄傲。) 4. i‘m very pleased with your work.(我对你的工作非常满意。)  5. this is really a nice place.(这真是个好地方!)  6. you‘re looking sharp!(你看上去真精神/真棒/真漂亮。)  7. you always know the right thing to say. (你总是说话得体。) 8. you‘re very eloquent.(你总是说话得体。) 9. nice going! = you did a good job.(干得好!)  10. the food is delicious.(好吃!)
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Thanks a lot!
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1. They appointed me chairman. 他们任命我为主席。 2. They made me redundant. 他们使我成了超编人员。 3. I call my wife sweet pie. I call myself a cowboy. 我叫我妻子甜派,我自称为牛仔。 4. Don't call me names. 别骂我。 5. We all consider the boss a weak leader. 我们都认为这个老板是个能力差的领导。 6. His action declared him (to be ) an honest man. 他的行为显示他是个老实人。 7. They elected Gore (as) president. 他们选举戈尔为总统。 8. I named my baby small potato. 我给宝宝起名为"小土豆"。 9. The ringing bells proclaimed the new century's coming. 钟声宣告新世纪的来临。 10. At the end of marriage ceremony, the priest said "I now pronounce you man and wife." 婚礼结束时,牧师说道:“现在我宣布你们成为夫妻”。 Hope all the friends everything go well. Have a nice day!
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很感谢,之前你有显示是说有发邮件给我,可惜我没收到,还是很感谢! 我自己COPY了所有的了!
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