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Improve my Oral English!

1.I'm sure to succeed. 我一定会成功。

2.The girl is very pretty. 这女孩很好看。

3. I'm fond of music. 我喜欢音乐。

4. I'm careful to pronounce every word correctly. 我认真地发准每一个单词。

5. You're very kind. ==It's very kind of you. 你很和气.

6. I was quick to promise. 我爽快地答应了。

7. I was delighted to hear of your success. 我听到你成功的消息十分高兴。

8. The greedy guy is very eager to become rich. 这个贪婪的家伙渴望致富。

9. This idea is not easy to express in English. 这想法不容易用英语表达。

10.I'm doubtful what I ought to do. 我对我应该做的事表示怀疑。 And I opened a business shop in taobao website the address is: http://shop34588265.taobao.com in today, I'm pleasure if you visit it, thanks a lot! At last, I'd like to use this sentence to finish today's topic: I'm sure to succeed.

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1. To protect his reputation, he sued the irresponsible newspaper. 为保护自己的名誉,他起诉了那家不负责任的报纸。 2. The accused man had a lawyer to defend him in court. 被告有一律师在法庭上为他辩护。 3. Brush your teeth regularly to guard against tooth decay. 经常刷牙,预防龋齿。 4. He lied to the police to shiled his friend. 他向警察撒谎以掩护他的朋友。 5. Extra man are needed to secure the camp against attack. 需要增加兵力以保护兵营免受攻击。 6. Conservation of water is of great importance in desent areas. 沙漠地区实行控制用水非常重要。 7. The old building is in good preservation. 这栋旧建筑保存起来很好。 8. He took a course to learn about car maintenance. 他学习了汽车保养(维修)的课程。 9. If you want to go to the concert, you'll have to make reservation. 如果你想去听音乐会,你得事先预订(票)。 10. Her coat gave her protection from the rain. 她的外套使她免受雨淋之苦。
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1. The best defence is offence. 进攻是最好的防御。 2. A good store of knowledge makes you a bright future. 知识丰富,前途光明。 3. His furniture is in storage while he finds a new house. 他在找房子时把家具存放在仓库里。 4. We have a large stock of tinned friut. 我们有大批水果罐头的存货。 5. If you persist in making trouble, the company may be forced to dismiss you. 如果你坚持找麻烦,公司可能不得不解雇你。 6. We insist on/upon self-reliance. 我们坚持自力更生。 7. Some people still maintain that the Earth is flat. 有些人仍硬说地球是扁的。 8. He urged the importance of learning English-speaking countries' cultures. 他强调学英语国家文化的重要性。 9. I can't endure her endless complaint a moment longer. 我一刻也忍受不了她那没完没了的抱怨。 10. You must bear in mind that your parents hope you to become a good doctor. 你要记住你父母指望你成为一名好医生。
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1. You must make your views known. 你得使自己的观点让别人知道。 2. I want this job finished by Friday. 我要这事在星期五干完。 3. Have you ever heard that song sung in English? 你听过那首用英语演唱的歌吗? 4. Have you ever seen a man killed? 你见过杀人吗? 5. Can I have/ get the program changed? 我能把计划变一下吗? 6. My parents have scarcely any money saved for their old age. 我父母几乎没有储蓄多少钱养老。 7. I assume you to be innocent before hearing the evidence against you. 在没有听到对你不利的证据前,我假定你是索然无辜的。 8. Assuming this to be true.... 假设这是真的.......... 9. I'm not such a fool as you assumed me to be. 我不是你想像的那么愚蠢。 10. I believe you to be insane. 我认为你疯了。
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1. I believe you to be insane. 我认为你疯了。 2. She said she considered me to be too lazy to be a good husband. 她说她认为我太懒了,不是个好丈夫。 3. She declared herself to be for divorce. 她声称赞成离婚。 4. As it happened, my advice proved to be right. 随着事情发展,我的忠告证实是对的。 5. On the long journey I proved myself to be an amusing companion. 在长途旅行中,我表现得像个开心果。 6. For new arrivals like us, there are plenty of difficulties to get through. 像我们这样初来乍到,要克服很多困难。 7. That's for sure. Like getting used to the new environment and having to correct our broken English. 没错。比方说适应新环境,还得纠正错误的英语。 8. And so many times of feeling mixed up about which way to turn. 还常感到茫然不知所措。 9. Actually, I don't know which way to turn when I can't find a job. You know, I had really count on making out well. 我真不知道找不到工作该咋办。你知道,我还指望能应付自如呢。 10. It won't be easy, but I'm going to make it. 这不容易,可我会达到目标的。
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1. I took the blind woman's arm and led her across the road. 我搀扶着这个盲人妇女走过马路。 2. Someone took my umbrella by mistake, so I had to take yours. 有人拿错了我的伞,我不得不拿走了你的伞。 3. If you take things without asking permission then you're a thief. 未经物主许可拿走人家东西就算小偷。 4. I took my girlfriend in my arms. 我拥抱住女友。 5. I took the first place in the race. 我在赛跑中获得第一名。 6. The general swore to take back this island whatever the cost. 我位将军发誓不惜任何代价夺回这个岛。 7. The pop song My heart will go on has really taken the public's fancy. 这首流行歌曲《我心依旧》深受大众喜爱。 8. Please take these things in /out/away/back/home. 请把这些东西拿进去(拿出去,拿开,拿回来,拿回家) 9. Shall I take you home in my car? 要我用车送你回家吗? 10. Shall I take your message to your parents? 要我把你的信带给你父母吗?
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1. Don't forget to take your ID card with you. 别忘了带你的身份证。 2. You must take every chance that life offers. 你必须把握住人生中的每一次机会。 3. Do you take this man to be your lawful wedded husband? 你能接受这位男士做你的合法婚姻丈夫吗? 4. I'll have to take my chance with other applicants for the job. 我将不得不碰碰运气和其他求职者来竞争这份工作。 5. Take my advice and tell the police exactly what happened. 接受我的忠告,把事情原本本告诉警察。 6. She'll never marry you, take it from me. 相信我,她不会嫁给你。 7. I don't think I can take any more bad news. 我想我下再也受不了倒霉事了。 8. You must take us as you find us. 对我们的期望也就你见到的这些。 9. I'm not taking any more of your insults. 我再也受不了你的侮辱了。 10. Will you take coffee or tea? 你要喝咖啡还是茶?
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1. The doctor gave me some medicine to take for my cold. 医生给了我一些治感冒的药吃。 2. Every morning I open the window and take a breath of fresh air. 每天早上我都要打开窗户呼吸新鲜空气。 3. These things take time. 这些事需要时间来干。 4. How long will this job take you? 你干这事要多长时间? 5. Take your time over the job, and do it well. 这事要慢慢来做,把它做好。 6. It takes two to make an quarrel. 一个巴掌拍不响。 7. We decided to take a flat in Beijing because of my husband's job. 由于我丈夫的工作原因,我们在北京买了一套公寓。 8. I take 3 newspapers every morning. 每天早上我买三份报纸。 9. I took you to be an honest man. 我认为你是个诚实的人。 10. Do you take me a fool? 你以为我是傻子吗? Since I need go back to Wuhan this weekend, I will update the sentence to next Monday, sorry about it!
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8-18 1. I take it that you are to come early. 我认为你应早点来。 2. You may take it from me that... 你可以相信我所说的... 3. We can take it as read that if you're well enough to go to travel you're well enough to go to work. 你既然能去旅游自然就能够去上班。 4. I always take your suggestions seriously. 我向来重视你的建议。 5. Don't take it so seriously. 不要把这事看得如此严重。 6. The doctor took my temperature. 医生量了我的体温。 7. What do you get if you take 2 from 4? 四减二等于几? 8. How much petrol will the car take? 这车装多少汽油? 9. Take a seat and make yourself comfortable. 找个座位坐下,让自己舒服一下。 10. Why should you take all the praise for our success? 你怎能把大家成功的荣誉都据为已有。
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8-19 1. My second novel did not take. 我的第二部小说不畅销。 2. Take my address and pager number down please. 请记下我的地址和呼机号。 3. I don't mind losing a little money now and then, but I really took a bath this time. 我不在乎偶尔赔点钱,但这次我真亏了本。 4. The broker warmed me that I might take a bath if I bought this stuff. 经纪人警告我,我要买进这玩意儿准亏本。 5. The presidential candidate took a beating in the runoffs. 这位总统候选人在选举中输了。 6. This soccer team took quite a beating. 这支足球队输得很惨。 7. I don't think I can convice you to leave, but I'll take a crack at it. 我想我劝不走你,可我会试试。 8. Why are you always taking a jab at your friends? 你为何总是挖苦你的朋友? 9. I didn't want take a dive, but the cop left me no choice. 我不想被抓,可警方不放过我。 10. Wow, take a gander at this chick! 哇,瞧瞧这个小妞!
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1. This is a serious matter. The goverment is likely to take a hard line. 这问题很严重。政府会采取果断措施。 2. The manager takes a hard line with the employees who show up late. 经理对迟到的雇员采取强硬的态度。 3. I had enough of the boss and the whole place, so I cleaned out my desk and took a walk. 这个老板和这鬼地方我受够了,所以我收拾好东西一走了之。 4. He walked out on me, and that took a lot of nerve! 他抛弃了我,太无耻了! 5. I don't want to take a hand in such dirty business. 我不想参与如此肮脏的勾当。 6. Tyson knocked my wallet off, so I took a poke at him. 泰森抢了我的钱包,我就用拳头打他。 7. Don't take a pop at my work. 不要乱讲我的事。 8. I took a shine to my new teacher the very first day. 我见到新老师的第一天就喜欢上他了。 9. I took a punch at him, but he missed. 我给他一拳,可他躲开了。 10. You can just take a running jump, you creep! 滚开,你这讨厌鬼!
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1. I take a stand with your group, and I'm very happy to have your support. 我支持你们这个组织,也很高兴得到你们的支持。
2. How come you took to ...? It is enough to make one take leave of one's senses. 你怎么会沉溺于“...”呢?它能使人精神错乱。
3. I took French leave during the dinner party. 在晚宴上我不辞而别。
4. Don't give up, take heart. Everything will be OK. 别放弃,鼓起勇气,一切都会好的。
5. You'd better take account of your ability accurately before attempting to do such a business. 你最好在要做这笔生意前考虑一下自己的能力。
6. My boss took advantage of me and I can not stand it. 老板占我便宜,我实在无法忍受。
7. I always take full advantage of the mistakes made by my rivals. 我总是充分利用对手所犯的错误。
8. Take careful aim at the target. 认真瞄准靶子。
9. That joke really takes the cake. I wish I'd told it. 这笑话妙不可言,我实在说不出。
10. Let me have the dinner check, I'll take care of it. 给我晚餐帐单,我来买单。
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1. Like everybody else, I'm most concerned with taking care of number one. 和其他人一样,我也一心为自己打算。 2. I'll take charge of it. 我负责管理这事。 3. The naught boy takes great delight in lying. 这个淘气的男孩以说谎取乐。 4. I take a great deal in my success. 我对自己的成就很自豪。 5. If you behave like that, your boss will take a dislike to you. 如果你那样做事,你的老板会厌恶你。 6. Every applicant must take the oral examination. 每一个应聘者都参加口试。 7. The manager took great exception to what I said. 经理极力反对我的话。 8. I took great fright at the bad news. 我对这个糟糕的消息极为震惊。 9. I took the liberty of borrowing your computer while you were away on holiday. 在你外出度假的时我冒昧地借用了你电脑。 10. You must stop taking liberties with the young lady. 你不能对那小姐太随便。
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1. Take no notice of what they're saying about you. 别理会他们说你什么。 2. I take objection to the plan. 我反对这项计划。 3. I'm quick to take offence. 我易发怒。 4. I took the opportunity of speaking for myself. 我抓住机会表达自己的意见。 5. I took great pains to please my girlfriend. 我煞费苦心取悦女友。 6. Who will take place of Mr. Bill? 谁会代替比尔先生? 7. You have to take a lot of risks in my job. 做我这工作要冒很多险。 8. Thank you for all the trouble you've taken to help me. 多谢你费心帮助我。 9. I takes after my uncle; I have the same eyes, nose, and air. 我长得像我舅舅,眼睛,鼻子,头发都一模一样。 10. Take the computer apart and see if you can see what's wrong with it . 把电脑拆开看看哪儿出毛病了。
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1. His refusal to accept the prize does not take away from his success in winning it. 他拒绝受奖并不损害他赢得的成功。 2. That foolish indiscretion took away from Mr. Bill public image. 这个愚蠢的轻率行为损坏了比尔先生的公众形象。 3. The child was taken away from school. 这孩子被勒令退学。 4. Not to be taken away. (图书馆图书)不得取走。 5. After all you recent kindness I'd like to take back all the nasty things I said about. 你近来的深情厚谊使我惭愧万分,当初真不该对你讲那些话。 6. I take back what I said. 我收回说过的话。 7. Storekeepers will not take back goods after they have been paid for. 商店一般不会同意收回已付款的商品。 8. I'd not take my husband back if he never left me. 我老公要是离开我,我不会让他回来的。 9. This photograph takes me back to my childhood days. 这张照片使我回想起童年时光。 10. The reporters took down the speech. 记者记录下演说词.
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1. It's up to you.(由你决定。) 2. I envy [羡慕]you.(我羡慕你。) 3. How can I get in touch with you? 4. Where can I wash my hands? (请问洗手间在哪里?) 5. What's the weather like today?(今天天气如何?) 6. Where are you headed [朝…方向行进]? (你要到哪里去?) 7. I wasn't born yesterday.(我又不是三岁小孩。) 8. What do you do for relaxation[消遣、娱乐]?(你做什么消遣?) 9. It’s a small world.(世界真小!) 10. It’s my treat[请客、款待] this time.(这次我请客!)
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1. Please take down a copy of Monica's Story from the top shelf. 请从书架顶层取下一本《莫尼卡的故事》。 2. That fellow needs to be taken down a peg. 该灭灭那家伙的锐气。 3. Why do you take me for a fool? 你怎么把我当傻子? 4. I took you for Ms. Monica when I saw you this evening. 今晚看到你时,我把你错当成莫尼卡了。 5. They listened to my lecture, but how much did they taken in, I wonder? 他们听了我的讲座,但我不知道他们领会了多少? 6. I takes in my husband's lies. 我把老公的谎话当了真。 7. It took me a long time to take in what you were saying/how to do it. 我想了很久才弄明白你说的话(怎么做)。 8. I took in the whold spectacle of A-mei Chang open-mouthed. 我张着嘴激动地看着张惠妹的精彩表演。 9. Don't let yourself be taken in by such absurd deception. 你不要被这些歪理邪说蒙骗了。 10. The plane took off despite the fog. 尽管有雾,这架飞机还是起飞了。
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1. Constant effort yields sure success. 功到自然成。 2. This statement is not consistent with what you said at yesterday's meeting. 这个说法与你昨天会上的发言不相符。 3. The poem was ever insistent in his mind. 这首诗时时萦绕在他脑际。 4. I have a permanent job here . 我在这里有一个固定的工作。 5. The two nations try to maintain durable peace. 两国尽力维护持久和平。 6. The machinery requires constant maintenance. 机器需要经常养护。 7. The brain needs a continuous supply of blood. 大脑需要不间断的公共供血。 8. Recently the young couple have continual arguments with each other for trifles. 近来我对年轻人为了一些小事接连续不断地发生争吵。 9. They made sustained efforts to achieve their goals. 他们不断努力实现自己的目标。 10. There is endless work to do when you have children in the house. 当你家里有了孩子时,你就有干不完的活。
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8-26 I got a headache last weekend, so update it so late, sorry about it. 1. Take your coat off. 把外衣脱掉。 2. Take your hand off my shoulder. 把你的手从我肩上拿开。 3. I took her off to see my new apartment. 我带她看我的新公寓。 4. I'm clever at taking off the fortune-teller. 我善于模仿算命先生来取乐。 5. I never took my eyes off the pretty girl while she was busy with her job. 这个漂亮姑娘忙着工作,我目不转睛盯着她。 6. The fashion for long skirts didn't take on for some time. 长裙款式有一段时间不游行了。 7. I've taken on too much responsibilities. 我承担的责任太多了。 8. The doctor says I'm too tired and has advised me not to take any more work on. 医生说我疲劳过度,建议我不要再多干事了。 9. We've decided to take on a new secretary in the Sales Department. 我们决定聘用一名销售部秘书。 10. How can I take out these instains from my skrit? 我怎么才能除去裙子上的墨迹?
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1. I've taken out an insurance policy/a driving licence. 我已领到一份保险单(驾驶证)。 2. I always take my wife out for dinner every Sunday. 我每周日带夫人去饭馆吃晚饭。 3. The boss couldn't pay me ten thousand dollars he owed me but let me take it out in his car. 老板没付欠我的一万元,而是以他的汽车作为抵偿。 4. All that hard work has taken it out of me. 那繁重的工作搞得我筋疲力尽。 5. I came home angry at losing my job and took it out on my wife. 我因为失业气哼哼地回到家里,把火气全发给老婆了。 6. Why do you always take your annoyance out on me? It's not my fault(that) you're angry. 你怎么老把气撒在我身上?可不是我惹你生气的。 7. I took over the businees from my father. 我从父亲那儿接管了这个生意。 8. How come you took to smoking? 你是怎么吸烟上瘾的? 9. I took to her as soon as we met. 我一遇见她就喜欢上了她。 10. I took up art while at school. 在学校我就对艺术有兴趣。
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