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Improve my Oral English!

1.I'm sure to succeed. 我一定会成功。

2.The girl is very pretty. 这女孩很好看。

3. I'm fond of music. 我喜欢音乐。

4. I'm careful to pronounce every word correctly. 我认真地发准每一个单词。

5. You're very kind. ==It's very kind of you. 你很和气.

6. I was quick to promise. 我爽快地答应了。

7. I was delighted to hear of your success. 我听到你成功的消息十分高兴。

8. The greedy guy is very eager to become rich. 这个贪婪的家伙渴望致富。

9. This idea is not easy to express in English. 这想法不容易用英语表达。

10.I'm doubtful what I ought to do. 我对我应该做的事表示怀疑。 And I opened a business shop in taobao website the address is: http://shop34588265.taobao.com in today, I'm pleasure if you visit it, thanks a lot! At last, I'd like to use this sentence to finish today's topic: I'm sure to succeed.

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1. I can't come out with you tonight but I'd like to take you up on your offer another time. 今晚我不能和你出去,但下回我会接受你的邀请。 2. Visiting my wife's parents will take up the whole of Sunday. 去看我的岳父母要花去星期天的一整天。 3. I put the book on the table. 我把书放在桌上。 4. The pickpocket put his hand into my pockets. 小偷把手放进我的口袋里。 5. Put the newspaper down while I'm talking to you. 在我对你说话时,把报纸放下。 6. You put too much salt in this food. 你在这食物中放了太多的盐。 7. They've put man on the moon. 他们已把人类送上月球。 8. It's time to put an end to the war. 现在该是结束战争的时候了。 9. You won't succeed with the work if you don't put your mind to it. 如果你不把心放在工作上,工作就不会干好。 10. Never put your trust in a stranger. 绝不能相信陌生人。
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1. I'll soon put a stop to that. 我会马上制止它。 2. Don't put all the blame on me. 不要都归咎于我。 3. The Congress put great pressure on the President to resign. 国会对总统施加很大压力迫他辞职。 4. All this work is putting a great strain on me. 所有这些工作使我不胜负担。 5. The murderer put to death. 这个杀人犯被处死了。 6. I've put my knowledge of English to good use while I've been in the United states of America. 在美国时我好好地用了番我所掌握的英语。 7. I had taken a wrong tuning, but a policeman put me right, told me which way to go. 我转错了弯,但一位警察为我指明了正确方向。 8. How can I put it? 我该怎么说才行呢? 9. You should put the case very clearly. 你应该把这事表达清楚。 10. You'd better put your feelings into words. 你最好把你的感觉用语言表达出来。
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thank you all very much
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1. I want to know how to put this in English. 我想知道如何用英语表达这件事。 2. You are-how shall I cleverly put it in a few words? -not exactly fat, but rather well-built for your age. 你-我应该怎么巧妙地用简单几句话表达这个意思呢?-你并不算胖,就你的年龄而言,是相当健壮的。 3. I put a proposal the Board of Directors. 我向董事会提出了一个建议。 4. Please put a tick against your name. 请在你的名字下打一个勾。 5. Put a price on this article. 在这个物品上标个价码。 6. Please put your signature to contract. 请在这个合同上签上你的名字。 7. I really don't know what to put. 我真不知道该写什么。 8. Put a price/value/valuation on sth. 估价,评价英雄模范事物。 9. What value do you put on my advice? 你对我的忠告作何评价? 10. I would put your age at about 30. 我估计你的年龄大约在30岁。
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1. We must accept finite disappointment, but we must never lose infinite hope. 我们必须接受有限的挫折,但我们决不可失去无限的希望。 2. The school team won five successive games. 校队连续获得五场比赛的胜利。 3. We have already suffered eight straight days of rain. 我们这儿一连下了八天雨。 4. After a short break the game continued. 经过短暂的休息后,比赛继续进行。 5. We resumed our work after a short rest. 经过短暂的休息之后我们重新开始工作了。 6. The hot weather lasted until the end of September. 炎热的天气一直持续到九月底。 7. The death of the inn-keeper still remains a mystery. 客栈老板之死仍然是个谜。 8. Although she was 5 years older than her husband, but she survived him 10 years. 虽然她比丈夫大5岁,但她比他多活了10年。 9. The old lady exists only on coffee and bread. 老太太仅靠咖啡和面包生活。 10. His fame will endure for ever. 他的名声将永垂不朽.
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1. Keep still while I comb your hair. 我给你梳头时,请不要动。 2. The sea was calm after the storm. 经过这场风暴后,大海平静下来了。 3. The hillsides looked very peaceful. 山边非常安静。 4. Your brother needs peace and quiet because he's working. 你的弟弟需要安宁和平静,因为他在工作。 5. Her meanness has become something of a standing joke. 她的小气已经成了经常引人发笑的笑料。 6. Markets are flourishing and prices are stable. 市场繁荣,物价稳定。 7. She wants to marry a steady person. 她想嫁给一靠得住的人。 8. Some people get static electricity in their hair. 人的头发有时候产生静电。 9. I'm afraid my father's mind is wandering. 恐怕我父亲已经思路不清了。 10. "I hesitate to ask you, but will you lend me your car?" “我真不好意思向你开口,你能把汽车借给我用吗?”
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1. Don't believe all these stories that are being put about. 不要相信所有这些谣传。 2. A good speaker knows how to quickly put himself across to his audience. 一个好的演说者知道如何与听众沟通。 3. I put aside a sum of money and intend to buy a house. 我存了一笔钱想买房。 4. I'd put your age at about 18. 我猜你的年龄大约18岁。 5. I have to put money away for my old age. 我得存钱养老。 6. Don't always put away too much pie and icecream. 不要总是吃太多的馅饼和冰淇淋。 7. You'd better put away all ideas of becoming a pop singer. 你最好放弃做一个流行歌手的一切念头。 8. Please put the reference books back on the shelp when you've finished with them. 参考书看完后请放回书架原处。 9. Unemployment, a serious evil, putts back the efforts of the reformers. 失业这一社会弊端阻碍改革家们的努力。 10. Have you got any money put by? 你存钱吗? My taobao shop ID is:http://shop34588265.taobao.com
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thanks a lot ! how useful sentence they are! thank you very much!!
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1. When you get on the motorway, you can really put your foot down. 当你开车上高速公路,才能真正踩下油门。 2. Let me put down your telephone number before I forget it. 让我记下你的电话号码,以免忘掉。 3. The bus stopped to put down passengers. 公车汽车停下来让乘客下车。 4. She put me down as a fool. 她认为我是个傻子。 5. I put his bad temper down to having had an unhappy childhood. 我认为他脾气坏源自不幸的童年。 6. The goverment urged the whole nation to put forth every effort to help the war. 政府号召全国人民行动起来,全力打击好这场战争。 7. May I put your name forward as a possible chairman of the committee? 我能否提名你为委员会主席? 8. If the goods were damaged in the post, you can put in a claim to the post office. 如果货物在邮寄中损坏了,你可以向邮局提出索赔要求。 9. "And how are you going?" I put in. “那你怎么样”?我打岔道。 10. I always put in two hours at my study everyday. 我每天总要花两个小时学习。
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Thank you for your persistence. I was moved by you. I should practise my English every day also.
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1. I intend to put in for the position. 我想正式申请这个职位。 2. I put a lot of work in improving my English. 我下很大工夫提高英语水平。 3. Which party will be put in at the next general election? 下一次大选哪一政党会当选执政? 4. You must put off your doubts and fears. 你必须消除疑惑和恐惧。 5. China won't be put off with such stupid and flimsy excuses for bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade. 中国不会被关于驻贝尔格莱德中国使馆轰炸事件的愚蠢,站不住脚的借口敷衍过去的。 6. She always puts on an air of innocence. 她总是装出一副纯纯的样子。 7. I'm putting on weight. 我的体重在增加。 8. "My son can speak 3 languages". 我的儿子能讲3种语言。 9. "No, you're putting me on!" “不,你在骗我”。 10. Most of the hotels put it on during the peak season. 大多数饭店在旺季房价过高。
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thanks a lot ! It's very useful for me !
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l like it !!
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1. The fireman soon put the fire out. 消防队员很快扑灭了大火。 2. I put out hte washing. 我把要洗的衣服送到洗衣店去洗。 3. The Construction Bank has 100,000 RMB put out at 5 percent for the house. 建设银行以5%利息放贷10万人民币用于购房。 4. The Health Department has put out a warning about dangerous drugs. 卫生部门对危险药品发生警告。 5. She was very much put out by my rudeness. 她因我的粗鲁而困窘。 6. The least thing puts her out. 一点儿芝麻大点儿事就会使她烦恼不安。 7. I've just put through a business deal. 我刚完成一桩生意。 8. Please put me/the call through to the General Manager. 请给我接通总经理电话。 9. You've put me through a lot of pain. 你让我受尽痛苦。 10. He wasn't elected beacause he didn't put his ideas over clearly enough. 他没当选,因为他没有把自己的观点表述清楚。
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1. Let's put the matter to a vote. 我们还是以投票方式解决这事好了。 2. I put it to you that you haven't told the whole truth. What have you to say to that? 我认为你没有把全部实情说出来。 对此你作何解释? 3. I'd be hard put to it to say exactly why I disliked him. 我真说不清楚我为何不喜欢他。 4. I'm hard put to it satisfy my creditors. 要还清债方的欠款对我来说真是太难了。 5. It's easier to take a computer to pieces than to put it together. 拆卸一台电脑比组装一台电脑容易。 6. I must put my thoughts/ideas together before I go on platform. 在踏上讲台讲演前,我必须把思绪整理一下。 7. I'm afraid I can't put you up; you'll have to go to a hotel. 恐怕我不能给你提供膳宿,你得去住旅馆。 8. What a coward; Russia didn't put up much of a fight! 太懦弱了,俄罗斯根本没怎么打! 9. The plan for the war are all prepared, but who will put up the money? 这场战争的计划都准备好了,可是谁来出钱呢? 10. Serbian army put up a stout resistance to Nato's air-raid. 塞族军队对北约的空袭予以顽强抵抗。
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1. He was fired because he loafed on the job. 他因工作不认真而被开除。 2. Owing to the electricity strike, a lot of factory worken were left idle. 由于电业工人罢工,许多工厂的工人无活可干。 3. Does mass unemployment depress wages? 大量的失业会使工资降低吗? 4. He is the despair of his teacher because he refuses to study. 他由于不肯学习,使老师感到大为失望。 5. My parents will be disappointed in me if I fail in the exam. 如果我考试不及格,我父母将为我感到失望。 6. The police frustrated their attempt to rob the bank. 警察挫败了他们抢劫银行的企图。 7. "If you meet with any difficulty in your study, don't be discouraged.""如果你学习中遇到什么困难,不要灰心。” 8. I was embarrassed by their compliment. 对他们的称赞我感到很不安。 9. In their view, the benefit system just encourages laziness. 在他们看来,这种福利制度只会助长懒惰。 10. The memory of his mother inspired his best music. 对母亲的怀念使他产生灵感,促使他谱写了其乐曲中最佳的作品。
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1. This murder was motivated by hatred. 这宗谋杀案是出于仇恨。 2. Light stimulates plants growth. 光会促进植物生长。 3. The society was delicated to furthering the cause of world peace. 这个协会致力于推动世界和平。 4. After this win, Machester United were prompted to the First Divistion. 这次踢赢之后,曼彻斯特对升人甲级。 5. Don't push yourself too hard, or you will get ill. 别太卖命工作了,不然你会病倒的。 6. He urged the horses on with a whip. 他用鞭子策马前行。 7. The wind whipped across the plain. 大风扫过平原。 8. She spurred her students on to greater efforts. 她鼓励她的学生做出更大的努力。 9. The news of her arrival excited the crowd. 她到达的消息使人群激动起来。 10. The child's suffering moved us to tears. 这孩子受的苦使我们难过得流泪。
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