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AGRICULTURE REPORT - Parsley: Not Just Another Pretty Green
24 Mar 2008
This the VOA Special English Agriculture Report.
Parsley is an ancient green and a respected addition to many foods. But other times, its job is just to make a mealtime plate look pretty. Poor parsley, valued for its looks, then thrown away.
Yet parsley is a good source of vitamins and other nutrients. The taste is a little strong for some people, but others chew on parsley to freshen their breath.
Curly parsley is the kind that often ends up being used just for appearance. Many gardeners grow curly parsley as a border for flowerbeds.
Flat-leaf parsley is easier to work with for cooking. This kind is often called Italian or French parsley.
Do you know about a third kind of parsley? Hamburg parsley has flat leaves that can be used for the same purposes as other parsley. But Hamburg parsley has a large root which is used as a vegetable -- for example, to add flavor to soups.
Hamburg parsley is popular, not surprisingly, in Germany, home to the city of Hamburg.
Parsley is used in foods such as tabouli, a traditional Lebanese salad, and is often served with lamb, fish and beef dishes. Parsley is an herb if you use just the greens. If the root is used, then parsley is considered a vegetable.
Some gardeners suggest that to get the best tasting parsley, you should plant new seeds every year. You can get parsley to grow faster by pouring warm water over the seeds. Leave the seeds in the water overnight. Then you can grow them in containers indoors or plant them outside.
Charlie Nardozzi is a writer for the National Gardening Association in the United States. He says parsley grows best when temperatures are under twenty-one degrees Celsius. In colder climates, parsley can go into the ground two to three weeks before the last freeze is likely to happen.
Charlie Nardozzi是美国国家园艺协会的一个撰稿人。他说,欧芹最适合的生长温度是在21度以下。在寒冷的天气里,欧芹可以在地里生长2-3周直到最后结冰。
Charlie Nardozzi says parsley likes to grow in sunny places or in partial sun. The seeds need rich, moist soil. Plant the seeds about fifteen to twenty-five centimeters apart. Water regularly during the first month. After that, parsley does not need very much water.
Charlie Nardozzi说,欧芹喜欢阳光充足或者部分阳光。它的种子需要肥沃的湿润的土壤。种植欧芹的种子行距相隔15-25厘米。在第一个月要有规律的浇水。之后,就不需要很多的水。
Ron Waldrop is a county extension director for the University of Illinois. He says you can harvest parsley by cutting most of the plant, or leave more of the plant in the ground for a second crop.
Ron Waldrop是伊利诺斯州大学推广主任。他说,你可以收割欧芹植株的大部分,或者留下部分等待第二次收割。
To dry parsley, tie the plant stems together and hang them upside down in a warm, dark, airy place. The leaves should be dry in a week or two. After that, store them in a tightly closed container.
And that's the VOA Special English Agriculture Report, written by Jerilyn Watson.
这是由Jerilyn Watson 编写的VOA特别英语的农业报道。

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