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IN THE NEWS - Why the Search for a Running Mate Has Become a Bigger Deal

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This is IN THE NEWS in VOA Special English.
The candidates for president of the United States now face what some call the biggest decision of their campaigns. Republican John McCain and Democrat
Barack Obama have to choose a vice president.
美国总统候选人现在面临所谓的竞选活动中的最大的决定. 共和党候选人约翰.麦肯及民主党候选从巴拉克.奥巴马必须挑选一位副总统.
The Democratic Party will hold its presidential nominating convention at the end of August. The Republican convention is the first week of September.
民主党将在八月底举行总统提名会议. 共和党将在九月的第一周举行.
Presidential candidates have not always had to choose. In America's first four elections, the candidate with the second most votes became vice president.
总统候选人不必总是通过选举产生. 在美国第四届选举总统时, 获得票数第二的候选人成为了副总统.
That changed after the election of eighteen hundred. Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr received the same number of electoral votes. The House of Representatives had to decide. Jefferson won -- on the thirty-sixth vote.
1800年大选后这一现象改变了. 托马斯. 杰弗逊和阿仑. 贝儿获得了相同的选票. 众议院必须做出决定. 杰弗逊在第36轮投票中获胜.
Since then, the president and vice president have been elected separately. But they run for office together.
从那以后, 总统和副总统被分开选举. 但是同时上任.
The Constitution gives the vice president three responsibilities. One is to serve as president of the Senate. Another is to break any tie vote in the Senate. And the third is to replace the president in case of death, disability, removal or resignation.
宪法赋与副总统三份责任. 一, 做参议院的主席; 二, 打破参议院投票相当的僵局; 三, 当总统死亡、残废、罢免 或辞职时代替总统。
Vice presidents have become president nine times. Eight were the result of a president's death. The ninth was because a president, Richard Nixon, resigned.
For the first half of American history, the main job of the vice president was serving as president of the Senate. Then, during the twentieth century, vice presidents became more involved in the activities of the executive branch.
Law professor Joel Goldstein at Saint Louis University in Missouri is an expert on the vice presidency. He says a major turning point came in nineteen seventy-seven when Walter Mondale became Democrat Jimmy Carter's vice president.
The professor says Walter Mondale had more responsibility than any vice president before him. He had an office near the president in the West Wing of the White House. He held private weekly meetings with the president. And he became one of his top advisers.
这位教授说奥尔特. 曼德尔肩上的责任比他之前的任何副总统都要多. 他在白宫的总统府的西边靠近总统府旁有一间办公室. 他和总统每周举行会谈. 并且他成为总统的首席顾问.
The four vice presidents since Walter Mondale have had the same level of involvement, the professor says, if not more. The current vice president, Dick Cheney, followed Al Gore, Dan Quayle and the first George Bush.
继奥尔特之后的四位副总统都享有相同的责任或更多一点, 教授说. 现在的副总统迪克. 陈尼跟随过阿尔.果, 丹.奎尔及老乔治.布什.
As a result of all this, the job of choosing a vice president has become more important. One thing candidates look for is someone to help balance their own weaknesses.
由于以上种种原因, 选举副总统的工作变得更加重要. 候选人寻求的一件事就是找到一位能够弥补他的缺点的人.
But no one can meet every need. So, as Professor Goldstein says, candidates start with a wish list, then make changes to fit reality.
但是没人能够符合一切要求. 因此, 正如哥斯登教授所说, 总统候选人以一份理想的名单开始, 然后做出一些改变来满足现实的需要.
And this year, one reality is that almost eighteen million people voted for Hillary Clinton. She ran a close race against Barack Obama. Come November, how many of those women and men will vote for John McCain, or not vote at all? This is a question for both nominees as they search for the right man -- or woman -- for their running mate.
而今年, 一个现实就是几乎1800万人投了希拉里. 克林顿的票. 他参与了一次对抗巴拉克.奥巴马的一场旗鼓相当的选举活动. 到了11月, 那些男人和妇女会有多少人投约翰. 麦肯的票, 或者根本就不投票? 这对于两党的候选人来说-选择一位合适的男人或是女人做他们的竞选伙伴-是一个问题.
And that's IN THE NEWS in VOA Special English, written by Brianna Blake. I'm Steve Ember.
这是美国之音特别英语的新闻报导. 由布里安娜. 布莱克编写. 我是斯蒂文. 艾姆白.
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