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美国故事:2010/7/24 火星公主(第三部分)

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AMERICAN STORIES - Science Fiction: A Princess of Mars, Part 3


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BOB DOUGHTY:Now, the Special English program, American Stories.



Last week we broadcast the second of our programs called "A Princess of Mars." The story is from a series of books by 上周我们广播了我们节目火星公主第二部分。这个故事来自伯勒斯。埃德加。里斯的系列小说。

Last week we told how John Carter was captured by a group of warriors on the planet Mars. Later, he became one of them by defeating a huge warrior in a fight. He is still a captive, but he is treated with honor because he is a skilled fighter. We left John Carter at the beginning of a fierce battle between the green warriors and their main enemy. The enemy came close to the green Martians in huge air ships. The green Martians attacked. John Carter continutes to tell about what happens to him in Edgar Rice Burroughs's story, "A Princess of Mars."



JOHN CARTER: Another of the large air ships exploded high in the air. Members of the crew fell to the ground. The huge ship lost control and began turning again and again.约翰卡特:另外一座巨大的宇宙发船在高空中爆炸了。船员们掉到了地上。宇宙飞船失去了控制开始不停的旋转。

Soon it was close to the ground. The warriors climbed aboard the ship and began fighting the members of the crew who were still alive. Soon the fighting stopped. The warriors began taking everything from the ships。At last, they brought a captive from deep within the ship. Two of the warriors had their captive by each arm. I wanted to see what new and strange form of life this creature would be.飞船很快的接近了地面。勇士们爬上了飞船,开始和飞船上仍然活着的工作人员战斗。战斗很快就停止了。勇士们开始拿飞船上所有能拿的一切东西。最后他们在飞船的深处抓到一个俘虏。两名勇士一人抓住俘虏的一只胳膊。我想看看这种新的奇怪的生物是什么样子的。

As they came near, I saw that it was a woman. She looked like a woman from Earth. She was young. Her skin was a light red, almost a copper color.他们靠近的时候,我发现它是个女人。她看上去像地球上的女人。很年轻。她的皮肤是淡红色的,接近古铜色。

I saw at once that she was extremely beautiful. She had a fine face with large dark eyes and long, black hair. As her guards led her away, she saw me for a moment. She seemed very surprised. Her face looked hopeful. But when I made no attempt to speak to her, her face grew sad and she looked very small and frightened. As I watched her disappear into a building, I realized that Sola was near me.我一看到她就立刻发现她非常漂亮。她有一张漂亮的脸,大而深的眼睛,长长的黑发。当她的卫兵给她领路的时候他看了我一会儿。她看上去很惊讶。她的脸上看到了希望。可是当我并没有和她说话的打算时,她的脸变得很难过。看上去非常弱小和害怕。我看着她在一个高楼里消失了。我知道索拉在我边上。

SOLA: John Carter, that woman will be saved for the great games that are held by our people. The games are long and cruel and end in death for those captured in battle. Her death will be slow and painful. She will die for the enjoyment of all.


JOHN CARTER: Sola's face seemed sad when she said this. I could tell by the way she spoke that she did not like the games and did not want to see the young woman die. She was very different from the rest of her people.


Sola, do you not like the games?苏拉,你不喜欢这些游戏程序吗?

SOLA: No, John Carter. My mother died in the games. That is a secret you must not tell anyone. The wall where Tars Tarkas found you held eggs that produce our young. All the children belong to the tribe. A mother never knows which child is hers when they come out of the egg.苏拉:不,约翰。卡特。我妈妈就是在游戏程序中死的。这个秘密你不要告诉任何人。塔斯。塔克斯发现你的那个用蛋组成的那座墙制造我们的年轻人。所有的孩子都属于这个部落。当孩子们从蛋里出来一个妈妈是不知道纳个孩子是她的。

My mother hid the egg that carried me. It was not placed within the walled area. She kept her secret until after I was born. But others discovered her secret and she was condemned to die in the games. She hid me among other children before she was captured. If this secret were learned, I too would die in the games.我妈妈把装着我的蛋藏了起来。它没有被放在那个墙里。知道我出生她保守着这个秘密。但是其他人发现了他的秘密。她在游戏中被判了死刑。在她被捕前她把我藏到了其他孩子中,如果这个秘密被别人知道,我也将在游戏程序中死掉。

Before she left me, my mother told me the name of my father. I alone keep that secret. It would mean death for him as well as me. My people are violent and cruel.在她离开前,我妈妈告诉了我爸爸的名字。我一个人保守着这个秘密。这也意味这他也和我一样会死。我们的人们很粗暴和残忍。


JOHN CARTER: The next day I entered the great room where the green Martians held meetings. The red woman prisoner was there too. Soon, the leader of the green Martians came into the room. His name was Lorquas Ptomel. He began speaking to the prisoner.

约翰。卡特:第二天我进入了一个绿色火星人开会的大房间,那个红色女囚犯也在那里。很快地,绿色火星人的首领也进了房间 。他的名字是Lorquas Ptomel.他开始对囚犯讲话。

DEJAH THORIS: I am the Princess Dejah Thoris, daughter of Mors Kajak, the ruler of Helium. Our air ship was on a scientific flight. We were to study the air and atmosphere. Without our work the air on our planet would grow thin and we would all die. Why would you attack us?

DEJAH THORIS:我是 Dejah Thoris的公主,摩斯。卡加克的女儿,Helium的统治者。我们的宇宙非常在进行科学飞行。我们正打算研究空气和大气层。没有我们的努力我们星球上的空气将变得很稀薄,我们都将死亡。你们为什么要袭击我们呢?

JOHN CARTER: As she talked, a warrior ran to her and hit her in the face, knocking her to the ground. He placed a foot on her small body and began laughing.



I reached for the small sword I carried and rushed to attack the huge warrior.我掏出我随身携带的匕首冲,冲向并袭击了那个巨大的勇士。


JOHN CARTER: He was a strong opponent. But again, because of the low gravity on Mars, my strength was far greater than his. In a few short minutes, the green warrior was dead. I helped the young woman to her feet.


DEJAH THORIS: Who are you? Why did you risk your life to help me? You look almost the same as my people, but you wear the weapons of a green warrior. Who... or what.. are you?

DEJAH THORIS:你是谁?你为什么冒着生命危险帮我?你看上去很像我们的人民,但是你却带着绿色勇士的武器。你到底是谁?

JOHN CARTER: My name is John Carter. I am from the planet Earth. How I got here is a long story. I attacked that warrior because, where I come from, men do not attack women. I will offer you my protection as long as I can. However, I must tell you that I, too, am a captive.


SOLA: Come, John Carter, and bring the red woman with you. Let us leave this room quickly before some warrior attempts to stops us.苏拉:过来,约翰。卡特。带着那个红色女人,我们必须在勇士们阻止我们之前赶快离开这里。

JOHN CARTER: The three of us quickly returned to the building where I had spent the last several days. Sola then left to prepare food. Woola sat in the corner and looked at the both of us. The young woman was afraid of poor, ugly Woola.


I told her not to fear him. You must tell no one, but Woola is not only my guard. He is my friend. I have treated him with kindness that he has never known. As each day passes, he trusts me more. I now think he would follow any command I give.

Sola has told me that all captives are held until they can die in the great games held by the green Martians. Our only chance to survive is to escape. But we must have Sola's help for our plan to succeed.


DEJAH THORIS: Yes. If we stay with the green warriors, we will both die. If we are to escape, we will need several of the animals to ride. It would be our only chance.

DEJAH THORIS:是的,如果我们和绿色勇士呆在一起,我们都会死。如果我们能逃跑,我们需要几只动物来骑。这是我们唯一的机会。

JOHN CARTER: I have several of the animals. They were given to me when I became a warrior.约翰。卡特:我有几只动物。他们是我成为勇士的时候给我的。

Sola came back later with food for the two of us. Dejah Thoris and I asked for her help. The three of us talked long into the night. At last Sola gave us her answer.苏拉一会儿回来了为我们俩带来了食物,Dejah Thoris和我请求她的帮助。我们三个一直聊到夜里。最后苏拉给了我们答复。

SOLA: Your best chance for escape will be in the next two days. We will leave this city tomorrow and begin a long trip to the home of our tribe. I will help you escape. But I must come with you. I will be killed if you escape.苏拉说:你们最好的逃跑机会将在接下来的两天里。我们明天将离开这个城市开始一段长时间的旅行.我将帮助你们逃跑。但是我必须和你们一起走,如果你们逃跑了,我将也会被杀死的。

Sola, of course you must come with us! You are not cruel or violent as many of your people are. Help us and I can promise you a much better life. You will be treated with respect as an honored guest.



JOHN CARTER: The next morning we rode away from the city on our animals. More than a thousand animals were carrying the huge tribe of green Martians. Also in the group were one American, one Princess of the Royal House of Helium, our guard, Sola, and poor ugly Woola.


Late that night we left the camp. One animal carried me. Another Sola and Princess Dejah Thoris. Woola followed close behind.那天夜里晚些时候我们离开了营地。一个动物驮着我,另外一个驮着苏拉和公主dejah thoris .乌拉紧紧的跟在后面。

We rode quickly through the Martian night. I looked into the sky and saw Earth across the great distance of space. Since I had met the Princess Dejah Thoris, I had not thought once of Earth or home. I knew then that I would never willingly leave her.

The next morning, I could see that we were being followed by several hundred of the green warriors. Our animals were very tired. I knew we must stop.我们在火星的夜里快速地骑着。我看向天空,隔着遥远的空间看到了地球。自从我遇到Helium公主,我还没有想起过一次地球或者家,我知道以后我也不会想离开她I。第二天早晨,我能看到我们被数百名绿色勇士追赶着。我们的动物 很疲惫,我知道我们必须停下。


 told Sola and the Princess to take the stronger of the two animals and ride away. I will hold back the green warriors as long as I can. Woola! Go with them and guard them with your life.我告诉苏拉和公主骑着这两个奇怪的动物逃跑,我将尽我的能力击退绿色勇士们。乌拉,和他们一起走,用你的生命守卫她们。

DEJAH THORIS: We can't leave you alone. It would be certain death if you are captured again. You must come with us!

JOHN CARTER: Sola took the princess by the arm and lifted her on top of the animal she had chosen. Quickly she began riding away. For a moment, Woola looked at me, then turned and ran after them.公主:我们不能留下一个人。如果你被再次被俘虏肯定会死的。又必须和我们一起走。约翰。卡特:苏拉用她的胳膊把公主拽上了她选择的动物。她很快的骑走了。过了一会,乌拉看看我,掉头跟着她们也跑了。

I took out my rifle from its case. I began firing to slow the green warriors.我从箱子里拿出了步枪。我开始射击来延缓绿色勇士们。


I was able to slow them for more than an hour. But then I had no more ammunition. Soon I was surrounded. A green warrior got off his animal and came toward me. He pulled out his long, thin sword. I reached for mine. As we neared each other I saw it was Tars Tarkas. He stopped and spoke to me very slowly.我能拖住他们一个多小时。但是之后我就没有弹药了。我很快被包围了。一个绿色勇士从他的动物上下来了,走向我。他掏出又长又锋利的刀子。我拿出我的。当我们靠近时我看到他是塔斯。塔克斯。他停下来和我慢慢的说话。

TARS TARKAS: You will die here... today... John Carter. It is I who must kill you. Know that I will take no pleasure in your death.塔斯。塔克斯:你今天会死在这。约翰。卡特。我必须杀了你。但是你的死不会给我带来快乐。


BOB DOUGHTY:You have been listening to the Special English program, American Stories. This has been the third program in our series "A Princess of Mars," by Edgar Rice Burrows. This story was adapted for Special English by Paul Thompson. It was produced by Paul Thompson and Mario Ritter.

Shep O'Neal was the voice of John Carter. Steve Ember was Tars Tarkas. Barbara Klein was Sola. And Gwen Outen was the Princess Dejah Thoris. Join us again next week as we continue "A Princess of Mars," in VOA Special English.


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