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翻译研讨:2009/2/12 常速英语——在喀布尔,武装分子袭击政府大楼,杀死了26个人。

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Militants Storm Government Buildings in Kabul, Kill 26

在喀布尔, 武装分子袭击政府大楼,杀死了 26 个人。

Eight Taliban militants have attacked three government buildings in Kabul, in a brazen daytime assault that killed at least 26 people and wounded dozens of others. One group of attackers barricaded themselves in the Afghan Justice ministry, holding off police for a few hours before they were shot dead.

在喀布尔, 8 名塔利班武装分子袭击了三座政府大楼。在大白天厚颜无耻地杀害了至少 26 个人,并且有多名群众受伤。其中一组袭击小队固守着阿富汗 司法部大楼,在他们被击毙之前与警方持续了几个小时的搏斗。

The attacks began shortly after 10:00 in the morning, when militants launched near-simultaneous assaults against the Justice Ministry and Education Ministry in the center of Kabul as well as the Afghanistan Prisons Directorate in the east of the city.

早上 10 点刚过袭击就发生了。当时恐怖分子几乎同时袭击了在 喀布尔正中 司法大楼,教育部办公大楼和 位于喀布尔北部的司法部监狱管理机构办公楼。

At the Justice Ministry, witnesses said five attackers armed with automatic weapons and grenades stormed the front gate, overwhelmed security guards and entered the main lobby, firing on people inside.

在司法部,目击者说 5 名袭击者携带自动步枪和 手榴弹袭击大门,击倒警卫后冲进主厅,射杀里面的职员。

Ministry employee Muhammed Azgar was inside at the time of the attack.

袭击发生时,部门职员 Muhammed Azgar 就在里面。

He says they were shooting us from four sides - from the hallway, the back of the lobby and the stairs. He says everyone inside panicked and was running around, trying to find a way out.


The deputy of the Interior Ministry, General Muneer Mangal, said after the attackers stormed the lobby, they began making their way through offices on the second floor, shooting people they came across. He says they then barricaded themselves inside, forcing a standoff with security forces that lasted three hours.

内政部代表 General Muneer Mangal 表示,袭击者冲进大厅后,他们开始在二楼扫荡每个办公室。扫射行进中的人。他表示,然后他们就在里面固守起来,与警力搏斗持续至少 3 个小时。

He says with the help of the national police and national security directorate, security forces killed the attackers and prevented them from detonating vests packed with explosives.


At the same time militants were storming the Justice Ministry, one kilometer away officials said guards outside the education ministry identified one suicide bomber and killed him before he could detonate his explosives.


Minutes later, in eastern Kabul, two militants attacked a government office that oversees Afghan prisons. Police said one attacker detonated his suicide vest inside the compound and the other was shot dead by security guards.

几分钟后,在 喀布尔东部,两名武装分子袭击了监管阿富汗囚犯的政府办公室。警方表示,一个袭击者在院子里引爆了自杀式炸弹,另一个被警卫射杀了。

Shortly after the attacks began, Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujaheed called VOA and other news outlets, saying suicide bombers were targeting the justice ministry buildings, trying to kill the justice minister. Officials later said the justice minister was inside the building at the time of the attack, but he was unharmed.

袭击开始后不久,塔利班发言人 Zabiullah Mujaheed 通过 VOA 和其他新闻途径表示,自杀式炸弹袭击者袭击的目标是炸毁司法大楼,目标是司法部长。官方不久后表示,司法部长在袭击发生时就在这栋大楼里,但是他并没有受伤。

During a three-hour-long standoff with the militants in the center of Kabul, Afghan national army and police barricaded several city blocks as ambulances ferried the injured to hospitals.

在 喀布尔中心地区 和武装分子长三个小时的对峙其间,阿富汗军队和警察在少数城市设置了木制路障,方便救护车来回输送伤者到医院。

Shops, businesses and government offices near the justice ministry shut down for the day, but for the rest of the Afghan capital, residents carried on as usual and there was no indication that terrorists had effectively shut down the heavily-fortified city center.


The series of attacks demonstrated a high degree of coordination and interior ministry officials said there are indications that some of the militants were foreigners. Similar gun and bomb attacks took place in Kabul last year, including separate assaults on the upscale Serena hotel and the Afghan culture ministry.

一连窜的袭击表露了一个高度的协作。内政部官员表示,这些迹象表明一些袭击者是外国人。去年在 喀布尔也发生过类似的枪击和炸弹袭击,包括分开袭击高档的 Serena 酒店和阿富汗文化部。

During a news conference in Kabul, the head of Afghanistan's National Directorate of Security, Amrullah Saleh, said officials recently received information warning of what he called "spectacular" attacks involving multiple suicide bombers, but he said that at the time it was too generic for security forces to act on.

在喀布尔的记者招待会其间,阿富汗国家安全理事会主席 Amrullah Saleh 表示,官方最近得到消息警告说,他所说的“状况的”袭击包括成倍的自杀式炸弹袭击者。但是他说,到时候,对于警方来说对付他们太简单了。

He said intelligence officials are already pursing leads that some of the militants had links to groups inside Pakistan.


"As they were entering the ministry of justice and before starting their indiscriminate killings, they sent three messages to Pakistan, calling for the blessing of their mastermind," he said. "And we are working on that angle of it as well."


The attacks occurred as U.S. envoy Richard Holbrooke arrived at the governor's house in Peshawar. Holbrooke was on the third day of a visit to Pakistan to help President Barack Obama chart a new strategy to beat the insurgencies raging in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Holbrooke is expected in Kabul later this week.

袭击发生时,美国特派使者 Richard Holbrooke 到达了 白沙瓦市长家。这是 Holbrooke 访问巴基斯坦的第三天了,目的是为了帮助总统 Barack Obama 制定新的战略去打败在巴基斯坦和阿富汗猖獗的恐怖分子。 Holbrooke 在这星期晚些时候将回拜访 喀布尔。

Afghan officials have blamed Pakistani militant groups as well as elements of Pakistan's intelligence agency for some of the deadliest attacks in Kabul, including the bombing of the Indian embassy and the attack on the Serena hotel. Pakistani officials flatly deny the allegations.

阿富汗官方谴责巴基斯坦武装组织,同时谴责巴基斯坦情报局对于这次 喀布尔致命袭击的隐瞒。包括印度大使馆和 Serena hotel 的袭击。巴基斯坦官方简单地否认了这些指责。


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Militants Storm Government Buildings in Kabul, Kill 26

武装人员冲击喀布尔政府大楼使 26人丧生-----这样才符合中文习惯,另外Storm"冲击"显出大面积而非泛泛的"袭击",俺的意见...

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"wounded dozens of others多名群众受伤"


dozens of .......直译为“好几打的......"。(一打为十二个单位),可意译为"好几十......"。

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