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Kenya's Food Crisis Worsening

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Kenya 's government is announcing new emergency steps to address the country's growing food crisis. But critics say the government's actions are too little, too late.


The emergency plan announced by the Kenyan Cabinet this week includes mobilizing the army to assist those desperately short on food and water.


The plan also nearly doubles the amount of rationed food and provides emergency measures for herders whose livestock is threatened by the area's severe drought.


Rockefeller Foundation food security analyst Joseph Nyoro welcomed the government's announcement, but said the relief plan is inadequate.

洛克菲勒基金会的食物安全分析师 Joseph Nyoro 对政府的宣告表示欢迎,但是他说这光这应急方案是不够的。

"The announcement by the Cabinet was necessary. But it was not sufficient, and it ran short of the expectations of Kenyans," he said.


Nyoro is also critical of the government's decision to rely on the army as the main vehicle for the assistance, saying it is the local communities and the civil society that actually know in each area who are suffering the most.

Nyoro 对政府过度依赖军队,把军队当作援助主要手段的决定感到强烈的不满,并表示,当地的公众和社会清晰地知道,谁在遭受着最大灾难。

It has been reported that Kenya President Mwai Kibaki was briefed for the first time on the total severity of the food and water crises just last month. Humanitarian organizations have been raising the alarm that millions of Kenyans could be facing possible starvation since the beginning of the year.

据报道 , 上个月有人第一时间把这次食物和饮水危机的严重性告诉过肯尼亚总统 Mwai Kibaki. 慈善机构发出警报 , 说自年初开始 , 数百万肯尼亚人面临着饿死的威胁 .

Kenya Prime Minister Raila Odinga predicted Wednesday that domestic grain production will fall 65 percent short of domestic demand this year. The nation will have to import the grain shortfall if it hopes to avoid massive starvation.

肯尼亚总统 Raila Odinga 周三表示 , 因国内需求减少 , 国内谷物生产总值将下降约 65% 。如果想避免大面积地饥荒,需要进口谷物填补供需差额。

The government says it is working with the private sector and donor countries to meet the Kenya's food needs.


The drought is also having a devastating effect on the nation's mostly-nomadic pastoral herders. Many are deciding to cut their losses and sell their emaciated cattle instead of risking the death of the animals should the drought continue much longer.


Nyoro faults the government for being blindsided by the crisis.

Nyoro 指责政府没做好准备,而被这场干旱出其不意地袭击。

"When you come to budget allocation, it was totally ignorant of the total circumstances that were prevailing in the country. The budget was actually cited less than it was the previous year. And yet we were caught up in this food crisis," he said.


Kenyan minister of agriculture William Ruto also chides his government's financial priorities. He says the long-term solution to the nation's food insecurity needs to be addressed through funding development of the country's agricultural sector.

肯尼亚农业部部长 William Ruto 指责政府的经济侧重点。他表示,要长期解决国内的粮食风险问题,需要给农业部拨款。

"The truth of the matter is that we have to re-arrange our budget. We have to be cognizant of the reality that unless we finance the agricultural sector, talk of growing the economy is talk in vain. We really have to look at our budget process," said Ruto.

“实情就是我们需要重新布置我们的预算,我们要认识到事实,除非给农业部拨款,否则一切都是空谈。我们的确需要重新审视我们的预算。” Ruto 表示。

The water shortage is also causing a severe energy shortfall across the country, which relies heavily on hydro-electric power. Kenya's major power company has instituted systematic power rationing until power supplies improve.








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