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翻译——2008.11.16——WORDS AND THEIR STORIES - You Do Not Have to Be a Rocket Scientist to Understand This

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WORDS AND THEIR STORIES - You Do Not Have to Be a Rocket Scientist to Understand This

Hello. I'm Phil Murray with WORDS AND THEIR STORIES, a program in Special English.
哈喽!我是Phil Murray和特别英语《词语掌故》节目。

"You do not need to be a rocket scientist." Americans hear these words often. People say them in schools, offices and factories. Broadcasters on radio and television use them.

This is how you might hear the words used.

Workers in an office are afraid to try to use their new computer system. Their employer tells them not to be foolish. "You do not need to be a rocket scientist to learn this," he says.

Or, high school students cannot seem to understand something their teacher is explaining. "Come on," she says. You do not need to be a rocket scientist to understand this."

Or, a company that makes soap is trying to sell its product on television. "You do not need to be a rocket scientist to see that our soap cleans better," the company says.

These words send a strong message. They say that you do not need to be extremely intelligent to understand something.

How did the expression begin?

No one seems to know for sure. But an official of the American space agency, NASA, says the expression just grew. It grew, he says, because rocket scientists probably are the most intelligent people around.

Not everyone would agree.

Some people might be considered more intelligent than rocket scientists. For example, a person who speaks and reads fifteen languages, or a medical doctor who operates on the brain.

Still, many people would agree that there is something special about scientists who build rockets. Maybe it has to do with the mystery of space travel.

Moving pictures from before World War Two showed a man named Buck Rogers landing on the planet Mars. He was a hero who could defeat any enemy from outer space.
在二战前的一部电影中出现了一个叫做Buck Rogers的人降落在了火星上。他是一位可以击退来自外太空的任何敌人的英雄。

The rocket scientist is a different kind of hero. He or she makes space travel possible.

Rocket scientists, however, can have problems just like everyone else.

A Washington rocket scientist tells about a launch that was postponed many, many times. Finally, everything seemed right. Mechanical failures had been repaired. The weather was good.

The scientists had planned that part of the rocket would fall into the ocean after the launch. All ships and boats within many kilometers of the danger area had been warned. But in the last few seconds a small boat entered the area. Once again, the launch was postponed.

When the work goes well, most rocket scientists enjoy their jobs. One scientist said, "As a child I loved to build rockets. Now I am grown. I still love to build rockets. And now I get paid for it."

This program, Words and Their Stores, was written by Jeri Watson. I'm Phil Murray.
这就是《词语掌故》了,由Jeri Watson.撰稿,我是Phil Murray。


Buck Rogers

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Buck Rogers is a fictional character who first appeared in 1928 as Anthony Rogers, the hero of two novellas by Philip Francis Nowlan published in the magazine Amazing Stories.[1] Rogers is best known from the long-running syndicated newspaper comic strip. He also appeared in a movie serial, a television series, and in many other formats.
The adventures of Buck Rogers comic strips, movies, radio, and television became an important part of American pop culture. This pop phenomenon paralleled the development of space technology in the twentieth century and introduced Americans to outer space as a familiar environment for swashbuckling adventure.
Buck Rogers has been credited with bringing into popular media the concept of space exploration,[2] following in the footsteps of literary pioneers such as Jules Verne, H.G. Wells and Edgar Rice Burroughs (John Carter of Mars).

Motion picture and 1979–1981 NBC television series

Main article: Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (TV series)
In 1979, Buck Rogers was revived and updated for a prime-time television series for NBC Television. The pilot film was released to cinemas on March 30, 1979. Good box-office returns led NBC to commission a full series, which started in September 1979.
The series starred Gil Gerard as Capt. William "Buck" Rogers, a US Air Force pilot who commands Ranger 3, a space shuttle that is launched in 1987. Because of a freak combination of gases, he is frozen in space for 504 years and is revived in the 25th century. There, he learns that the Earth was united following a devastating nuclear war in 1988, and is now under the protection of the Earth Defense Forces, headquartered in New Chicago. The latest threat to Earth comes from the spaceborne armies of the planet Draconia, who are planning an invasion.
Co-starring in the series were Erin Gray as crack Starfighter pilot Col. Wilma Deering, and Tim O'Connor as Dr. Elias Huer, head of Earth Defense Forces, and a former star pilot himself. Ardala appeared (played by Pamela Hensley), as a Draconian princess supervising her father's armies, with Kane (played by Henry Silva in the film; by Michael Ansara in the series) as her enforcer, a gender reversal of the original characters where Ardala was Killer Kane's sidekick. Although Black Barney did not appear as a character in the series, there was a character named Barney Smith (played by James Sloyan) who appeared in the two-part episode, "Plot to Kill a City." New characters added for the series included a comical robot named Twiki (embodied by Felix Silla, with voice provided by Mel Blanc), who becomes Buck's personal assistant, and Dr. Theopolis (voice by Eric Server), a computer brain Twiki carries around.

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