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笔记: 奥运过后(二次修改了)

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The memory of Germany’s only other Summer Games held in Munich in 1972 will always be tainted by the killing of the Israeli athletes. But it should also be remembered for it’s outstanding architecture.


Munich [‘mju:nik] 慕尼黑(德国城市,巴伐利亚州首府)
tainted 1)verb/often pasive, to damage or spoil the quality of sth or the opinion that people have of sb/sth: The administration was tainted with scandal.
Israeli: adj以色列共和国的;n 以色列共和国民
Outstanding: 1)extremely good, excellent: and outstanding achivement
2)usually before noun, very obvious or important: the outstanding features of the landscape.
3)of payment, work, problems, etc, not yet paid, done, solved,etc: She has outstanding debts of over $500. A lot of work is still outstanding.
Germany’s only other summer games是什么意思呢?是指除了二战时期的那场奥运会吗?应该怎么翻译呢?

Designed by Frei Otto, the main statium and indoor arenas were given revolutionary fabric roof coverage Inspired by spy webs. They are widely considered to be the most successful Olympic structures ever.


arena 1)a place with a flat open area in the middle and seats around it where people can watch sports and entertainment;
2)formal, an area of activity that concerns the public, especially one where is a lot of opposition between different groups or countries: the political arena.

revolutionary : 1)adj connected with political revolution: a revolutionary leader/revolutionary uprisings.
2) involving a great or complete change: a revolutionary idea/a time of rapid and revolutionary change;
revolutionaries a person who starts or supports a revolution, especially a political one: socialist revolutionaries.
fabric 1)material made by weaving wool, cotton, silk, etc., used for making clothes, curtains, etc. and for covering furniture: cotton fabric
2) forml, the basic structure of a society, an organization, etc. that enables it to function successfully: a trend which threatens the very fabric of society.
3)the basic structure of a building, such as the wall, floor and roof.

structure 结构、构造、建筑物;the way in which the parts of sth are connected together, arranged or organized; a particular arrangement of parts: the structure of the building / changes in the social and economic structure of society / the grammatical structures of a language/a salary structure

Germany may have won the gold for architecture in 1972, but 4 years late in Montreal, it was a different story. Delays to the construction led to rumors that the games could be called off. In the end, they went to ahead even know the stadium hadn’t been completed, and the retractable roof didn’t work.


Montreal 蒙特利尔,加拿大
call off
1) To cancel or postpone: call off a trip; called the trip off.
2)To restrain or recall: Call off your dogs.
retractable :that can be moved or pulled back into the main part of sth: a knife with a retractable blade.

Today the people in Montreal rarely use this venue. But it’s taken them 30 years to pay off the one billion pound debt that incurred by hosting the Olympic games.

venue : a place where people meet for an organized event, for example a concert, sporting event or conference: The band will be playing at 20 different venues on their UK tour.

incur : 1)if you incur sth unpleasant, you are in a situation in which you have to deal with it. She had incurred the wrath of her father by marrying without his consent.
2)if you incur costs, you have to pay for them;

By 1984, the Olympics were considered to be such a poison chalic that Los Angeles was the only city to bid for them.

bid for: 要求,争取,投标,出价竞买;

And that’s gonna be the theme to this Olympic games, or a day late or a dollar short. Now if you are going to look for monuments to the spirit of the Olympic movement, you’ve got to look elsewhere.


the gamble paid off. Their refusals to sink fund into the fancy new venues in their strategic use of corporate sponsorship enabled them to turn a rare profit.

when the Americans next hosted the Olympics in 1996. Atlanta was so naked in this pursuit of corporate cash that it became known as the Coca-Cola games.


It’s relentless commercialism embarrassed the Olympic movement, and worse, left no benefit the local people.


1 not stopping or getting less strong unrelenting: her relentless pursuit of perfection The sun was relentless.
2 refusing to give up or be less strict or severe: a relentless enemy
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