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翻译研讨:2008.12.12 美国万花筒——乔丹/星条旗/冷战娃乐队

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Welcome to AMERICAN MOSAIC in VOA Special English.


I'm Doug Johnson. This week:

We listen to music from the Cold War Kids ...
Answer a listener question about basketball superstar Michael Jordan ...

And, report about a grand old flag's new home.



Ten years ago, first lady Hillary Clinton launched the Save America's Treasures campaign. America's famous flag, the Star-Spangled Banner, was at the center of the effort. The flag flew over Fort McHenry during the Battle of Baltimore, Maryland, in eighteen fourteen. The United States was at war with Britain. The sight of the flag still flying in the early morning after the battle led Francis Scott Key to write his famous poem, "The Star Spangled Banner," to celebrate the American victory. The poem later became America's national song. Shirley Griffith tells about the flag's history, how it was repaired and where it is now.
十年前,第一夫人希拉里克林顿发动了拯救美国宝藏的运动。美国著名旗帜星条旗是努力的中心。在1840年的巴尔的摩(位于马里兰)之战,星条旗飘过了麦克亨利堡。美国那时与英国处于战争状态。在这场战争后的清晨,星条旗仍然飘扬的景象促使Francis Scott Key写下了他著名的诗篇“星条旗”,以此庆祝美国的胜利。后来这首诗篇变成了美国的国歌。雪莉格里菲斯讲述星条旗的历史,它是怎么被修复的和现在存放在哪儿。

The commander of Fort McHenry, George Armistead, said he wanted a flag so large that the British would have no difficulty seeing it from a distance.
麦克亨利堡指挥官George Armistead说,他想要一个大大的旗帜,这样英军就可以毫不费力的从远处看到它。

A local flag maker, Mary Pickersgill, was chosen for the project. Four teenage girls -- her daughter, nieces and a servant -- helped sew the giant flag. It measured about nine by thirteen meters. A year later, it flew as bombs and rockets burst over Baltimore Harbor.
地方的旗帜制作者Mary Pickersgill被选中参加这个项目。他的3个女儿和一个侍从,四个十几岁的女孩帮忙缝制这个巨大的旗帜。它有13米长,9米宽。一年后,旗帜飞扬在炸弹和导弹爆炸的巴尔的摩海港上空。

In nineteen twelve, the flag was given to the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C. One hundred years of wear and tear showed on the flag. Restoration expert Amelia Fowler sewed a material backing onto the flag to make it stronger for hanging.

The flag was hung in the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History in nineteen sixty-four. Then in nineteen ninety-eight officials removed it for a major restoration.

The Star-Spangled Banner went to a special conservation laboratory. A wide moving bridge was built. It floated right above the flag. Restorers could lie on the bridge to work on every part of the flag.

Experts also studied the cloth and condition of the flag to decide exactly what environment would be best for it. When all the repairs were complete, the Star-Spangled Banner was moved to its new home. The flag no longer hangs but lies on a table in a partly darkened room. A huge glass window provides a good view.

Brent Glass, director of the museum, said: "The Star-Spangled Banner is one of our nation's most treasured objects." He said its new surroundings are part of a plan to guarantee the long-term protection of the flag and help future generations experience what it means to be an American.
博物馆馆长Brent Glass说,星条旗是我国最珍贵的东西之一。他说,星条旗周围的东西是保证长期保护计划的一份子,也是帮助将来后来们感受作为一个美国人意味着什么。

Visitor Scott Cook of Burke, Virginia, praised the flag project:

SCOTT COOK: "The Star-Spangled Banner was getting in really bad shape hanging up there vertically all those years. It was falling apart. That's a great exhibit. It's very nicely done."
SCOTT COOK:这些年来星条旗垂直悬挂在那里,正处于不良境地,它曾经四分五裂。这是一个好的展览,做的非常好!

Michael Jordan



Our listener question this week comes from Turkey. Erkut wants to know more about the basketball star Michael Jordan. Jordan is widely considered the greatest basketball player of all time. He is most famous for playing for the Chicago Bulls, but later in his career he played briefly for the Washington Wizards.
这周我们听众的问题来自土耳其的Erkut,他 想知道篮球明星迈克乔丹的事情。乔丹被广泛地认为是史上最伟大的球员。他最有名是为芝加哥公牛队效力,但是后来,在他的职业生涯中,他也短暂地为华盛顿奇才队效力。

Michael Jeffrey Jordan was born in the Brooklyn area of New York City in nineteen sixty-three. He went to high school and college in the state of North Carolina. He played basketball in college for the North Carolina Tar Heels before being chosen to play for the Chicago Bulls in nineteen eighty-four.

Michael Jordan played for the Bulls for thirteen years. During this time, the team won six championships. Jordan became one of the highest scoring players in the National Basketball Association. He averaged thirty points a game during the regular season. He was recognized as the NBA's most valuable player five times during the regular season.
Michael Jordan became famous for the way he jumped through the air to score points. This skill earned him the nicknames "Air Jordan" and "His Airness." Jordan also became known around the world for appearing in advertisements for companies including Nike, Gatorade and Coca Cola. Michael Jordan also won gold medals in nineteen eighty-four and nineteen ninety-two representing the United States basketball team during the summer Olympic Games.

Jordan retired from the Chicago Bulls in nineteen ninety-four to play minor league baseball for one season. He retired from the team permanently in nineteen ninety-nine. He played briefly for the Washington Wizards starting in two thousand one.

Michael Jordan is currently an owner of the Charlotte Bobcats professional basketball team. He has given his name to many other businesses. There are several Michael Jordan restaurants. There is also a Michael Jordan Motor Sports group that races motorcycles.

Michael Jordan has given large amounts of money to many groups that help young people. These include the James R. Jordan Boys and Girls Club and Family Life Center in Chicago, Illinois. This community center was named in honor of his father, who was murdered in nineteen ninety-three.

The Jordan name is not leaving the basketball court anytime soon. Michael Jordan's twenty year old son Jeffrey now plays basketball for the University of Illinois.

Cold War Kids



Cold War Kids is a young rock band based in Los Angeles, California. Their popularity has grown mainly on the Internet and from many live performances. Bob Doughty tells about the group and plays some of its music.
Cold War Kids (冷战娃)是成立于加州洛杉矶的年轻的摇滚乐队。在网上和许多实况演出中,他们的知名度已经大大增长。鲍勃道蒂来谈谈这个乐队,并且也播放他们的一些曲目。

Nathan Willett is the lead singer for Cold War Kids. He also plays guitar and piano. Jonnie Russell sings, plays guitar and percussion instruments. Matt Maust plays bass guitar and Matt Aveiro is the drummer.
Nathan Willett是乐队的主唱,他还弹吉他和钢琴。Jonnie Russell也唱歌,弹吉他和玩打击乐器。Matt Maust是贝司手,Matt Aveiro是鼓手。

The band's first album, "Robbers and Cowards," was released in two thousand six. Here is "Hang Me Up To Dry," from that album.


Nathan Willett has said that the British band Radiohead was a big influence on Cold War Kids. Other reported influences include The Velvet Underground, Bob Dylan and Billie Holiday.
Nathan Willett曾说英国Radiohead(电台司令)乐队对他们的乐队有着巨大的影响。其他成员说影响也包括The Velvet Underground, Bob Dylan and Billie Holiday。

Maybe you can hear some of their sounds in this next song from "Robbers and Cowards." It is called "Robbers."


Cold War Kids has been performing in Europe for several months. They released their second album, "Loyalty to Loyalty," in September. We leave you now with a song from that recording. Here is "Mexican Dogs."
几个月来,Cold War Kids一直在欧洲演出,并于九月发布了第二章专辑“忠诚对忠诚”。我们送上一首此专辑的歌曲“墨西哥之狗”,结束我们的节目。(按理解意思翻译的,这句话请各位帮忙翻译一下。谢谢!)


I'm Doug Johnson. I hope you enjoyed our program today.

It was written by Caty Weaver and Dana Demange, who was also the producer. To read the text of this program and download audio, go to our Web site, www.unsv.com.
本稿由Caty Weaver撰写,节目由Dana Demange制作。阅读本节目稿件和下载音频文件,请去我们的网站www.unsv.com.

Join us again next week for AMERICAN MOSAIC, VOA's radio magazine in Special English.
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