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翻译研讨 —— 2009/05/06 探索: 玛亚-林的作品是她对美丽自然界的诠释

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I'm Steve Ember And I'm Faith Lapidus with EXPLORATIONS in VOA Special English. Today we tell about the work of the American artist and building designer Maya Lin. She is best known for designing the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C. which was completed in nineteen eighty-two. Throughout her career, Lin's monuments, buildings, and sculptures have been influenced by the natural world.

我是史蒂夫 - 恩博,还有我是菲斯 - 莱比德斯带给你美国之音慢速英语探索节目。今天我们来讲述有关美国艺术与建筑设计师玛亚 - 林的作品。她因设计“越南退伍军人纪念馆而闻名遐迩,该馆位于华盛顿特区,于 1982 年落成。贯穿于她事业的始终,林的设计作品:无论是纪念碑、建筑还是雕塑品无不受到自然世界的影响。

Her art also expresses her interest in environmental activism. This spring, the Corcoran Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. opened an exhibit called "Systematic Landscapes." This interesting show features some of Maya Lin's recent works.

她的艺术也透露出她对环保主义的兴趣。今年春天,在华盛顿特区的“可可人”艺术走廊举办了一届名为“系统的风景“展览,在这个有趣的展览上,展示了一些玛亚 - 林近期的作品。

The first large sculpture that greets visitors to the exhibit "Systematic Landscapes" is very surprising. A huge form that looks like a hill or wave takes up an entire room of the museum. The work is called "2 x 4 Landscape." It is made of more than fifty thousand pieces of cut blocks of wood. The highest point of the softly curved hill measures about three meters tall, while the lowest point is only a few centimeters thick. Visitors can explore the work from three sides. The sculpture looks like it would be fun to walk on.

迎接参观“系统的风景“展览的到访者们的第一个巨大的雕塑作品十分令人称奇,一个巨大的形似山或波浪状的作品占据了展馆的整个房间。作品名称” 2 乘 4 风景“它是由 5000 多个切下来的小木块组成。浑圆的山顶最高点约有 3 米高,而最低点只有几厘米厚。参观者们可以从三面观察作品。雕塑品看起来有种让你想在上面走一走的冲动。

At first it might seem very unusual to see a natural form like a hill inside a museum. But this surprise is part of Maya Lin's aim. Her work explores how people experience landscape in a time of increased technological influence and environmental awareness.

首先,在展览馆里看到一个形状象山的作品有点不太寻常,但这种惊奇感正是玛亚 - 林的目的之一,她的作品在探索,在这样一个不断受科技影响的时代与环境条件下,人们是怎样感受风景的。

"Water Line" is another sculpture that takes up an entire room. It is a line drawing made out of aluminum wire that looks like a wavy net floating in mid-air. The lines represent a mountainous underwater area in the Atlantic Ocean.


Maya Lin worked with ocean scientists to develop a three dimensional image of this part of the ocean. Then, she recreated that image in a smaller sculptural form. The very top of the wire drawing represents the only part of the ocean landscape that can be seen on the surface of the water: It is Bouvet Island, one of the most isolated islands in the world.

玛亚 - 林和海洋科学家们一起做出了这个海洋部分的三维图,接着,她又在一个更小一些雕塑里又制作了一个与之前那个同样的形状。金属丝画的最顶端代表只能从水平面看到的海洋风景部分:那是布维岛,世界上最与世隔绝的岛屿之一。

But not all of Lin's sculptures are huge. In one room, visitors can see a series of works called "Atlas Landscapes". For this series, Maya Lin turned a series of map books into sculptures. She carefully cut into each page of the book to create small canyons and formations.

但林的作品并不都是巨大的。在一个隔间里,参加者们可以看到名为“地图风景”的系列作品,这个系列,玛亚 - 林将地图转化为雕塑品,她细细的用地图里的每一页图形做成小峡谷以及不同的形状。

Her series called "Bodies of Water" is like an artistic geography lesson. These works are also about unseen underwater landscapes. Maya Lin cut out the shapes of three bodies of water using thin layers of wood.

“水体”系列作品就象一堂艺术的地理课,这些作品也是关于那些看不到的水底部分的风景。玛亚 - 林用树皮雕出三个水体的形状。

One work is done in the shape of the Caspian Sea, another in the shape of the Black Sea, and the third takes the form of the Red Sea. The many layers of wood in each sculpture become thinner towards its base, or the area that relates to the deepest part of the sea.


Another series called "Fractured Landscapes" looks like drawings of rivers and streams. But these drawings were made by pressing paper against broken sheets of glass covered in ink.


Maya Lin has also made a sculpture for the United States Embassy in Beijing, China. Her "Pin River-Yangtze" is made of about thirty thousand small metal pins stuck into the wall. The many pins take the shape of one of the longest rivers in the world.

玛亚 - 林还为美国驻北京大使馆制作了一个雕塑作品,“大头针长江”作品是用 30 , 000 根小金属大头针钉入墙壁做成,它是以世界最长的河流之一为原形,用大头针创作的作品。

Maya Lin was born in Athens, Ohio in nineteen fifty-nine. Her parents had each fled China in the late nineteen forties. They met and married while living in the United States. Later, both parents taught at Ohio University. Her mother, Julia, was a literature professor. Her father, Henry, was a ceramist, an artist who makes objects out of clay. As a child, Maya would play with clay in her father's studio. She was also influenced by the wooded hills near her home as well as by local Native American burial hills.

玛亚 - 林 1959 年出生在俄亥俄州的雅典城,她的父母于二十世纪四十年代的晚期分别逃离了中国,他们在美国相识并结婚。然后,她父母两都在俄亥俄大学教书,她母亲朱丽叶是文学教授,她父亲亨利是一位用粘土制作工艺品的陶艺家。小时候,玛亚 - 林就在她父亲的工作室里玩粘土。她还受到她家附近的长满树木的小山丘以及美国土著的墓葬山的影响。

Maya Lin studied building design at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut. At the age of twenty-one, she won a national contest to design the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C.

玛亚 - 林在位于康涅狄格州新港的耶鲁大学学习建筑设计,二十一岁的时候,因设计位于华盛顿特区的“越南退伍军人纪念馆”获得了国家大奖。

Her design was very different from other war memorials. It was very modern, simple, and expressive. Her design is made up of two long black granite pieces that meet at an angle. The wall is set below ground level. Cut into the wall are the names of the more than fifty-eight thousand Americans dead or missing in the Vietnam War. Maya Lin purposely called for the granite to be shiny. Visitors experience a link with the monument by seeing their reflection in the stone.

她的设计与其它的战争纪念馆截然不同:非常时尚、简单、富于表现力。她的设计由两根长的黑色花岗岩相交成一个角度,墙面位于地面以下,墙上刻着超过 58 , 000 个在越南战争中的死难和失踪的美国士兵的名字。玛亚 - 林有意利用花岗岩的光泽效果,参观者们通过看到自己在墙面岩石上的映象,体会到与纪念馆一种呼应关系。

Maya Lin has said that death is a private and personal matter. She says this monument is a quiet place for people to come to terms with loss caused by the war. Many people had criticized early plans for the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. They thought it was not heroic. But once it was built, family members of the dead, Vietnam veterans, and the general public accepted its beauty and strong emotion. The memorial has become one of the most visited places in Washington.

玛亚 - 林曾说过,死亡是很私密的、隐私的一件事,她说,纪念馆是个让人们来悼念战争亡灵的安静处所。期初很多人批评设计方案,他们认为它显得不够英勇也不富有强烈的情感。现在,它成了华盛顿最欢迎的参观景点。

Maya Lin has designed many other memorials. These structures combine elements of nature such as earth and water with written language to express meaning. Her Civil Rights Memorial in Montgomery, Alabama was completed in nineteen eighty-nine. The black granite sculpture has a circular surface like a table. A thin layer of water runs over this surface. It is cut with a list of important events marking the civil rights movement of the nineteen sixties.

玛亚 - 林还设计过很多其它的纪念馆,这些结构都是自然元素与富有意义的文字的结合体。她设计的位于阿拉巴马州的蒙哥马利城的公民权利纪念馆于 1989 年峻工。它刻录下了二十世纪六十年代发起的公民权利运动中一系列有代表意义的重要事件。

Lin made another "water table" sculpture out of green granite for an outdoor area at Yale University. The surface is cut with numbers representing how many women attended Yale through history. Completed in nineteen ninety-three, the sculpture honors the many women who have studied there.

林还创作了另一个“水案”用绿色花岗岩雕刻就放在耶鲁大学校园里。上面记录着历史上曾就读过耶鲁大学的女性的数字,作品于 1993 年完成,雕塑作品表达了对许多曾就读于耶鲁大学的女性学者们的敬意。

Maya Lin has said that her work exists on the boundaries -- somewhere between science and art, art and architecture, public and private, east and west. She says that she is always trying to find a balance between these opposing forces to find a place where opposites meet.

玛亚 - 林曾说过她的作品处在边缘区域 — 有时是在科学与艺术之间、或是艺术与建筑之间、公共与私人之间、东方与西方之间。

Maya Lin has also designed many buildings. In nineteen ninety-nine, the Children's Defense Fund hired her to build a library on a farm it owns in the state of Tennessee. By modernizing an old farm building, she skillfully combined old and new building traditions. She also created an environmentally friendly design. This organization later hired Miz Lin to design its religious center. The building looks like an artist's version of a wooden boat.

玛亚 - 林还设计过很多建筑物。 1999 年,儿童防御基金委托她在一个吏属于田纳西州的农场上设计一个图书馆。她巧妙将新旧建筑传统结合起来使老农场建筑充满现代化的气息。她的设计作品充满了环保理念。这个组织后来还继续委托她设计了一个教会中心,这个建筑看起来就象一只艺术版的木船。

Maya Lin also designed a private home known as "The Box House" in Telluride, Colorado. Her aim was to make as simplified a form as possible -- a wooden box. This very modern building was made to give its owners a beautiful view of the nearby forest and mountains.

玛亚 - 林还科罗拉多州碲路里城做过一间私人房屋的设计,被称为“盒子屋”,她旨在简约 - 一个木盒子。这座十分现代的建筑提供给房屋的主人一个欣赏附近山川、森林美景的开阔的视野。

Maya Lin's "Ecliptic" outdoor area in Grand Rapids, Michigan features water in its three states: liquid, gas and solid. The park has two fountains, one with flowing water and another that releases a fine mist. An ice skating rink has lights built into the floor. The small lights make up the exact pattern of stars in the sky on the day the park opened in two thousand one.

玛亚 - 林的“日蚀”建筑位于“大湍城”公园内,密歇根地貌水有三种状态:液态、汽态、固态。公园里有两个喷泉,一个是水流,另一个是喷着薄雾,还有一座滑冰场灯光被嵌入地板里。小灯泡组成了一幅宛如天空中的星斗般的图画,公园于 2001 年开放。

Lin's design for the new Museum of Chinese in America building in New York City is to open this summer. She has said that the design for the building is modern. But the inside space of the museum will have links to traditional Chinese architecture. She says that this is the first building she has worked on that is related to the subject of China. Lin says this project means a great deal to her. And she says it is important to her that her two daughters know about that part of their background.


One of Maya Lin's most recent memorials, "What is Missing?", is to be completed later this year. The project rejects the idea of memorials as a single unmoving object. This memorial will exist in several different places and forms at the same time. The aim of "What is Missing?" is to bring attention to the number of animals and places that have either disappeared or will disappear in our lifetime. The memorial is to exist as a video project, a Web site and as a book.

玛亚 - 林的近期作品之一“失去了什么”即将于今年晚些时候完成,这个项目拒绝将纪念馆建成单独的、不动的物体。这个纪念馆将同时在几个不同的地方以及以不同的形式出现。“失去了什么”旨在提示人们:大量的动物以及美丽的风景区要么已经从我们的生活中消失、要么即将消失。

Maya Lin has said that she does not believe that anything she creates can compare to the beauty of the natural world. But she says her works are her answer to that beauty. Visitors who see her work can enjoy experiencing both the beauty of art and the natural environment.

玛亚 - 林曾说过,她从不认为,她所创作的任何作品能够与美丽的自然世界相提并论。但她说,她的作品是对这种美的诠释。

This program was written and produced by Dana Demange. I'm Steve Ember And I'm Faith Lapidus. To see pictures of Maya Lin's work, visit our Web site, www.unsv.com. Join us again next week for EXPLORATIONS in VOA Special English.

这个节目由丹娜 - 迪蒙斯撰稿并制作。我是史蒂夫 - 文博,还有我是菲斯 - 莱比德斯。可以登录网站查询相关资料,欢迎下周同一时间继续收听美国之音慢速英语探索节目。

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