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翻译研讨 - July 1, 2009 健康报道 : 一八五九年的意大利战役与红十字会的诞生

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HEALTH REPORT - An 1859 Battle in Italy, and the Birth of the Red Cross
健康报道 – 一八五九年的意大利战役与红十字会的诞生

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HEALTH REPORT - An 1859 Battle in Italy, and the Birth of the Red Cross

健康报道 –  一八五九年的意大利战役与红十字会的诞生

撰稿:丽莎 · 施莱因

This is the VOA Special English Health Report.
这里是 VOA 特别英语节目:健康报道。

The International Red Cross Movement grew out of a major battle in the unification of Italy. The Battle of Solferino took place one hundred fifty years ago, in June of eighteen fifty-nine. This past week, volunteers from Red Cross and Red Crescent societies around the world gathered in Solferino to mark the anniversary.


About eight thousand people marched in a torch-lit event called the Fiaccolata. They followed in the footsteps of those who took injured soldiers from Solferino to the nearest village, Castiglione.
约八千人参加了称谓“ Fiaccolata ”的手持火炬行军活动,他们沿着那些曾经把受伤士兵从索浮里奥抬往最近村庄卡斯第里欧尼的人们的足迹行进。

Hannigton Segarunaya, national youth president of the Ugandan Red Cross Society, says the visit made him want to work harder to help people.
乌干达红十字会的国家青年会长 Hannigton Segarunaya 称,这次参观使他很想为帮助民众而努力工作。

HANNIGTON SEGARUNAYA: "I am going back to Uganda in Africa to make more moves for humanity. I know where the young people come together, we have the possibility of doing whatever it takes to make the world a better place."
Hannigton Segarunaya :“我打算回非洲乌干达,为人类作更多的活动,我知道年轻人聚集的地方,为把这个世界变得更好,我们会去作所有需要作的事情。”

The Battle of Solferino / 索浮里奥战役

The Battle of Solferino

In the battle, allied French and Sardinian troops defeated the Austrian army. Around six thousand men were killed and more than thirty thousand were wounded.

Yet, says Swiss historian Francois Bugnion, the battle lasted only twelve hours. He says a Swiss businessman named Henri Dunant was horrified by what he saw.
然而,瑞士历史学家 Francois Bugnion 说,这场战役仅持续了十二个小时,他说,名为 Henri Dunant 的瑞士商人被他所见到的吓得毛骨悚然。

FRANCOIS BUGNION: "Thousands of wounded were brought to the next town of Castiliogne where he arrived and there was practically no medical assistance. So he saw hundreds of men, thousands of men, suffering awfully from very deep wounds and left to die without any real assistance."
Francois Bugnion :“他当时抵达了 Castiliogne ,见到数千受伤者被带到隔壁的镇上,几乎没有医疗救护,所以他看到人们,成百的人,数千的人,遭受重伤的痛苦,没有真正的医疗,剩下的只有等死了”。

He says Henri Dunant quickly took action. The businessman got local women to provide food and water. He also got them to dress the wounds of soldiers without concern for their nationality.
他说, Henri Dunant 快速采取行动,这个商人让本地妇女提供食品和水,他还让他们不要考虑国籍为士兵包扎伤口。

Henri Dunant

Henri Dunant

Dunant later wrote a book called "A Memory of Solferino." In it, he launched two ideas. One was the idea of voluntary relief societies to provide assistance to the wounded or other people. This led to the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement.
Dunant 后来写了本书,名为《索浮里奥回忆录》,书中,他提出了两个主意,其中之一就是为伤员或其它民众提供援助的自愿救援协会,这个主意生产了红十字会和红新月会。

The second idea was a treaty protecting the wounded and medical personnel on the field of battle. This, explains historian Francois Bugnion, is the origin of the Geneva Conventions.
第二个主意是,战场上保护伤员及医疗人员的条约,历史学家 Francois Bugnion 解释说,这个主意就是原始的日内瓦公约。

Stephen Ryan is the communications officer for youth and volunteers at the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. He says it is important to get young people involved in volunteer work at an early age.
Stephen Ryan 在联合国红十字会和红新月会是青年及志愿者通信官员,他说,在很早的那个时代让年轻人去承担志愿者工作是十分重要的。

STEPHEN RYAN: "Young people need to be given the opportunity to really feel like they are making a difference in the world. It gives people the opportunity to make change that they would like to see in the world."
Stephen Ryan :“需要给年轻人机会去真正地体验‘他们为这个世界所作的非同一般’,它给人们机会去作些改变,作些他们在这个世界上愿意看到的改变”。

And that's the VOA Special English Health Report, with reporting from Solferino by Lisa Schlein. Archives of our programs are at www.unsv.com. I'm Steve Ember.
以上是 VOA 特别英语节目:健康报道,还有 Lisa Schlein 从索浮里奥的报道,我们节目的文献在 www.unsv.com ,我是斯蒂夫 · 艾姆伯。

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