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2009.08.17 发展报告:简式水泵的重要性

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DEVELOPMENT REPORT - The Importance of a Simple Water Pump


Written by Karen Leggett

This is the VOA Special English Development Report.

A simple water pump is helping to improve the lives of poor families in several Asian and African countries. 在亚洲和非洲的几个国家里,简式水泵对提高那里贫困家庭的生活水平起着很大的作用。

The treadle pump is based on a design developed in the nineteen seventies by Norwegian engineer Gunnar Barnes. 这种踏板式水泵的设计是基于十九世纪七十年代的 挪威文的工程师 Gunnar Barnes 而发展而来的。

It can be made locally. 它的制作可以就地取材。

A group based in the United States, IDE, International Development Enterprises, has created programs in different countries. 位于美国的国际发展企业已经在不同的国家发展了踏板式水泵项目。

The program in India won an Ashden Award in two thousand six for using local sources of energy to improve quality of life. 由于该项目能采用当地的能源来提高生活质量,所以它于 2006 年在印度获的了 阿什登奖。

Last year the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation awarded IDE twenty-seven million dollars. 去年, 比尔和梅林达盖茨基金奖励 27000000 美元给国际发展企业。

The money is to be used to expand small irrigation projects to the other half of India's twenty-eight states. 这些钱是用于扩大印度其他 28 省的一些小的灌溉设施的。

The treadle pump is easy to build from bamboo or other wood and two metal cylinders with pistons. 这种踏板式水泵可以轻松用竹子获其他木头和两个带活塞的汽缸做成。

The pistons go up and down as a person stands on lever devices -- treadles -- and uses a natural walking motion. 这两活塞一上一下就像一个人站在一根杠杆上,即踏板,并且利用自然步行运动。

How many hours a day the pump needs to be operated depends on the season and how much water is needed for crops. 水泵一天需要工作多少小时要看在哪个季节和庄家需要多少水。

It could be two hours a day. It could be seven hours a day. 它也许要工做两小时,它也可能要工作七小时。

Small children sometimes stand with their parents on the treadles. Everyone in


the family can take turns operating the pump.

The Acumen Fund is a nonprofit group that invests in business projects to fight poverty. 纽约商业基金是为摆脱贫困投资在商业项目上的非盈利性组织。

It studied the effects of treadle pumps in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. Uttar Pradesh has three treadle pump manufacturers and more than seventy-three thousand pumps. 它研究踏板水泵对印度乌塔帮连区的影响,印度乌塔帮连区有三个踏板水泵制造厂和多余七万三千台水泵

Acumen reported that families using them ate more vegetables, because they were able to grow more to eat and to sell.


Many of these families also drank more milk, because they bought a cow with their added earnings. Men with treadle pumps often no longer have to leave the farm to seek extra work in cities. 有踏板水泵的男人也不用再离开农田去城市寻找额外的收入。

The pumps can also improve education. Farmers often use their extra earnings to buy books for their children or to pay for schooling.


A farmer in Zambia said he hoped to have enough money in three years to buy a diesel-powered pump. 赞比亚的一位农民说他希望三年内有足够的钱买一台柴油机水泵,然后他能在大面积范围内种更多的庄家。

But the world economic crisis has had an effect on some farmers. 但是世界经济危机对农民们造成很大的影响。

IDE executive director Zenia Tata says some who were able to buy diesel pumps now do not enough money to buy fuel. 国际发展企业的执行主任 Zenia Tata 说一些农民也许现在会去买柴油水泵但没有足够的钱去买油。

So they are using their treadle pumps again. 所以他们正重新启用踏板式水泵。

And that's the VOA Special English Development Report, written by Karen Leggett. Transcripts, MP3s and archives of our reports are at www.unsv.com. I'm Steve Ember.

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