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HEALTH REPORT - Battling a Stroke, and the Clock

健康报道- 与中风及时间斗争

This is the VOA Special English Health Report.


Strokes are a major cause of death and disability. A stroke is a loss of blood flow in the brain. There are two kinds. An ischemic stroke happens when a blood vessel in the brain gets blocked. A hemorrhagic, or bleeding, stroke happens when a blood vessel breaks.


People are more likely to die from a bleeding stroke. But ischemic strokes are more common, and doctors may be able to treat them.


A drug called tPA can break up blood clots. But traditional guidelines say not to use tPA if more than three hours have passed after the first signs of a stroke.

有一个称之为组织纤维蛋白溶酶原激活剂 (tPA) 的药物能够降解血凝块。但传统的指导方针说,如果中风后的第一个迹象过去超过 3 个小时了 , 就不使用这一药物。

There is a risk that giving a patient a strong blood thinner during a stroke can cause bleeding inside the brain. The longer the wait, experts say, the more likely that the risks of treatment will outweigh the benefits.

有一个风险,就是给病人强有力的血液稀释剂会导致大脑内部出血。专家说,等待 tPA 的时间越长,治疗的风险将越大于益处。

But recent findings have suggested that tPA may be effective in saving brain tissue even if three to four and a half hours have passed.

但是,最近的研究结果表明即使 3-4 个半小时过去了, tPA 仍可能拯救脑组织,。

Some studies have failed to produce clear evidence to support treatment after three hours. But scientists reported that the evidence was stronger when they combined the results of the four major studies done so far. The new findings appeared in the journal Stroke.

一些研究并不能明确地支持 3 个小时后的治疗效果。但科学家们报告说,当他们结合迄今所做的 4 个主要研究的结果,证据是强有力的。新的研究结果刊登在《中风》杂志上。

The researchers said tPA improved the chances of a successful result by thirty-one percent and produced no change in the death rate.

研究人员说, tPA 可以提高 31% 的好的预后率,但是不产生死亡率的改变。

Maarten Lansberg at the Stanford University medical school in California worked with scientists from Belgium and Germany. One of them worked for a company that makes tPA for use in Europe. The United States National Institutes of Health paid for the study.

马腾 兰斯贝格在加利福尼亚州斯坦福大学医学院与来自比利时和德国科学家一起工作。他们中有一人在一家生产专为欧洲使用的 tPA 的公司任职。美国国立卫生研究院支付了研究费用。

If you think someone is having a stroke, you should seek help immediately. The warning signs usually appear suddenly. These include trouble walking, weakness especially on one side of the body, difficulty seeing and difficulty speaking.


Yet people who seem healthy can suffer a stroke without even knowing it. A study published in Stroke last year involved about two thousand people with an average age of sixty-two. Brain imaging showed that nearly eleven percent of them had suffered what is known as a silent stroke.

然而,看似健康的人也可能在甚至不知道的情况下患上中风。发表在去年《中风》上一项约 2000 人与参与的研究,他们的平均年龄在 62 岁。脑影像学检查显示,近百分之十一的病人患有一个所谓的沉默中风。

The researchers reported a link between silent strokes and a condition called atrial fibrillation. This is the most common cause of abnormal heartbeat in older adults. Other risk factors for a silent stroke are high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and tobacco use.


And that's the VOA Special English Health Report. I'm Steve Ember.


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