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2009年10月11日 美国人物——杰克·本尼,1894-1974:他开自己的玩笑,赢得大众的心

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PEOPLE IN AMERICA - Jack Benny, 1894-1974: He Won Hearts Mostly by Making Fun of Himself

美国人物——杰克 · 本尼, 1894-1974 :他开自己的玩笑,赢得大众的心

Written by George Grow

Today, we tell the story of Jack Benny. He was one of America's best-loved funnymen during the twentieth century.

今天,我们讲述杰克 · 本尼的故事。他是美国 20 世纪最受观众喜爱的喜剧演员之一。

Jack Benny was one of the most famous names in show business for more than fifty years. He started as a serious musician, before he discovered he could make people laugh.

杰克 · 本尼在演艺界的出名长达 50 多年。他登场时是位严肃的音乐家,那时他(甚至)还没发现,自己可以使人们发笑。

Jack Benny became famous nationwide in the nineteen thirties as a result of his weekly radio program. His programs were among the most popular on American radio, and later on television.

由于他每周都有广播节目的缘故,杰克 · 本尼成为 20 世纪 30 年代全美的知名人物。他的节目曾经是美国广播以及后来的电视里最受欢迎的。

Jack Benny won the hearts of Americans by making fun of himself. He was known not as someone who said funny things, but as someone who said things in a funny way.

杰克 · 本尼是通过开自己玩笑赢得美国人民的心的。他的出名不是因为讲有趣的事情,而是把事情说得很有趣。

Jack Benny was born in Chicago, Illinois, on February fourteenth, eighteen ninety-four. His parents, Meyer and Emma Kubelsky, were religious Jews. They had moved to the United States from eastern Europe. They named their first child Benjamin.

杰克 · 本尼出生于 1894 年 2 月 14 日伊利诺伊州的芝加哥。他的父母迈耶尔和爱玛 ·库贝尔斯基都是虔诚的犹太人。他们是从东欧搬到美国的。他们把自己的第一个孩子取名叫本杰明。

Benjamin Kubelsky and his family lived in Waukeegan , Illinois. Benjamin was a quiet boy. For much of the time, his parents were busy working in his father's store. As a child, Benjamin, or Benny as his friends called him, learned to play the violin. Benny was such a good violin player that, for a time, he wanted to become a musician.

本杰明 ·库贝尔斯基和他的全家住在 伊利诺伊州的 瓦基根湖区。本杰明是个安静的男孩。父母大部分时间都忙于他父亲店铺的工作。孩提时代,本杰明(他的小伙伴们称他本尼)开始学习拉小提琴。本尼的小提琴拉得非常好,他一度想成为音乐家。

While in school, Benny got a job as a violin player with the Barrison Theater, the local vaudeville house. Vaudeville was the most popular form of show business in the United States in the early nineteen hundreds. Vaudeville shows presented short plays, singers, comedians who made people laugh and other acts.

学生时代,本尼得到了一份在巴里逊剧院(当地的歌舞杂技团)做小提琴手的工作。歌舞杂技在 20 世纪早期的美国是最受欢迎的娱乐行业,它向观众展示的各种短剧、歌手和喜剧表演者的表演都使观众发笑。团内还有其它的表演。

Benny worked at the Barrison Theater -- sometimes during school hours. He left high school before completing his studies. The piano player for the theater was a former vaudeville performer named Cora Salisbury. For a short time, she and Benny formed their own performing act. Later, he and another piano player had their own act.

本尼在巴里逊剧院工作——有时在上学期间。他高中没有上完就结束了学业。剧团的钢琴演奏者是以前歌舞杂技的艺员,叫卡拉 · 赛拉斯贝瑞。她和本尼成立了他们自己的表演团队。后来,他又和另一名钢琴演奏者合作,进行了自己的表演。

At first, Benny changed his name to Ben K. Benny. However, that name was similar to another actor who played a violin. So, he chose the name Jack Benny.

开始时,本尼把自己的名字改为本 · K · 本尼,但这个名字与另一个小提琴手同名,所以,他选择了杰克 · 本尼这个名字。

The United States entered World War One in nineteen seventeen. Benny joined the Navy and reported to the Great Lakes Naval Station. He continued using his violin to perform for sailors at the naval station. In one show, he was chosen more for his funny jokes than for his skill with the violin. That experience made him believe that his future job was as a comedian, not in music.

 美国在 1917 年参加第一次世界大战。本尼参加了海军,并向大湖海军基地作报告。他继续用小提琴向海军基地的水兵们进行表演。在一次表演中,他讲幽默笑话获选的机会比他小提琴演技的机会还要多。那次经历使他认为,自己将来的工作是做喜剧表演,而不是音乐。

After leaving the Navy, Benny returned to vaudeville. His performances won him considerable popularity during the nineteen twenties. He traveled across the country with other well-known performers, including the Marx Brothers.

离开海军基地以后,本尼回到歌舞杂技团。他的表演使他在 20 世纪 20 年代受到了极大的欢迎。他和其他知名艺人如马克斯兄弟在全国巡回演出。

In Nineteen Twenty-Seven, Benny married Sadie Marks, a sales girl from the May Company store in Los Angeles. Missus Benny soon became part of the traveling show. She used the name Mary Livingstone.

1927 年,本尼与塞蒂 · 马克斯结婚,她是洛彬矶梅公司店中一名做销售的女孩子。本尼夫人很快成为巡回演出团队的一员。她的艺名叫玛丽 · 利雯斯东。

Jack Benny appeared in a few Hollywood films, but then left California and moved to New York. He had a leading part in the Broadway show, "Vanities."

杰克 · 本尼出演了几部好莱坞电影,但此后离开了加州,搬到纽约。他在百老汇 “名利场”的表演中独占鳌头。

Benny made his first appearance on radio in Nineteen Thirty-Two. He was invited to appear on a radio show presented by newspaper reporter Ed Sullivan. Benny opened with this announcement: "Ladies and gentlemen, this is Jack Benny talking. There will be a short break while you say, who cares?"

本尼在 1932 年广播中首次亮相。他受邀出席一个广播节目,该节目是新闻记者艾德 · 苏里文推出的。本尼的开场白:“女士们,先生们,这里是杰克 · 本尼在录播。中间会有短暂休息,你们会说,谁在意呢?”

However, many listeners did care. Within a short period, Benny had his own radio show. It continued for twenty-three years.

然而,的确有许多听众在意。在短时间内,本尼有了自己的广播节目,这个节目持续了 23 年。

ANNOUNCER: "The Jack Benny Program, starring Jack Benny, with Mary Livingstone, Phil Harris, Rochester, Dennis Day, and yours truly, Don Wilson ... "

播音员:“这里杰克 · 本尼栏目,众人瞩目的杰克 · 本尼,还有玛丽 · 利雯斯东,菲尔 ·哈里斯,罗切斯特,丹尼斯·迪,以及您最忠实的朋友丹·威尔逊。 ”

Jack Benny developed a show business personality that had all the qualities people dislike. He was known for being so stingy he refused to spend any of his money, unless forced to do so. He always was concerned about money. For example, he would put on a jeweler's glass to examine the diamond on a wealthy woman he had just met.

杰克 · 本尼(逐渐)形成了一种演艺风格,这种风格为人们所不喜。他以吝啬出名,舍不得花一分钱,除非不得不花。他总是想着钱。比如,他会戴上珠宝商的眼镜,检验他刚遇到的某位有钱女士身上佩戴的宝石。

In another example, a robber points a gun at Benny.


(JACK BENNY PROGRAM) (杰克 · 本尼的节目)

ROBBER: "This is a stick-up." 抢劫犯:“这是持枪抢劫。”

BENNY: "Mister, put down that gun." 本尼:“先生,把枪放下。”

ROBBER: "Shut up. I said this is a stick-up. Now, come on. Your money or your life."


ROBBER: "Look, bud. I said, your money or your life!" 抢劫犯:“看着,伙计。我说,你要钱还是要命?!”

BENNY: "I'm thinking it over." 本尼:“我在想,(都)完了!”

(LAUGHTER / MUSIC) (笑声 / 音乐)

On his shows, Jack Benny often spoke of his appearance, especially his baby blue eyes. As he grew older, he always claimed to be thirty-nine years old.

在他的节目中,杰克 · 本尼经常谈起他的外表,特别是他婴儿般的天蓝色的眼睛。他上了年纪之后,总是声称自己 39 岁。

Benny was known as a comedian with great timing. He seemed to know the perfect time to tell a joke and when to remain silent. The way he looked at other actors and his use of body movements were world famous. He also was skilled at using his violin to make people laugh.


Jack Benny was one of the first comedians who was willing to let other people share some of the laughs. He rarely made jokes that hurt other people. Instead, he would let the other actors on the show tell jokes about him.

杰克 · 本尼是第一个愿意让他人分享笑声的喜剧演员之一。实际上,他会让节目中其他演员开他的玩笑。

Many of the actors in Benny's show became almost as famous as he was. They would criticize Benny's refusal to replace his ancient automobile. They made fun of the pay telephone that he added to his house.


This is a telephone discussion between Benny and his trusted employee, Rochester.


BENNY: "Hello ..." 本尼:“喂……”

ROCHESTER : "Hello, Mister Benny. This is Rochester ..." 罗切斯特:“喂,本尼先生。这里是罗切斯特。”


BENNY: "Rochester, I'm in the middle of the program." 本尼:“罗切斯特,我在录制节目。”

ROCHESTER : "I know, boss, but this is very important. The man from the life insurance company was here about that policy you're taking out and he asked me a lot of questions."


BENNY: "Well, I hope you answered them right." 本尼:“呃,我希望你都回答得很正确。”

ROCHESTER : "Oh, I did. When he asked me your height, I said five-foot-ten."

罗切斯特:“是的,我都回答正确了。他问我你的身高,我说 5.10 英尺。”

BENNY: "Uh, huh." 本尼:“呃,呃。”

ROCHESTER : "Your weight, one-hundred-sixty-four." 罗切斯特:“你的体重, 164 磅。”

BENNY: "Uh, huh." 本尼:“呃,呃。”

ROCHESTER : "Your age, thirty-nine." 罗切斯特:“你的年龄, 39 岁。”

BENNY: "Uh, huh." 本尼:“呃,呃。”

ROCHESTER : "We had quite a roundtable discussion on that one." 罗切斯特:“我们开过圆桌会议,讨论过年龄问题。”


BENNY: "Wait a minute, Rochester. Why should there be any question about my age?" 本尼:“等等,罗切斯特。为什么我的年龄会有问题?”

ROCHESTER : "Oh, it wasn't a question. It was the answer we had trouble with."



Jack Benny said: "The show itself is the important thing. As long as people think the show is funny, it does not matter who tells the jokes." He also made fun of the paid announcements broadcast during his radio show that were designed to sell products. They often provided some of the funniest moments in the show. Most performers never would make fun of the businesses that helped pay for the show.

杰克 · 本尼说:“表演本身就是重要的事情。只要人们认为表演有趣,谁讲笑话并不重要。”他对在他的广播节目中的赞助产品广播也开玩笑,这些常常为节目增添了极为有趣的片断。而多数表演者是决不会对赞助业务的节目开玩笑的。

Over the years, Jack Benny did well financially. In nineteen forty-eight, he moved his show from the National Broadcasting Company to the Columbia Broadcasting System. As part of the agreement, CBS paid more than two million dollars to a company in which Benny had a controlling interest. Much later, the Music Corporation of America bought Benny's production company. Benny received almost three million dollars in MCA stock shares.

多年以来,杰克 · 本尼在财务方面运作良好。 1948 年,他将节目从美国广播公司( NBC )搬到哥伦比亚广播系统( CBS )。作为协议的一部分, CBS 支付了本尼控制股权的一家公司 200 多万美元。多年以后,美国音乐公司( MCA )购买了本尼的制作公司。本尼获得了 MCA 股票中的几乎 300 万美元。

In real life, he was the opposite of the person he played in his show. He was known to be very giving and someone people liked having as their employer. He also could play the violin very well.


Jack Benny entered the new medium of television in nineteen fifty. Five years later, he dropped his radio program to spend more time developing his television show. At first, his appearances on television were rare. By nineteen sixty, the Benny show was a weekly television program. It continued until nineteen sixty-five.

杰克 · 本尼在 20 世纪 30 年代进入崭新的媒体界。 5 年后,他放弃了自己的广播节目,把更多的资金投入到电视节目上。起初,他在电视上亮相很少。到 20 世纪 60 年代,本尼的表演成了每周的电视节目,这个节目一直持续到 1965 年。

Benny appeared in about twenty films during his life. A few became popular. But most were not. In nineteen sixty-three, Benny returned to Broadway for the first time since nineteen thirty-one. He performed to large crowds.

本尼有生之年出演了 20 多部电影,其中有些很受欢迎,但大部分反应平平。 1963 年,本尼第一次回到百老汇,这是 1931 年以来的第一次。他向广大观众表演。

Jack Benny received many awards during his lifetime. The publication "Motion Picture Daily" voted him the country's best radio comedian four times. In nineteen fifty-seven, he won a special award from the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences for the best continuing performance. He also won the Academy's television award for the best comedy series in nineteen fifty-nine.

杰克 · 本尼在他的有生之年获得了许多奖项。《电影日报》刊物四次将将他选为美国最佳喜剧播音员。 1957 年,他因连续的最佳表演获得了“电视艺术与科学学院”的特别奖。他也在 1959 年获得了该院的最佳喜剧电视奖。

Perhaps the one honor that pleased him most was that his hometown of Waukeegan named a school for him. This is was special honor for a man who had never finished high school. 或许最让他感到高兴的一项荣誉是,他的家乡瓦基根以他的名字给一所学校命名。这项荣誉是对一个从未完成高中学业的男士的特别嘉奖。

Jack Benny continued to perform and to do a few television specials after his weekly series ended. He died of cancer on December twenty-sixth, nineteen seventy-four. His friend, comedian Bob Hope, spoke at the funeral about the loss felt by Benny's friends and fans. He said: "Jack Benny was stingy to the end. He gave us only eighty years."

杰克 · 本尼在每周广播节目结束后继续表演,还做了一些电视特别节目。他于 1974 年 12 月 26 日因癌症逝世。他的朋友,鲍博 · 侯普,在他的葬礼上表达了本尼的朋友和粉丝们对丧失本尼的哀痛之情。他说:“杰克 · 本尼到死都那样吝啬。他只给了我们 80 年。”

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