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EDUCATION REPORT - US Colleges Set Enrollment Record

This is the VOA Special English Education Report.

College enrollment has reached an all-time high in the United States. About forty percent of all eighteen- to twenty-four-year-olds -- or almost eleven and a half million -- were in school in October of last year.

A new report says both numbers are record highs. Richard Fry at the Pew Research Center points to a number of reasons.
一项新的报道称有两个数字都创下了历史新高。 皮尤研究所的Richard Fry指出其中的多种原因。
RICHARD FRY: "The number of young adults that have finished high school is also now at a record all-time high. Almost eighty-five percent of America's young adults have finished high school. That means they're college eligible. So part of the reason college enrollments are at an all-time high is because the pool of youth that's eligible to go to college is also at an all-time high."
RICHARD FRY:“已经高中毕业的年轻人的数量目前同样创下历史新高。几乎85%的美国年轻人已经高中毕业。那就意味着他们都有资格进入大学。所以,大学入学数创下历史新高的部分原因是因为有资格进入大学的年轻生源的数量同样创下了新高。”

Another reason for the enrollment increase: the recession. The unemployment rate reached a twenty-six year high in October. The economic downturn has hit young adults especially hard. Richard Fry says their job-holding rate is almost at the lowest point in nearly fifty years.
入学数量增加的另一个原因是:大衰退。十月份,失业率达到了26年来最高。经济的低迷极大地冲击了年轻人。Richard Fry 说他们的工作稳定程度也几乎达到了近50年来的最低点。

In a poor job market, many people turn to higher education, especially at two-year colleges. These schools, known as community colleges, have had the greatest enrollment increase. They offer professional training and traditionally cost a lot less than programs at four-year schools.

But experts say the recession has not cut enrollment in four-year programs, even with their higher -- sometimes much higher -- costs. The Chronicle of Higher Education says at least fifty-eight private colleges now charge fifty thousand dollars or more a year.

Lately there have been accusations that some private, competitive liberal arts colleges are trying to avoid being seen as "too female." Critics say that as a result these schools are discriminating against women and admitting less qualified men.

In August the United States Commission on Civil Rights opened an investigation. Spokeswoman Lenore Ostrowsky says the purpose is to identify if discrimination is taking place in schools.
在八月,美国民权委员会展开了一项调查。女发言人Lenore Ostrowsky称,这样做的目的就是为了查明在学校中是否存有歧视。

But she adds that there may be lots of reasons why more women apply to colleges, and why colleges admit more women. The Census Bureau says fifty-four percent of full time students at two- and four-year colleges last year were female.

Federal law bars sex discrimination at any school that receives federal money. Most schools do in one way or another. However, the law does not bar sex discrimination in admissions at private undergraduate schools, only public ones.

The commission does not have enforcement powers, but it can suggest changes in the law. A report could take six months to a year.

And that's the VOA Special English Education Report, written by June Simms. Transcripts and podcasts can be found at www.unsv.com. I'm Jim Tedder.
以上是VOA特别英语教育报道,由June Simms编写。文本及录音资料登陆www.unsv.com。我是Jim Tedder。

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But experts say the recession has not cut enrollment in four-year programs, even with their higher -- sometimes much higher -- costs....



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