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2009年11月25日 星期三探索发现——全球街舞音乐尽显自我

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20091125 星期三探索发现——全球街舞音乐尽显自我

EXPLORATIONS - Global Hip-Hop Music with a Message

Hip-hop music is popular around the world. Hip-hop artists created their own Declaration of Peace that is recognized by the United Nations. Socially conscious hip-hop artists spread messages of peace, security, unity, forgiveness and happiness. Often, their songs teach young people about human rights and fighting for their freedoms so they can have a better future.


DAM is known as the first Palestinian group to sing hip-hop. Members of the group are Tamer Nafar, his younger brother Suhell and Mahmoud Jreri. They lived in the poor area of Lod, just outside Tel Aviv. It is a town where both Israeli Jews and Arabs live.

DAM是第一个以唱街舞音乐而闻名的巴勒斯坦艺术组合。这个三人组合的成员分别是泰姆·奈法,他的弟弟苏黑尔以及穆罕迈德·杰瑞。他们住在一个叫Lod的贫困地区,就在Tel Aviv小镇的郊区,这个小镇上住着以色列犹太人和阿拉伯人。

The group's music is influenced by the Israeli and Palestinian conflict as well as social issues that affect people's freedoms. In an interview with Time Magazine, Tamer Nafar said that the conflict is their life and their window; whatever they see, they write about. They also sing about issues such as terrorism, violence linked to illegal drugs and women's rights. The group sings in Arabic, English and Hebrew.


DAM hopes to teach young people about their history and rights. They tell children not to be influenced by other people, but to learn on their own what is right and what is wrong. Children sing with them on the song Ng'Ayer Bukra, which means Change Tomorrow. The children sing that they want education and the ability to change tomorrow.

DAM希望让年轻人知道自己的历史和权利。他们告诉孩子们,不要受他人影响,而应自我辨别是非。孩子们与他们齐唱Ng'Ayer Bukra这首意为“改变明天”的歌曲,孩子们的歌声表达了他们要获得教育及能够改变明天的愿望。

The Israeli group Hadag Nahash also sings about the Palestinian and Israeli conflict in some of their songs. Other songs deal with issues like racism, women's rights, Israeli economics, class divisions and politics. They want young people to question the issues that affect them and the future of Israeli society. Their political songs have caused public debates in Israeli newspapers, radio and television stations, and even Israel's parliament.

以色列组合Hadag Nahash也用歌声传唱巴以冲突问题。他们唱的其它歌曲多数反映了肤色、女权、以色列经济、种族分裂和政治问题。他们想让年轻人对这些影响他们自己和以色列未来社会的问题提出质疑。他们带有政治色彩的歌曲引起了公众的争论,(大家纷纷)在以色列报纸、广播、电视甚至以色列国会上(发表评论)。

In the thirteen years the group has been together, Hadag Nahash has produced five CDs and has performed around the world. Many people have become interested in the band because of their song called "The Sticker Song."

13年以来,这个叫Hadag Nahash的组合制作了5CD,并在世界各地演出。许多人开始对这个乐队感兴趣,因为他们的歌曲名字叫“The Sticker Song”,即“贴纸歌”。

The song includes words from stickers that are placed on cars in Israel. These bumper stickers are usually about political issues.


Socially conscious hip-hop has become a popular form of music around the world. It is possible that every country has at least one or two socially conscious hip-hop singers or groups. However, sometimes it is not easy to learn about these artists. Their music is suppressed in countries where freedom of expression is limited. These artists fear that they will get in trouble with the government if they sing about political issues. Some musicians do sing about political and social issues in suppressed societies. However, these musicians often sing in secret and their music is not widely known.


In Brazil, artists use hip-hop to express social inequalities and racial issues. In the largest city, Sao Paulo, one of the oldest hip-hop groups is Racionais MC's. They started their music group in nineteen eighty-eight. Their songs are about social injustices in the city, including police violence against young people.

在巴西,艺术家们用街舞艺术表达社会的不平等和种族歧视问题。在巴西最大的城市圣保罗,有一个最古老的街舞组合叫Racionais MC’s,该音乐组合创建于1988年,他们的歌曲反映了城市的社会偏见,如警方对年轻人的暴力(事件)。

Many of their songs are about people living in poor areas called favelas. The members, Mano Brown, Ice Blue, Edy Rock and DJ KL Jay, all lived in favelas. The singers are also activists for the work and goals of their songs. In nineteen ninety-two Racionais MC's joined forces with Brazil's Ministry of Education. They visited schools to teach people about life in the favelas, including issues related to drugs, police violence, poverty and racism. They have also used their music to earn money for health clinics, youth sports programs and schools. In two thousand nine they released their sixth album called Ta Na Chuva.

这个组合的许多歌曲反映了居住在favelas贫民区的人们的生活。该组合的几位成员Mano BrownIce BlueEdy RockDJ KL Jay都住在favelas。他们还为实现他们歌曲的演唱工作和目标而积极奔走。1992年,Racionais MC's加入了巴西教育部,实力大为增强。他们访问各所学校,让师生了解favelas地区人们的生活,让他们知道那里与毒品、警察暴力、贫困和种族有关的问题。他们也用音乐义演,赞助各康复医疗中心、青少年运动署以及各类学校。2009年,他们发布了第6张专集,称之为Ta Na Chuva

In Rio de Janeiro, a famous hip-hop artist called Marcelo D2 also lived in a favela. However, when he turned thirteen he left the area to work. Some of his friends who remained in the favelas were killed in gun battles with criminal groups. His first productions in hip-hop were in nineteen ninety-five in a group called Planet Hemp. Three years later he left the group and produced his own album. His songs are about his life experiences. Marcelo D2 became famous when he created a new form of hip-hop by mixing it with the Brazilian music called samba.

Rio de Janeiro,一位叫Marcelo D2的有名街舞艺术家也住在favela。然而,他13岁时离开此地,外出工作。而他住在favela的朋友们却在犯罪团伙的枪战中丧生。他街舞中的首批专集在1995年发布,当时的组合叫Planet Hemp3年后,他离开了这个组合,开始制作自己的专集。他的歌曲表达了自己的生活体验。如今,他已成名,他创作了一种新的街舞形式,把它与巴西音乐桑巴揉和在一起。

Marcelo D2 has performed with famous American hip-hop artists such as will-i-am from the Black Eyed Peas. He has also performed with the famous Brazilian musician Sergio Mendes.

Marcelo D2与著名的美国街舞艺术家与来自Black Eyed Peaswill-i-am同台表演,他也与著名巴西音乐家Sergio Mendes登台演出。

Wyclef Jean is one of the top socially conscious hip-hop artists in the world. Wyclef was born in Haiti. At the age of nine he moved with his family to Brooklyn, New York and later to New Jersey. He was a member of the hip-hop group called the Fugees with Lauryn Hill and Prakazrel Samuel Michel, also known as Pras.

Wyclef Jean是世界上有名的具有社会意识街舞艺术家。Wyclef Jean出生于海地。9岁那年,他和家人搬到纽约的布鲁克林区,后来又搬到新泽西州。他是一个叫Fugees的街舞乐团成员,该乐团还有Lauryn HillPrakazrel Samuel Michel两位艺人,因此乐团也叫Pras

Wyclef has since released seven of his own CDs and will have an eighth coming out in January. Wyclef's songs are a mix of social and political issues as well as entertainment. Many of his songs are about the life of refugees or immigrants in the United States. Wyclef brings attention to the injustices some immigrants experience in the United States.


In two thousand five, Wyclef formed the Yeli Haiti Foundation.


The foundation works on issues such as education, health, environment and community development. It also works with the World Food Organization and the Pan American Development Foundation to help Haitians, especially after the food shortage riots last year. In two thousand seven, Haitian President Rene Preval appointed Wyclef a traveling ambassador to represent the country. Recently, Wyclef travelled to Haiti with former President Bill Clinton and United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.

该基金会旨在解决教育、健康、环境和社区发展问题。它也与世界粮食组织、泛美发展基金会两大组织联合来帮助海地人民,特别是去年的粮食短缺骚乱之后,(发挥了积极作用。)2007年,海地总统Rene Preval任命Wyclef为海地派驻大使。最近,Wyclef与美国前总统比尔·克林顿及联合国秘书长潘基文访问海地。

This past summer, the Black Entertainment Television network, BET, honored Wyclef with its Award for Humanitarian Work. And Wyclef was named hip-hop's unofficial multicultural conscience.


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