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2009年12月6日 星期日 美国人物——玛丽莲•梦露 1926-1962: 美国最出名的性感女郎

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2009 12 6 星期日 美国人物——玛丽莲 · 梦露 1926-1962: 美国最出名的性感女郎

PEOPLE IN AMERICA - Marilyn Monroe, 1926-1962: America's Most Famous Sex Symbol


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Her name at birth was Norma Jean Baker. Her life as a child was like a bad dream. She lived with a number of different people, and often was mistreated.

她出生时名叫诺玛 · 琼 · 培克。她童年的生活就像一场恶梦:(居无定所),生活庞杂,还经常受到虐待。

At age sixteen Norma Jean married a sailor. But she soon ended that marriage. She changed her hair color from brown to shining gold. And she changed her name to Marilyn Monroe.

16 岁那年,诺玛 · 琼嫁给了一个船员,但很快结束了这段婚姻。她摇身一变,本是褐色的头发变得金光闪闪,名字改成了玛丽莲·梦露。

She wanted to be an actress. And she succeeded. She appeared in a number of Hollywood movies. Millions of people went to see them. By the time Norma Jean had reached the age of twenty-six, her beautiful face and body earned her a place as one of America's leading movie stars.

她想做一名演员,她成功了。她出演了一系列好莱坞电影,上百万的人去看她演的电影。诺玛 · 琼 26 岁时,她美丽的面孔和迷人的身段为她在众星云集的美国电影界赢得一席之地。

But success and fame were not enough to make her happy. The troubles of her childhood days stayed with her. She drank too much alcohol. She took too many drugs. At the age of thirty-six, she took her own life.

但成功和成名并没使她感到快乐。童年的阴影一直挥之不去,她饮酒过度,服药上隐,年仅 36 岁就自杀身亡。

She has been dead since nineteen sixty-two. Still, her fame continues to grow. People born long after she died are watching her movies on television. Objects that belonged to her bring huge prices at public sales. The Warner Brothers museum in Hollywood has the white dress she wore in one of her movies, "The Prince and the Showgirl. "

她在 1962 年去世,但迷恋她的人有增无减:后来的人们在电视上观看她的表演;她的遗物被公开销售,且价格昂贵;好莱坞华纳兄弟博物馆陈列着她在一部电影里穿过的白色连衣裙,这部电影的名字叫《游龙戏凤》。

People continue to talk about what they feel is her strange death. Some people believe she was murdered. Two investigations showed that she died as the result of too many drugs.


Why is the public still so interested in a woman who died so many years ago? A number of reasons. Her exciting but tragic life. Her connections with well-known people. And her image as an especially desirable woman.


In the nineteen fifties, many Americans believed sex was a very private subject. People often severely judged those who were sexually appealing.

20 世纪 50 年代,许多美国人认为,性是一个私人话题。人们对那些以色诱人的女郎通常嗤之以鼻。

Into this atmosphere burst Marilyn Monroe. As one critic said, her body was round in all the right places. She wore her clothes like skin. When she walked, she moved her lower body in a way that few other actresses had done. Her voice was soft and breathy. She soon became America's golden girl.


The story of Marilyn Monroe begins on June first, nineteen twenty-six. Norma Jean was born that day in the West Coast city of Los Angeles, California. Her birthplace was not far from the Hollywood movie studios where she would someday be a star.

玛丽莲·梦露的传奇人生开始于 1926 年 6 月 1 日。诺玛 · 琼这一天出生于加州的西海岸城市洛杉矶。她的出生地离好莱坞摄影棚只有一步之遥,使她日后成为明星(更为方便)。

Her mother, Gladys Baker, suffered from mental problems. Often the mother had to be treated in a hospital for long periods of time. Her daughter was sent to live with a number of different people.

她的母亲格莱德斯 · 培克患有精神疾病,通常,她要在医院治疗很长一段时间。她女儿被送到这样那样的人家中寄养。

The actress later would describe her stays with these foster families as sometimes very unhappy. During the worst experiences, she would go to a movie theater. There the young Norma Jean escaped into the make-believe world of movies.

梦露后来描述说,那些寄人篱下的日子有时是非常痛苦的。在最糟糕的时候,她就会去电影院看电影。在那里,年幼的诺玛 · 琼可以暂时逃循到电影的幻想世界中去。

She would act all the movie parts after she went to a movie. She told this to a long time friend, actor Ted Jordan, who later wrote a book about her.

看完一部电影后,她能模仿电影中所有的片断。她把这一情形告诉了她的一位故友,演员泰德 · 乔丹。乔丹后来写了一部关于梦露的书。

By the time she was seventeen, Marilyn was trying very hard to be a movie actress. She finally was able to get an actors' agent to help her. He got Twentieth Century Fox Company to give Marilyn parts in some movies it produced.

17 岁时,玛丽莲非常刻苦,努力去做一名演员。最终,她得到了一位经济人的帮助,他让二十世纪福克斯电影公司在拍电影时给玛丽莲上镜的机会。

Marilyn continued to change the way she had looked as Norma Jean. She had an operation to improve the appearance of her nose. Her eyes were made to appear larger. She began using a great deal of bright red lipstick on her mouth.

玛丽莲继续改变自己,使她不像过去那个诺玛 · 琼。她做了鼻子整容手术,眼睛做了修整,以便看起来更大些,嘴巴也开始浓抹重彩,涂上鲜亮的红色。

Marilyn may have worked more to improve her appearance than to improve her performance in acting classes. Some people at Twentieth Century Fox said she did not like to work at all. She appeared in only one movie. And she had only one line to speak in that. The Fox movie company dismissed her.


Soon, however, her agent got her a job at Columbia Pictures. She appeared in a movie called "Ladies of the Chorus. " She sang two songs. Several critics praised her performance. But Columbia dismissed her.


Marilyn did not stop struggling. She next won a small part in a movie called "Love Happy." It was a comedy starring the famous Marx Brothers. Critics said it was not one of their better efforts. Marilyn, though, earned praise for simply taking a short walk in the movie.


The movie called for her to say, "Some men are following me. " Groucho Marx answered that he did not understand why. As he said that, he watched Marilyn walk her famous walk. His eyes opened very wide.

这部电影要求梦露说一句台词:“有些男人在跟着我。”格洛乔 · 马克斯回答说:“我不明白为什么。”他说话时,看着玛丽莲走着她著名的猫步,眼睛瞪得老大。

That short scene in the movie made many people in Hollywood talk about Marilyn Monroe.

Marilyn got her first major chance when director John Huston invited her to act in a movie called "The Asphalt Jungle. "


Huston said her performance as a criminal's girlfriend was good. It gained Marilyn her dream of a long-term agreement with Twentieth Century Fox, the company that had dismissed her earlier. Now its officials gave her a part in "All About Eve." The movie, released in nineteen fifty, was about a movie star. She played a golden-haired woman who did not have much intelligence -- "a dumb blonde."

赫斯顿说,她扮演罪犯女友演得不坏。这使玛丽莲与二十世纪福克斯公司长期签约的美梦成真,这家电影公司曾经解雇过她。现在,公司的领导请她在《彗星美人》中扮演主角。该片在 20 世纪 50 年代上映,讲述的是一个电影明星的故事。梦露扮演一个金发女郎,这位女郎演技平平,是个“花瓶”。

In nineteen fifty-two, Marilyn again appeared as a dumb blonde in "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes." This performance at last won her widespread fame. Marilyn Monroe was now a lead actress, a star.

1952 年,玛丽莲在《绅士爱美人》中扮演一个花瓶。该部影片使她声名雀起,现在她成了一个明星。

Huge successes now followed. Between nineteen fifty-three and nineteen fifty-nine she appeared in lead parts in many popular movies: "How To Marry a Millionaire." "The Seven Year Itch." "Bus Stop." "Some Like it Hot." Her part in "Some Like it Hot" showed that she was very good at making people laugh.

成功潮涌而来。 1953 年和 1959 年七年间,她在许多当红电影中扮演了主要角色:《愿嫁金龟婿》、《七年之痒》、《巴士站》、《热情似火》。其中,《热情似火》中的扮演显示了她有极善逗乐的天赋。

Marilyn's picture appeared on the front cover of many magazines and the front pages of many newspapers. She began to earn more money.


Life should have been good. But Marilyn was not happy. She was being asked to repeat her part as a dumb blonde in movie after movie.


She wanted to be accepted as a good actress. She went to the Actors' Studio school in New York City with many serious actors. She thought she could change the way people thought of her.


But she did not succeed. People thought of Marilyn Monroe as "that blonde bombshell." Few people thought of her as a serious actress.


She also failed in her attempts at marriage. She admitted that she got married the first time only to escape from being forced to live in a group home for children without parents. In nineteen fifty-four she married again. Her husband was the famous New York Yankee baseball player, Joe Di Maggio. They were together for only a few months.

她的婚姻也没成功。她坦言,第一次结婚只是为了逃脱与一群没有父母的孩子住在一起的生活。 1954 年,她再次结婚,丈夫是纽约北方棒球运动员 Joe Di Maggio ,他们只共同生活了几个月。

Later, she tried again. She married Arthur Miller, a famous writer of plays. That marriage ended unhappily in nineteen sixty-one, after five years.

后来,她再次试着结婚,嫁给了亚瑟 · 米勒,一个著名剧作家。这段不幸的婚姻维持了五年便在 1961 年结束。

Marilyn returned to Hollywood. But things were different now. Friends said she was drinking too much alcohol. They said she was taking too many drugs.


She seemed to always be in trouble with the movie company. She had gained too much weight. Or, she had not learned what she was to say in the movie. Or she had arrived late for the filming.


By nineteen sixty-two, Marilyn's problems were threatening her work in the movies. She was to appear in the Twentieth Century Fox movie called "Something's Got to Give." She lost weight for her part. She tried to arrive on time for the filming. She reportedly knew her part. However, she became sick several times and missed work. Fox company officials dismissed her.

1962 年,玛丽莲个人的问题严重影响到她拍摄电影的工作。她要在二十世纪福克斯电影公司的电影《濒于崩溃》中扮演角色,为演这个角色,她还瘦了身。拍摄影片时她极力准时到达。据说她知道自己要扮演的角色,然而,她多次生病,失去了工作。福克斯公司官方再次解雇了她。

On August fourth, nineteen sixty-two, Marilyn Monroe died alone in her home. She was thirty-six years old. Reports said taking too many drugs killed her. But people who knew her said failed marriages, and the failure of her latest movie also led to her death.

1962 年 8 月 4 日,玛丽莲·梦露独自在家中死去,年仅 36 岁。报道说,过度服用药物使她最终命丧黄泉,但熟悉她的人说,失败的婚姻和无力出演最后一部电影也导致了她的死亡。

Many people said Marilyn Monroe never escaped her past. She continued to suffer from the early, sad life of a little girl named Norma Jean.

许多人说玛丽莲·梦露从未走出她过去(的阴影)。她终生饱受早年那个叫诺玛 · 琼的小女孩的不幸生活的折磨。

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