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美国人物——2010年1月24日 星期日 司格特·乔普林1867-1917:拉格泰姆音乐之王

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美国人物—— 2010 年 1 月 24 日 星期日 司格特 · 乔普林 1867-1917 :拉格泰姆音乐之王

PEOPLE IN AMERICA - Scott Joplin, 1867-1917: King of Ragtime Music

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Today we tell about the life and work of one of America's greatest music writers: Scott Joplin, the King of Ragtime.


That song is called "Maple Leaf Rag." Scott Joplin wrote it more than one hundred years ago. The song changed Joplin's life. It was very popular. The composer earned a good living from the sales of the sheet music. He also became famous.

这首歌曲叫“枫叶拉格”,是司格特·乔普林 100 年以前的写的。这首歌曲改变了乔普林的一生。歌曲非常受观众青睐,作曲家因这种街头音乐的热卖而收益颇丰,也使他声名雀起。

But, even today, much about Scott Joplin remains a mystery. There is conflicting information about the most basic facts, like when and where he was born. Official population documents suggest Scott Joplin was born in eighteen sixty-seven or eighteen sixty-eight. He was born in Texas, probably near the border with Arkansas. The Joplins moved to Texarkana, Texas sometime after eighteen seventy-five and Scott grew up there.

但直至今天,司格特·乔普林仍显得神秘莫测,人们不知他何时何地出生,这些最基本的情况至今仍争论不休。官方人口档案显示,司格特·乔普林生于 1867 年至 1868 年,出生地可能在得克萨斯边境的阿肯瑟州。约在 1875 年后,乔普林一家搬到得克萨斯州特克萨卡纳市,乔普林在那里长大。

Scott was the second of seven children born to Giles and Florence Joplin. His father was a freed slave who worked on the railroad. His mother cleaned people's homes.


The whole Joplin family was musical. Scott's father played the violin. His mother played the banjo. And all the Joplins enjoyed singing together at home.


Scott learned to play several musical instruments. But Florence Joplin wanted her son to learn how to play the piano. When Scott was about seven years old he began taking piano lessons with a music teacher at his school. The Joplins were poor, so Scott's mother paid for the weekly lessons with food. Florence Joplin also got permission for her son to use a piano in one of the houses she cleaned in Texarkana.


Florence and Giles Joplin separated before Scott became a teenager. Some experts think Scott blamed himself for the break-up. Many experts also think Scott Joplin's opera "Treemonisha" included incidents of his life with his mother after Giles Joplin left. For example, the character "Treemonisha" receives music lessons paid for by her mother who cleans people's houses. Listen to this aria from the opera. Carmen Balthrop is Treemonisha.

弗洛伦斯和盖尔斯·乔普林夫妇在司格特十几岁时分居了。有专家认为,司格特认为是自己造成了父母的分离。许多专家也认为,司格特·乔普林的歌剧“ Treemonisha ”中反映了父亲盖尔·乔普林离开后自己与母亲生活的情形。比如,“ Treemonisha ”中的主角上音乐课的费用是她母亲给人做清洁时挣来的。听下面这首歌剧中的咏叹调。 Carmen Balthrop 饰演 Treemonisha 。

Scott Joplin's early piano lessons did not include ragtime. That kind of music was played in dance and drinking places and was not considered acceptable. Scott first studied classical music with several teachers. They included a German immigrant named Julius Weiss who probably had the strongest influence on the boy.

司格特·乔普林早期的钢琴课不包括拉格泰姆音乐。这种音乐伴以舞蹈,在酒肆演奏,但当时并不入流。司格特先随几位老师学习了古典音乐,他们中间有德裔移民朱力 · 怀斯,他对司格特的影响可能最大。

Scott left Texas when he was a teenager. He worked as a piano player and gave lessons in the guitar and mandolin. In his twenties he settled in Sedalia, Missouri. He formed a group called the Texas Medley Quartet. The group sometimes traveled great distances to perform. Scott Joplin began his music-writing career in Sedalia. He attended college classes to learn to become a composer.

司格特离开得州时还是个少年。他给别人钢琴伴奏,教人弹奏吉他和班卓琴。 20 多岁时他在密苏里州的锡代利亚地区定居。他成立了一个叫“得州混合四重唱”的组合。该组合有时要长途跋涉,去各地演出。在锡代利亚,司格特·乔普林开始了音乐创作生涯。他上大学学习,想做一名作曲家。

Joplin also got a permanent job in Sedalia playing the piano in a new nightclub. Sedalia's most important citizens visited the Maple Leaf Club. The job permitted Joplin time to write and play his own work.


Something even more important happened to Joplin in Sedalia. He met John Stark, the owner of a local music store. In eighty ninety-nine, Stark published the song "Maple Leaf Rag." It was not Joplin's first published music. But it was the he was most proud of.

更重要的事情发生在锡代利亚的乔普林身上。他遇到了当地音乐店铺的老板约翰·斯达克。 1899 年,斯达克发行了“枫叶拉格”这首歌曲。这并非乔普林首次发行的音乐,但是他最引以自豪的一首。

Stark offered to pay Joplin a percentage of each sale of "Maple Leaf Rag" sheet music. This was an extremely unusual business agreement for a white publisher and black composer at that time. Usually, white publishers paid only a small amount of money for full ownership of music written by African-Americans. The agreement was very good for both Scott Joplin and John Stark.


Ragtime music is dance music. It combines a solid, often lively, beat with a looser, complex melody. Most experts agree that the traditional music and dance of American slaves played a big part in the development of ragtime.


Here is a perfect example. Scott Joplin and John Stark published "A Breeze From Alabama" in nineteen-oh-two. It is music for a dance called the two-step.

这里有一首极好的曲子。司格特·乔普林和约翰·斯达克于 1902 年发行了一首“阿拉巴马的微风”。这首曲子是两步式的歌舞。

John Stark decided that Scott Joplin was going to become too popular to stay in the small town of Sedalia. He decided to move his music business to the big city of Saint Louis, Missouri. Joplin moved to Saint Louis with a woman named Belle Hayden. Later they were married. But Joplin was not as successful in love as he was in music. He and Belle separated in nineteen-oh-two.

约翰·斯达克认为,司格特·乔普林呆在锡代利亚那个小镇声名太过,所以,乔普林决定将他的音乐事业转到密苏里州的大城市圣路易斯。乔普林搬到圣路易斯市时,还携一位女子同行,叫贝尔·海登。二人后来结婚,但乔普林的爱情历程没有音乐事业那样一帆风顺,他和贝尔在 1902 年分居了。

Two years later Joplin married again. But his wife, Freddie Alexander, died just three months later. The Scott Joplin Organization in Sedalia, Missouri says Joplin wrote this rag, "The Chrysanthemum," for his second wife.


After his wife's death, in nineteen-oh-five, Joplin wrote a concert waltz called "Bethena." The piece has a sad sound to it, quite unlike Joplin's earlier work. You might recognize it as the theme music for the Special English program Words and Their Stories.

他妻子去世后, 1905 年乔普林写了一首音乐会华尔兹乐曲,叫“ Bethena ”。这首曲子听起来满是忧伤,颇似乔普林早期的作品。你可能觉察到了,它正是我们特别英语节目《成语故事》的主题音乐。

Joplin lived in many places in the years that followed. He also worked on his opera, "Treemonisha." He had hoped his longtime business partner John Stark would publish it, but he refused. Stark did not think a ragtime opera would sell.

乔普林此后多年住过许多地方。他还一直创作着歌剧“ Treemonisha ”,并一直希望自己的终生的事业伙伴约翰·斯达克能够将它发行出来,但斯达克认为,拉格泰姆的歌剧卖不出去。

After nineteen-oh-seven Joplin lived mostly in New York City. He and his new wife Lottie tried for many years to get "Treemonisha" produced. But its opening night did not come until more than fifty years after Joplin's death.

1907 年后,乔普林多半在纽约市生活。他和他的新婚妻子拉蒂多年以来一直想把歌剧“ Treemonisha ”制作出来,但直到乔普林死后 50 多年,“ Treemonisha ”才迎来了它的开幕之夜。

By about nineteen fifteen, Scott Joplin began suffering badly from syphilis. The disease robbed him of his ability to play piano. It also destroyed his ability to write music. He died in New York City in nineteen-seventeen.

1915 年左右,司格特·乔普林开始饱受梅毒的折磨。这种疾病夺走了他弹琴钢琴的能力,也摧毁了他音乐创作的才能。 1917 年他在纽约逝世。

Scott Joplin left the world sixty musical works. These include many piano rags that are still played today.

司格特·乔普林给世界留下了 60 首音乐作品,它们中有钢琴拉格音乐,至今仍在演唱。

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