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2010年4月23日 经济报道-----欧洲旅行因滞留而费用增加

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ECONOMICS REPORT - Adding Up the Costs of Lost Travel in Europe


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From: http://www.unsv.com/voanews/specialenglish/scripts/2010/04/23/0041/

This is the VOA Special English Economics Report.

Air traffic over much of Europe came to a halt for six days because of the huge cloud of ash from a volcano in Iceland. Now the economic costs are still being counted as airlines try to get everyone to where they were going.

由于冰岛火山喷发产生的巨大火山灰云团,致使途经欧洲大部分地区的空中交通受阻达 6 天之久。现今,随着航空公司尽可能地将每位乘客送往目的地,经济损失仍在进一步计算当中。

At its worst, the crisis affected nearly a third of world air travel. About one hundred thousand flights were cancelled or delayed.

此次危机至多影响了全球近 1/3 的空中交通运输。大约有 10 万次航班被取消或延误。

The International Air Transport Association estimated the cost to airlines at nearly two billion dollars.

国际航空运输协会估计,航空公司的损失达到近 20 亿美元。

But that does not include costs like the tons of flowers that growers in Kenya and Israel had to destroy. Or all the fruits and vegetables that could also not be flown to Europe.


Other businesses that depend on air travel, including hotels and vacation places, also suffered. The crisis affected airports from Washington to Pakistan.


The crisis came just as Europe is trying to recover from its worst recession in generations. Greece -- a popular travel place -- continues to face a debt crisis that has sharply raised its borrowing costs.

此次危机恰逢欧洲试图从最为严重的经济衰退中恢复的时期。希腊 ---- 作为广受欢迎的旅游胜地 ---- 持续的债务危机使其借贷成本陡升。

The United States halted air travel for three days after the terrorist attacks in two thousand one. The travel ban this past week lasted twice as long in some European countries.

美国于 2001 年遭受恐怖袭击之后,空中交通被暂停了 3 天时间。而刚刚过去的一周,欧洲一些国家航空禁令的持续时间则是上次的两倍。

Critics accused European air transport officials of being slow to react, then overreacting to the possible risk to airplanes. And there could be more delays as the Eyjafjallajokull volcano continues to release ash.

批评人士指责欧洲空中交通官员反应太慢,而随后又对飞机可能的风险反应过度。并且 埃亚菲亚德拉冰盖火山继续喷射火山灰,会有更多的航班延误。

Last week's eruption cost time and money for travelers. Hundreds of thousands were stuck. Some had no place to stay except the airport. Others tried to make their way by train, bus, boat or car.


Vacationers have had to change or cancel plans. And not all businesses have been sympathetic.


An American stuck in London, already one of the world's highest priced cities, found that her hotel had doubled its prices. Some embassies offered emergency loans to their citizens.


Passengers delayed on European airlines may be able to get back at least some of the money they had to spend.


The crisis brought new attention to the billion-dollar market for travel insurance. About thirty percent of Americans buy policies to cover unexpected problems when they travel. Some credit cards offer a form of insurance and could also face claims.

此次危机重新引发了对价值数十亿美元的旅行保险市场的关注。有近 30% 的美国人购买了保险单,以应对旅行遭遇的无法预估的意外。一些信用卡提供了一种保险,也能受理索赔。

The volcanic eruption was the second time in two years that Iceland has shaken its neighbors to the east. The first time was the near-collapse of Iceland's banks and currency during the world financial crisis.


And that's the VOA Special English Economics Report, written by Mario Ritter. I'm Steve Ember.

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This is the VOA Special English Economics Report. 

Air traffic over much of Europe came to a halt for six days because of the huge cloud of ash from a volcano in Iceland. 

Now the economic costs are still being counted as airlines try to get everyone to where they were going. 


At its worst, the crisis affected nearly a third of world air travel. About one hundred thousand flights were cancelled or delayed. 


The International Air Transport Association estimated the cost to airlines at nearly two billion dollars. 


But that does not include costs like the tons of flowers that growers in Kenya and Israel had to destroy. Or all the fruits 

and vegetables that could also not be flown to Europe. 


Other businesses that depend on air travel, including hotels and vacation places, also suffered. The crisis affected airports 

from Washington to Pakistan. 


The crisis came just as Europe is trying to recover from its worst recession in generations. Greece --a popular travel place -- continues to face a debt crisis that has sharply raised its borrowing costs. 


The United States halted air travel for three days after the terrorist attacks in two thousand one. The travel ban this past 

week lasted twice as long in some European countries. 


Critics accused European air transport officials of being slow to react, then overreacting to the possible risk to airplanes. 

And there could be more delays as the Eyjafjallajokull volcano continues to release ash. 


Last week's eruption cost time and money for travelers. Hundreds of thousands  were stuck. Some had no place to stay 

except the airport. Others tried to make their way by train, bus, boat or car.  


Vacationers have had to change or cancel plans. And not all businesses have been sympathetic. 


An American stuck in London, already one of the world's highest priced cities, found that her hotel had doubled its prices. 

Some embassies offered emergency loans to their citizens. 


Passengers delayed on European airlines may be able to get back at least some of the money they had to spend. 


The crisis brought new attention to the billion-dollar market for travel insurance. About thirty percent of Americans buy policies to cover unexpected problems when they 

travel. Some credit cards offer a form of insurance and could also face claims. 


The volcanic eruption was the second time in two years that Iceland has shaken its neighbors to the east. The first time was 

the near-collapse of Iceland's banks and currency during the world financial crisis. 


And that's the VOA Special English Economics Report, written by Mario Ritter. I'm Steve Ember. 

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