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4月29号 教育报道-世界各地对欺凌行为的评论

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EDUCATION REPORT - Bullying: Comments From Around the World


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 From: http://www.unsv.com/voanews/specialenglish/scripts/2010/04/29/0041/

   This is the VOA Special English Education Report.
   Last week's report on bullying brought so many comments online, we are going to take this time to share some.
   One person, who gave no name or country, described an experience with a Parent Teacher Association:
    I have been a victim of bullying in a PTA group. It is not just a problem for teenagers. Adult also engage in bullying activities but it is usually verbal abuse by spreading lies to ruin your reputation or isolate the victim from the rest of the group. Since we are the role model of the next generation, our behavior will shape the future society.
   Vicky in Taiwan still remembers being scared by bullies in junior high school. And Jung Kim wrote: Even we Koreans are made fun of by our own. If you're not cool with the popular people you will be laughed at.
   台湾的维基仍记得在高中遭到欺凌而感到恐怕.Jung Kim写到即使是我们韩国人自己开玩笑,如果你不能和和公众一样保持镇定,你就会被嘲笑.

   Jeanne from Brazil says children should be taught to respect differences. And Kelly in the United States suggested that parents should spend more time with their children: If they are taught to be considerate when they are very young, they will not treat other people in a mean way.
   Joruji in Japan called for improving communication among students, parents and teachers. Farshad, an Iranian in the United States, and Selim from France both suggested using psychologists in school to help control the problem.
   Some people complained that bullying is not always taken seriously. Commenter phantuanduong in Vietnam wrote:
   有些人抱怨到不应该一直把欺凌行为看的这么严重.越南的评论者phantuanduong 写到:
   We as parents and teachers should let children understand that they will be punished if they do wrong, and the punishments won't be only reminders or warnings.
   But not everyone agreed.
   Denysenko in Ukraine says what we call bullying is a part of the socialization process:
  Children need to know how to defend oneself, how to establish relationships in a group. If laws or teachers or police will protect a child against "bullying," he or she will never become an independent person.
   And several of you expressed sadness at the case of fifteen-year-old Phoebe Prince. Bullying may have led to her suicide. Moneem Alhasee from Libya wrote:
   你们所表达的几个悲惨事件中一个叫Phoebe Prince15岁的女孩.欺凌行为可能是导致她的自杀原因.来自利比亚的Moneem Alhasee写到:
   I'm really astonished how such a beautiful nice girl can do such a thing. She made a mistake when she listened to those who criticized her. They were jealous of her. God bless you, Phoebe Prince.
   我真的很惊讶,这么漂亮可爱的女孩会作出那样的事.当她听到别人都在批判她的时候而犯的这个错误.它们只是嫉妒她.愿上天保佑你,Phoebe Prince!
   You can find last week's report at www.unsv.com. You can also add your own comments on our website or on Facebook at VOA Learning English. Next week, learn about a new study of bullies.

   And that's the VOA Special English Education Report, written by Nancy Steinbach. I'm Steve Ember

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