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8月25日 健康报道:专家呼吁更多努力对抗贫困国家癌症

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HEALTH REPORT - Experts Urge More Efforts to Fight Cancer in Poor Countries

8 25 健康报道:专家呼吁更多努力对抗贫困国家癌症

Health experts are calling for action to expand cancer care and control in the developing world. A paper published by the medical journal Lancet says cancer was once thought of mostly as a problem in the developed world. But it says cancer is now a leading cause of death and disability in poor countries.


Experts from Harvard University and other organizations urge the international community to fight cancer aggressively. They say it should be fought the way HIV/AIDS has been fought in Africa.


Cancer kills more than seven and a half million people a year worldwide. The experts say almost two-thirds are in low-income and middle-income countries.

癌症每年杀死全球 750 万人,专家称其中近乎 2/3 的人来自低收入和中等收入国家。

They say cancer kills more people in developing countries than AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria combined. But they say the world spends only five percent of its cancer resources in those countries.

专家称在发展中国家,癌症的死亡人数比艾滋、肺结核和疟疾三种疾病合起来的还要多,但世界对这些国家仅用了 5% 的癌症资源。

Felicia Knaul from the Harvard Medical School was one of the authors of the paper. She was in Mexico when she was found to have breast cancer. She received treatment there. She says the experience showed her the sharp divide between the rich and the poor in treating breast cancer.

来自哈弗医学院的 Felicia Knaul 是上述论文的作者之一。她在墨西哥时被查出患有乳癌,并在那里接受了治疗。她说治疗经历让她看到了在治疗乳癌方面贫富国家的巨大差异。

FELICIA KNAUL: "And we are seeing more and more how this is attacking young women. It's the number two cause of death in Mexico for women thirty to fifty-four. All over the developing world, except the poorest-poorest, it's the number one cancer-related death among young women. And, I think we have to again say that there is much more we could do about it than we are doing about it."

Felicia Knaul :“我们正看到癌症是如何越来越多地折磨着年轻女性。乳癌是墨西哥 13-54 岁女性死亡的第二原因。整个发展中国家,除了极度贫穷的,乳癌是年轻女性因癌症死亡的第一原因。我认为我们不得不再次强调,对于乳癌我们能做的比正在做的要多的。”

Professor Knaul met community health workers during her work in developing countries. She says they were an important part of efforts to reduce deaths from cervical cancer. They were able to persuade women to get tested and to get vaccinated against a virus that can cause it.

Knaul 教授在发展中国家工作期间接触过社区保健工作者,她表示这些工作者们是努力减少子宫颈癌死亡的一个重要部分,他们能够劝说女性接受检验并注射疫苗,这种疫苗用来对抗可能引发子宫颈癌的病毒。

The experts say cancer care does not have to be costly. For example, patients can be treated with lower-cost drugs that are off-patent. This means the drugs are no longer legally protected against being copied.


In another new report, the American Cancer Society says cancer has the highest economic cost of any cause of death. It caused an estimated nine hundred billion dollars in economic losses worldwide in two thousand eight.

在另外一份新报告里,美国癌症学会表示在任何死亡原因中,癌症所造成的经济损失是最高的。 2008 年,癌症造成全球估计 9000 亿美元的经济损失。

That was one and a half percent of the world economy, and just losses from early death and disability. The study did not estimate direct medical costs. But it says the productivity losses are almost twenty percent higher than for the second leading cause of economic loss, heart disease.

这是世界经济的 1.5% ,因早年死亡和残疾而全部损失。这份研究并未估算直接的医学损失,但表示因癌症导致的生产力损失近乎高出影响经济损失第二的心脏病的 20% 。

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