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3.16 Health Report 翻译,各位路过多多指正,谢谢!

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The crisis at the damaged Fukushima Dai-Ichi Nuclear Power Station in northern Japan has raised worries about radiation risks. We spoke Tuesday with Jonathan Links,  an expert in radiation health sciences. He is a professor at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in Maryland.
日本北方的福岛核电站核泄漏危机加剧了对核泄漏危害的担忧情绪。我们于星期二采访了放射卫生科学教授Jonathan links。他是马里兰州约翰霍普金斯大学彭博公共卫生学院的一名教授。
Professor Links says workers within the nuclear plant are the only people at risk of extremely high doses of radiation.
JONATHAN LINKS: "Of course, we don't know what doses they've received, but the only persons at risk of acute radiation effects are the workers."
For other people, he says, there may be a long-term worry. People can get cancer from low doses of ionizing radiation, the kind released in a nuclear accident.
Professor Links says scientists can use computers to quickly model where radioactive material has blown and settled. Then they measure how large an area is contaminated. He says if the situation is serious enough, officials could take steps like telling people not to eat locally grown food or drink the water.
JONATHAN LINKS: "But that would only be the case if there was a significant release and, because of wind direction, the radioactive material was blown over the area, and then settled out of the air into and onto water, plants, fruits and vegetables."
The reactors at Fukushima are on the Pacific coast. But Professor Links says people should not worry about any radioactive material leaking into the ocean.
JONATHAN LINKS: "Even in a worst-case scenario accident, the sea provides a very high degree of dilution. So the concentration of radioactivity in the seawater would still be quite low."
Jonathan Links说:“即使是一个最糟糕的事故,大海拥有极为庞大的稀释能力。因此,海水中的放射性强度仍然会保持较低的水平。”
Japan is the only country to have had atomic bombs dropped on it. That memory from  World War Two would create a stronger "psychological sensitivity" to radiation exposure, Professors Links says.
Next month is the twenty-fifth anniversary of the explosion and fire that destroyed a reactor at Chernobyl in Ukraine. The nineteen eighty-six event was the world's worst accident in the nuclear power industry.
A new United Nations report says more than six thousand cases of thyroid cancer have been found. These are in people who were children in affected areas of Belarus, Russia and Ukraine. The report says that by two thousand five the cancers had resulted in fifteen deaths.
The cancers were largely caused by drinking contaminated milk. The milk came from cows that ate grass where radioactive material had fallen.

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“they measure how large an area is contaminated”,我觉得不是“测量这个地区受到辐射影响的程度”,而是影响范围的大小
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 a significant release 非理想中的核泄漏,而是明显的核泄漏。指泄露情况非常严重
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恩 ,我仔细地查找了一些资料,发现我确实翻译的不当,谢谢你指正啊!我以后会不断地改正,也希望你能多多指正!~~

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