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Thank you very much,I will back you up for ever
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This is a very good topic !Thanks once again!
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1. His sad story so touched us that we nearly cried. 她那悲惨的故事深深地打动了我们,使我们几乎要哭出来声来。
2. She is favorably impressed with her boy friend. 她对自己的男朋友相当满意。
3. Don't look at the details, consider the general effect. 别注意细枝末节,要考虑总体效果。
4. When will you get the exam results? 你什么时候能知道考试成绩?
5. You made the wrong decision, you must take the consequences. 你做了这个错误的决定,现在必须承担后果。
6. The computer had a great impact on modern life. 计算机对现代生活产生了很大的影响。
7. Listening to music has a claming influence on her. 听音乐对她起一种定心安神的作用。
8. We are anxiously waiting the outcome of the discussion. 我们急切地等待他们讨论的结果。
9. Be careful not to jump to conclusions. 注意不要匆忙下结论。
10. His behaviour aroused the suspicions of the police. 他的行为引起警方的怀疑。
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1. The noise roused me from/out of a deep sleep. 吵声把我从熟睡中惊醒了。
2. Her joke raised a laugh. 她的笑话引来一阵笑声。
3. She lay awake for hours thinking about her boyfriend. 她醒着躺着在那儿好几个钟头想念着她男朋友。
4. We were wakened by a loud noise. 我们被很响的声音吵醒。
5. Don't throw one bone to two dogs; you'll only provoke a fight. 别把一只骨头扔给两只狗,那只会引起它们打架。
6. Give one's life for the cause of the people. 为人民事业牺牲自己性命。
7. This car has caused me a lot of trouble. 这辆车给我惹了不少麻烦。
8. We tried our best to effet our purpose. 我们尽力达到目的。
9. Interest began to stir among the audience. 听众有点感兴趣了。
10. The court case has excited a lot of public interest. 法院审判的案件引起了许多公众的关心。
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1. It goes with saying that I should help my sister. 我帮助我姐姐是理所当然的。
2. If there any food going? 有吃的吗?
3. Nothing gonna change my love for you. 任何东西都不会改变我对你的爱。
4. I'm going to have my own way. 我要照自己的想法做。
5. We're going to buy a house when we've saved enough money. 我们打算存够了钱时买套房子。
6. Look at those back clouds-there's going to be a storm. 看那些乌云--暴风雨就要来了。
7. Don't go about the job that way. 别用那种方法做这件事。
8. You're not goint about the job in the right way. 你做这事的方法不对。
9. We'll have to go about it more carefully. 我们必须愈加小心地做此事。
10. He always goes about with a bunch of thugs. 他总是和一群恶棍鬼混。
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1. I'm going to after that sexy girl named Diana who's go after a job. 我正在追求那个名叫黛安娜,正在找工作的性感女郎。
2. The war is going against Serbia. 战争对塞尔维亚不利。
3. Opinion is going against NATO. 舆论对北约不利。
4. She went against her mother. 她与她母亲作对。
5. It would go against my principles to borrow money, as I think it wrong to be in debt. 向人借钱违背我的原则,因为我认为负债是不应该的事。
6. May I start now? 我可以开始了吗?
7. Yes, go ahead. We're all listening. 是的,开始吧。我们都在听着。
8. Work is going ahead. 工作正在进展中。
9. We're all ready to start the job as soon as we get the go ahead from the people concerned. 我们一得到有关人士的同意,就准备开始做这件事。
10. You may have some difficulty first but you'll find it eaiser as you go along. 刚开始你可能会有困难,干些时间你就会觉得容易。
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1. I can't go along with you on that point. 在这一点上我不同意你。
2. Just now you went at your dinner as if you'd never eaten before. 刚才你猛吃晚餐时,好像你从没吃过饭似的。
3. The students are really going at their studies now the examinations are near. 考试临近,学生们都在拼命苦读。
4. He has gone away with all the money I've earned. 他把我赚的钱全都卷走了。
5. Let's go back home now. 让我们现在回家去。
6. Let's go back to what I said just now. 让我们回到我早先说的话题上来。
7. My family goes back to the 18th century. 我的家族可追溯到18世纪。
8. Never go back on your friends. 决不能出卖你的朋友。
9. I'm not the sort of man who would go back on my words. 我不是那种背信弃义的人。
10. Pride goes before a fall . 骄者必败.
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1. The business was arranged through a trush worthy go-between. 这笔生意是由一位值得信赖的中间人安排的。
2. You've gone beyond your instructions. 你已超越你所受的指令。
3. That's going beyond a joke. 那样开玩笑太过火了。
4. Time went by fast. 时间飞逝。
5. I shall go entirely by what my lawyer says. 我会完全照我的律师的话去做。
6. Going by her clothes, she must be very rich. 凭她的穿着判断,她一定是个有钱人。
7. There's nothing to go by: she's really very poor. 那不是为凭,她实际上很穷。
8. I can't go by what you say. 我不能相信你的话。
9. Marriage goes by contrasts. 好汉无好妻。
10. Why did you give me the go-by in the street yesterday? 你为什么昨天在街上对我视而不见,形同陌路?
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1. The floods are going down. 洪水正在消退。
2. The price must go down. 物价必须下降。
3. Belgrade did not go down before NATO. 贝尔格莱德没有被北约征服。
4. The film Titanic went down with audiences all over the world. 《泰坦尼克》这部电影深受全世界观众赞赏。
5. The explanation won't go down well with me. 我不相信那种解释。
6. I've gone down with flu. 我患上了流感。
7. Shall I go for a doctor? 要我去请医生吗?
8. My girlfriend went for me because I late for date. 我的女朋友责备我约会迟到。
9. He went for me in the correspondence columns of the papers. 他在报纸通信栏里攻击我。
10. I don't go for men of his type. 我不喜欢他那种男人。
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Sorry for work is busy now, and some personal thing, I will keep on update it after National holiday~

Hope all of you happy Middle Autumn Day!
Happy National Holiday!

Everything goes well!

Thanks again~
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1. I find this report badly done, and that goes for all the other work done in this office. 我发现这个报告写得很糟,这个办公室其他工作也一样。
2. All my hard work went for nothing. 我的辛劳白费了。
3. The order went forth that.... 命令宣布说>....
4. The work is going forward well. 工作进展顺利。
5. The key won't go in the lock. 钥匙塞不进锁里。
6. The sun went in and it grew rather cold. 太阳被去遮住,天气变的很冷。
7. Go in and win? 去好好比一场。
8. I go in for the examination tomorrow. 我明天参加考试。
9. I go in for sports. 我喜欢运动。
10. I go in for wearing very unusual clothes. 我爱穿奇装异服。
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1. This problem will need a lot of going into. 这个问题需要好好调查一下。
2. Let's not go into details; just keep to the main points. 我们且不详谈细节,只说要点。
3. The gun went off by accident. 这枪走火了。
4. The alarm went off when the thief got in. 盗贼闯入后警铃大作。
5. Meat and fish go off quickly in hot weather. 鱼和肉在天热时很快变质。
6. Has the baby gone off yet? 宝宝睡着了吗?
7. Bill seems to have gone off Monica. 比尔似乎不再喜欢莫尼卡了。
8. The boss went off half-cocked and exploded into a rage about the mess. 老板没有了解清楚情况,就对乱糟糟的场面大发雷霆。
9. Don't pay any attention to what he said, He's always going off half-cocked. 别管他说什么,他总是信口胡说。
10. The milkman's gone off with my wife with all my possessions. 这牛奶的人拐走了我妻子和我所有的财产。
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1. What's going on there? 这儿发生了什么事?
2. There's nothing interesting going on here at present. 这儿目前没有有趣的事儿发生。
3. Things are going on as much as usual。 事情像平时一样进行。
4. Go on with your work. 继续做你的事。
5. If you go on like this, you will lose your job. 如果你继续这样做,你会丢掉工作的。
6. She does go on . 她真是婆婆妈妈的。
7. As time went on, things began to change. 时光流逝,事更物变。
8. What evidence have we got to go on? 我们必须接受什么样的证据?
9. I wish you'd stop going on about my smoking. 我求你不要没完没了地说我抽烟了。
10. How come you go on at your husband continually? 你为什么老是不停地埋怨你丈夫呢?
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It's great,they're useful!But I'm afraid that I can't recite them all.(Please pardon my Chinese English!)

You can make it! 你能做到!
I'm on your side.我全力支持你。
We're all for it.我们全都同意。
You asked for it! 你自讨苦吃!
Don't count on me.别指望我。
Believe it or not! 信不信由你!
Don't fall for it! 别上当!
Don't let me down.别让我失望。
I beg your pardon.请你原谅。/请您再说一遍(我没有听清)。
It’s a long story.说来话长。
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1. I'll go on to say that.. 我将接着说...
2. I shall now go on to deal with our finances. 我现在接着处理财务。
3. This is enough to go on with. 这是够维持目前需要。
4. How much longer will this hot weather go on? 这种热天气还要持续多久?
5. Go on with! 不要胡说!我才不信呢?别傻了!
6. I've never seen such queer goings-on! 我从没见过这种怪事!
7. Let's go out for a walk. 我们出去散步吧。
8. I couldn't get good work at home so went out to the United States of America. 在国内找不到好工作,我便去了美国。
9. We've been go out together for three years. 我们已交往3年了。
10. Are we likely to gain anything by going out? 我们罢工能得到什么好处?
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1. Our hearts/ Sympathies go out to those poor children orphaned by war. 我们同情那些因战争而沦为孤儿的可怜的孩子。
2. We went over several houses, but haven't bought one yet. 我们看过几处房子,但是尚末买成。
3. Let's go over this chapter/lesson again. 我们把这一章再温习一下。
4. We must go over the accounts carefully before we settle them. 在结帐前,我们须仔细核对一下账目。
5. Five members of the Republicans have gone over to the Democrats during the impeachment trial. 在弹劾审判5位共和党议员倒向民主党。
6. I wonder whether I went over well with my girlfriend's parents at the weekend. 我不知道我在周末是否给女朋友父母留下好印象。
7. The thugs gave him a thorough going-over. 流氓们将他毒打一顿。
8. There is a song My heart Will Go On going round in my head. 我脑中萦绕着一首歌-<<我心依旧>>.
9. The main road to Wuhan was flooded and we had to go (the long way) round. 去武汉的要道被洪水淹没,我们不得不绕道、
10. There isn't enough whisky to go round. 威士忌不够分配。
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