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Investigators search for answers in Las Vegas, cholera spreads in Yemen, a machine examines eyes for the truth, and a facility aims to keep perfect time.
Featured this Wednesday: hurricane damage in Puerto Rico and St. Croix, a look at the past and present of the typewriter, and the potential of origami robots.
A mass shooting shocks the U.S. city of Las Vegas, a European airline suddenly shuts down, and we report on a tree that could be the last of its kind.
Spain's government resists a Catalan independence vote, new research may help doctors identify CTE sooner, and a CNN Hero brings barbecue to disaster victims.
Saudi Arabia decides to allow women to drive, a volcano threatens Bali, a new plan takes aim at the U.S. tax code, and we examine the history of cotton candy.
We have a special edition today centered on the advent of fake news: Who is creating it, why is it being spread, and what kind of impact is it having?
Kurds vote on independence, the U.S. Congress holds off on a health care vote, Puerto Rico struggles with storm damage, and a CNN Hero offers ringside help.
North Korea accuses the U.S. of declaring war, the Trump Administration issues new travel restrictions, and we take you to Wales for a Great Big Story.
Three of today's subjects include an election in Germany, a recent missile launch by Iran, and a debate involving athletes and the U.S. national anthem.
Today's subjects include an overview of health care in America, the destructive path of Hurricane Maria, and a pair of random topics from the past and present.
Scientific explanations of natural disasters follow news reports on them, and we visit a historic U.S. library whose volumes are significantly older than it is.
An earthquake strikes central Mexico, the U.S. president delivers his first address to the U.N. General Assembly, and a fascinating discovery is made in Egypt.
A new and dangerous hurricane strikes the Caribbean, U.S. officials prepare for flu season, and new technology is utilized in an effort to make football safer.
World leaders gear up for a meeting of the U.N. General Assembly, we quiz you on the U.S. Constitution, and a CNN Hero helps orphans in South Africa.
Today, we explain Equifax's recent data breach, the response of North Korea to new U.N. sanctions, and the reason why NASA is destroying the Cassini spacecraft.
Today's show explains a U.S. Supreme Court ruling, the effects of Hurricane Irma on the Florida Keys, and the potential health dangers of sitting too much.
Today's show explains the U.N.'s new sanctions on North Korea, the extent of Hurricane Irma's damage in the Florida Keys, and the efforts of a CNN Hero.
Americans assess the damage caused by Irma, a U.S. family remembers a hero of the September 11th attacks, and China considers a ban on gas-powered car sales.
Today's show examines a hurricane's landfall in the continental U.S., the power of an earthquake near Mexico, and the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.
Hurricane Irma heads toward Florida with destruction in its wake, we look at some of the NFL's challenges as a new season begins, and we feature a CNN Hero.
Wildfires spread in the Pacific Northwest, a massive hurricane churns in the Caribbean, and we interview survivors along Hurricane Harvey's deadly path.
On today's show: down-the-middle explanations of events concerning a minority group in Myanmar and a controversial immigration policy in the U.S.
Today, we explain what a hydrogen bomb is, why the Caribbean is concerned about a storm at sea, and how a CNN Hero is helping other veterans through surfing.
A photo shows how a highway in Texas became a river, we step inside a U.S. missile defense base, and construction crews unearth a suspected triceratops skull.
A WWII-era bomb prompts an evacuation in Germany, we explore the dangers lurking in standing floodwater, and we explain new uses of hydrogels and ferrofluids.
North Korea test-fires a missile over Japan, a storm named Harvey prompts rescues from officials and civilians, and we consider the future of transportation.
Tropical Storm Harvey's impact widens beyond Texas, more U.S. retail stores announce closings, and a CNN Hero works to help children in homeless shelters.
Hurricane Harvey devastates part of Texas, we explain the U.S. presidential pardon of a controversial former sheriff, and North Korea aims to attract tourists.
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