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This Friday, CNN 10 takes you aboard a U.S. submarine training mission in the Arctic. We're also reporting on the fall of an iconic U.S. retail company.
Britain expels 23 Russian diplomats, thousands of U.S. students walk out of school, we remember Stephen Hawking, and we launch a new "Positive Athlete" series.
President Trump moves to replace his secretary of state, we explain what it would take to build a new border wall, and "My Freedom Day" is observed worldwide.
Russia says it's tested a hypersonic missile, Saudi Arabian women anticipate being able to drive, and we report on America's historic and secretive "Ghost Army."
A historic meeting is planned between two rival leaders, Florida makes legal changes following a school shooting, and a CNN Hero expands her help for others.
The U.S. announces controversial tariffs on metal imports, scientists get a new look at Jupiter, and we explain why the U.S. observes daylight-saving time.
A 19-year-old soldier discusses life in the Demilitarized Zone, the U.S. Northeast weathers another storm, and a hero of tomorrow works to reduce plastic waste.
An aid convoy makes a temporary stop in Syria's capital, a historic battleship is found in the Coral Sea, and new devices aim to monitor home water usage.
High-level talks begin on the Korean Peninsula, a U.S. aircraft carrier arrives off the coast of Vietnam, and a man endures insect stings in order to rank them.
A nor'easter strikes the U.S., a huge colony of penguins is found in Antarctica, and a young biologist works on a new method of identifying certain cancers.
China debates what to do about a necessary but pollutive fossil fuel, we examine the addictiveness of smartphones, and a baby chimp bonds with his rescuer.
In today's special edition of CNN 10, we're explaining what could constitute a potential war in space and what's being done to guard against it.
Today, we examine the impact that the U.S. opioid crisis is having on the workforce, and we explain a young scientist's effort to detect lead in drinking water.
A change in China's government, a teachers' strike in West Virginia, the science of blockchain, and the possible future of fabrics are all explained today.
A new, controversial memo is released in the U.S. government, we examine what it's like to ration water, and we look ahead to the next Winter Olympics.
Mixed messages follow an apparent terrorist attack in Nigeria, and we cover some varying perspectives of students on a recent school shooting in Florida.
A woman escapes captivity and climbs Mount Everest, people around the world remember Billy Graham, and an ancient Chinese statue is damaged at a U.S. museum.
Fighting in the Syrian capital takes a toll on civilians, Venezuela hopes a cryptocurrency can help its economy, and we take a look at Olympic diplomacy.
The U.S. indicts 13 Russians, the Trump Administration considers tariffs that could affect metal imports, and a camera gives a whale's-eye view of the Antarctic.
Some responses to a U.S. school shooting, some unusual sights for Olympians from North Korea, and some history of potato chips are all featured this Friday.
South Africa's leader resigns, we follow a man's long trip home for Chinese New Year, the wind impacts the Olympics, and an actor has time alone in the Louvre.
Political instability swirls in South Africa, we explore human trafficking in some Haitian orphanages, and new technology opens doors for dog-like robots.
The Trump Administration releases an infrastructure plan, we define a stock market correction, and two artists use spray paint to create murals with messages.
Today's topics include international tensions in Syria's civil war, a new budget for the U.S. government, and a look at the mental fitness of Olympic athletes.
Featured this Friday: some firsts for the Winter Olympics, the driving factor of the turmoil in the U.S. stock market, and the growth of India's auto industry.
Taiwan is shaken by an earthquake, part of South Korea shivers under plunging temperatures, and a young inventor hopes his work can lead to lifesaving drones.
Norovirus strikes Olympic security officers, the Dow swings wildly, a massive rocket lifts off, and lasers help researchers find ancient Mayan structures.
The Dow Jones Industrial Average takes a nosedive, signs of unity and disunity coincide ahead of the Olympics, and the Sistine Chapel gets its annual checkup.
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