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Super Bowl Sunday: An Unofficial Holiday for Millions | 超级碗星期天:美国大众的民间盛事


Super Bowl Sunday
Super Bowl Sunday

Each year, on a Sunday at the end of January or beginning of February, tens of mil­lions of Americans declare their own unofficial holiday. Gathered in groups large and small, nearly half of all U.S. households participate vicariously in a televised spectacle that has far outgrown its origins as a sporting event.


The Super Bowl, which determines the championship of American football, is most of all a shared experience, when Americans disproportionately choose to spend this day in the company of friends.

超级碗(Super Bowl)是美式足球的冠军赛,大家一起观看比赛最重要,因此美国人大都选择与朋友共度这一天。

Neither the hugely popular Major League Baseball World Series nor the National Basketball Association championship commands so intense a grip on the nation’s attention. Possibly this is because the Super Bowl is a single game, a winner-take-all contest. Add in the entertainments that have sprung up around the game and Super Bowl Sunday becomes an event even for those who are not football fans.

无论是广受欢迎的大联盟棒球世界系列赛(Major League Baseball World Series),还是全国篮球协会(National Basketball Association)冠军赛都不能如此紧紧地抓住全国人民的注意力。这可能是因为超级碗一战决胜负,只有第一没有第二。再加上围绕比赛举办的各种娱乐活动,超级碗星期天甚至成了那些即使不是球迷的人的盛事。

Super Bowl Beginnings 超级碗的起源

American football is unrelated to the game most of the world knows by that name, which Americans and some others call soccer. And even the American game has vari­ants, as there are slightly different rules for the versions played by col­lege teams, professional teams and Canadian Football League teams.


For most of its history, professional American football was played within a single National Football League (NFL). In 1960, a rival league, the American Football League (AFL), began to compete for premier talent. As the leagues contemplated a merger, they agreed to a single game each year between their respective champi­ons. Because many collegiate foot­ball championships were known as “bowls” for the bowl-shaped sta­diums that hosted them, one AFL owner referred to the new game as a “super” bowl. The name stuck.


Four Super Bowl games were played before the two leagues merged in 1970 into a single National Football League, which was realigned into the American and National “conferences.” Each year, the conference champions play each other in the Super Bowl to determine the NFL champion.


While most U.S. sports champion­ships are determined in the home cities of the contestants, a Super Bowl — as with the Olympics and the World Cup — is awarded to a city some three years to five years in advance, opening the door to broad marketing and promotional opportunities. Because the game is played in winter, it affords warm cities like New Orleans, Miami and Los Angeles a substantial advan­tage. Occasionally, a northern city with an indoor stadium will host the game. New Orleans is host­ing the 2013 championship game, Super Bowl XLVII — between the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers— on February 3.

虽然大多数美国体育的冠军赛由参赛队所在的城市主办,但超级碗大赛——与奥运会和世界杯相同——提前3年或5年将主办权授予一个城市,因此为大规模的营销和促销机会开启了大门。由于比赛是在冬天进行,气候温暖的城市,如新奥尔良、迈阿密和洛杉矶具备了很大的优势。北方有室内体育场的城市偶尔也有机会主办赛事。新奥尔良将于2月3日举办2013年第47届超级碗冠军赛,由巴尔的摩乌鸦队(Baltimore Ravens)对阵旧金山49人队(San Francisco 49ers)。

For the first time in Super Bowl history, two brothers will face off against each other as head coaches — Baltimore Ravens’ older brother John Harbaugh and San Francisco 49ers’ Jim Harbaugh.

超级碗有史以来第一次将由兄弟二人作为比赛双方的主教练进行较量——巴尔的摩乌鸦队的约翰·哈勃(John Harbaugh)是哥哥,旧金山49人队的吉姆·哈勃(Jim Harbaugh)是弟弟。

A Super Bowl generates substantial economic activity within its host city. Many ticket holders, media representatives and others arrive a week before the game, exploring the area and spending freely.


Cities that seek to host the game must submit environmental plans detailing how they plan to make the Super Bowl as “green” as possible.


On the eve of Super Bowl XLVII, the Super Bowl Host Committee will hold a community initiative called Super Saturday of Service. The program will be a collabora­tion between the committee, NFL, City of New Orleans, the New Orleans Area Habitat for Humanity and other groups and will result in the renovation and beautification of New Orleans public parks.

在第47届超级碗开赛前夕,超级碗组委会(Super Bowl Host Committee)将举办名为“超级星期六服务日”(Super Saturday of Service)的活动。由组委会、全国美式足球联盟、新奥尔良市、新奥尔良地区仁人家园(New Orleans Area Habitat for Humanity)及其他团体联合组办的这项活动将整修、美化新奥尔良的公共园区。

A Social Event 一项社会盛事

Americans increasingly have gath­ered in private Super Bowl par­ties, where they enjoy food, drink and televised football. The game is always played on a Sunday, when Americans are not likely to be at work. Because of the event’s national prominence, even Americans who are not football fans might adopt a team just for Super Bowl Sunday.


Some of the most-watched televi­sion programs in U.S. history have been Super Bowls. The game played in 2012, Super Bowl XLVI, set a record of 111.3 million viewers. Super Bowl XLV in 2011 had an audience of 111 million viewers and broke the record set by the 2010 game as the most-watched U.S. tele­vision program in history.


Another key to the Super Bowl’s success is the carefully choreo­graphed entertainment events that surround the game itself. The “halftime show,” musical and other entertainment offered by major stars, takes place on the field during the mid-game rest period. In 2013, the headliner will be Beyoncé.


For many television viewers, the highlight of the Super Bowl isn’t the game, it’s the commercials. Advertisers compete to display their most creative efforts and introduce their newest products. Given the huge audience, adver­tisers are willing to pay dearly to parade their wares on the Super Bowl broadcast. In 2013, a 30-sec­ond ad will cost a record $4 million.


Although serious football fans would disagree, Super Bowl Sunday, for millions of Americans, is less about which team prevails than it is about fun. Whether at the stadium or with friends in front of the television, most Americans find something to enjoy on this unofficial national holiday.



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