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美语训练班 - 第08课


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A: 欢迎大家来到美语训练班!我是王怡茹。

B: Hi, everyone! I'm Donny.

A: 今天这节课,我们要讨论公司上市的问题, 听听朋友为什么会和男友分手,装扮成棒球队的吉祥物, 还要告诉大家怎么用美语说“来电”和“没戏”。

B: .....Hmm? You've finished the preview, 怡茹?

A: Donny, pay attention! 我们可是在录节目呢!你怎么老低头摆弄手机?!

B: Sorry sorry! 老有人在facebook和微博上加我为好友,I have to deal with these requests all day long! I'm turning off my phone RIGHT NOW!

A: 这才对嘛!总不能加好友加到节目上来呀!不过,说起这个在社交网络上加好友,咱们正好有个词要教给大家!

B: Let's listen!

Learn A Word befriend

今天我们要学的词是befriend, befriend is spelled b-e-f-r-i-e-n-d, befriend. Befriend是如今社交网络用语,意思是“加为好友”。Former Congressman Anthony Weiner resigned after he was caught sending lewd photos of himself to women he befriended on Twitter. 前联邦众议员安东尼.维纳因为向在推特上加为好友的女性发裸照被发现而宣布辞职。警方不久前破获了一起强奸案。嫌疑人的做法是,The suspect would befriend high school girls on Facebook and then ask them to baby-sit his daughter. 嫌疑人在脸谱网上将高中女孩加为好友,然后请她们照看自己的女儿。因此,为安全起见,Don't befriend anyone you don't personally know on Facebook. 不要在脸谱网上将不认识的人加为好友。好的,今天我们学习的词是 befriend, befriend, befriend.

A: Donny, 听见没有,不能乱加不认识的人。

B: Of course. I never befriend complete strangers on Facebook or Weibo.

A: 那你每天收到的好友请求还多到处理不过来?

B: 对啊!You know, I'm a very social person, and ever since I started hosting this show, my fan base has been expanding rapidly. 我的粉丝都要 befriend me, I don't have the heart to turn them down.

A: 好啦好啦!Mr. Popular

B: I'm telling the truth, Yiru. I have five thousand friends on facebook alone!

A: 5000个好友?不可能! No way! 没戏!

B: 信不信由你!对了,你刚才说“没戏”,那咱们就来学学怎么用美语说“没戏”,一起听"Popular American."

Popular American Take one for the team/fat chance

现在播送「流行美语」。李华在春假开始前考完了期中考,Larry 去学校接她。他们会用到两个常用语:take one for the team 和 fat chance.

Larry: Lihua, how did your tests go?

LH: 考得不错!现在我已经等不及开始春假啦!

Larry: Well, that's great to hear, because I have some awesome plans for us this week!

LH: 太好了! 你有什么好主意?

Larry: We're going camping with my high school buddies!

LH: 啊?和你的高中同学出去露营?

Larry: That's right!

LH: 我可不想去。

Larry: What?? Why not?

LH: 你们那些男生在一起就会喝啤酒聊棒球,我也插不上嘴,没意思。

Larry: What's so wrong with that? Besides, Mike and Jason are both bringing their girlfriends─I can't go without you. Can't you just take one for the team?

LH: The team? 什么团队?你在说什么?

Larry: To take one for the team means to make a sacrifice for the good of your group or team.

LH: 哦,to take one for the team 就是为了团队的利益牺牲自己的利益。你的高中同学都带女朋友去,如果我能跟你去露营,虽然自己可能觉得没趣儿,但是你会高兴,对不对?

Larry: Yes. Here's another example. If you're working on a group project with your classmates, and you agree to do a really tedious part of the project that no one else wants to do, you'd be taking one for the team.

LH: 哦,在团队作业中,如果我自愿完成最无聊的、别人都不愿意做的那个部分,我就是take one for the team---为了整个团队能完成作业,自己吃亏喽!

Larry: That's right! So are you going to take one for the team by going on the camping trip with me?

LH: 可是Larry, 我不懂棒球,也不喝酒,去了我会闷死的。。。

Larry: Come on, Lihua...Can't you just take one for the team this once? I'm sure you will have a good time talking to my friends’ girlfriends.

LH: Larry, 我还是不去了。

Larry: Fine, Lihua. You're a horrible teammate.

LH: Larry, 你别生气。其实春假我已经有安排了,我要为中国学生会的端午节龙舟赛作准备工作啊。

Larry: The Dragonboat Festival? Isn't that months away?

LH: 没错,是还有好几个月呢,但是我现在就得开始找场地了啊! 对了,我想起来了,你春假也不能闲着,得开车带我四处去联络比赛场地!

Larry: Pfff! Fat Chance!

LH: Fat? Chance?? 你是什么意思?

Larry: No! Fat chance means no chance. Why should I help you out when you won't go camping with me?

LH: 啊?Fat Chance就是没可能?你不帮忙啊! 真差劲!

Larry: Hmm. It seems we both need each other to do something for the other. Are you sure you won't take one for the team and come camping with me and my friends?

LH: Fat Chance! 我坚决不去跟你露营! Larry, 你不是已经答应中国学生会的同学,说好要帮忙的么?怎么能不算话?

Larry: Well, I─

LH: Why don't you take one for the team? 你怎么不牺牲一下?

Larry: Oh, alright. I guess I should stay and help since I already promised. But, will you at least come camping with us sometime this summer?

LH: Fat chance!

Larry: What about next year?

LH: Fat chance!

Larry:...Will you ever stop saying "fat chance"?

LH: Fat chance!

Larry: ─OK, Lihua. I get the idea! Man, I should have never taught you this phrase.

LH: 哈哈哈! Larry, 你气得胡子都翘起来了! 我跟你开玩笑的! 一直以来,你总是耐心地教我英文,我很感激呢! Thanks for taking one for the team and being patient with me!

Larry: Yea yea, whatever. Just remember─you owe me one. There's going to come a day when I will need you to do something you might not want to do to help me out, and I'll expect you to take one for the team, OK?

LH: Fat chance!

各位听众,今天李华学了两个常用语,一个是take one for the team,意思是“为了别人牺牲自己的利益”;另一个是fat chance,意思是“不可能”。好的,这次《流行美语》播送完了,谢谢各位收听,下次节目再见。

B: So, Yiru, do you think you can take one for the team?

A: 啊?什么事啊?

B: Remember? The program director said one of us needed to attend a meeting in Paris this summer. You know, the meeting about producing the best language teaching show?

A: 你是说那个在巴黎召开的节目研讨会?你是不是特别不想去,所以想拜托我亲自跑这一趟?No problem! I can take one for the team for sure!

B: Fat chance! 你想得美!What I meant to ask you is, when I am away for the meeting, can you take care of my cat?

A: 啊?你去巴黎,让我帮你看猫?Fat chance, Donny!

B: 真不够意思。

A: 好啦,咱们还是继续听节目吧。 今天我们要看看“来电”用“美语怎么说”。

How to say it: Sparks


JESSICA: Lulu, I heard you went on a couple blind dates. How did they go?

Lulu: 没错! 我是去见了几个。给你看照片,在我手机里呢。

JESSICA: Wow, 这个真帅! 长得像王立宏! Did you guys hit it off? 你们谈得来么?

Lulu: 这个长得是不错,可是,我跟他就是不来电! We don't have electricity!

JESSICA: Haha, Lulu,You should use the word "chemistry". There's no chemistry between you two.


Lulu: Chemistry? 化学? 也对,不都说爱情是一种化学反应嘛! 说俩人“没感觉,不来电”,就是There's no chemistry!

JESSICA: That's right. Now let's look at the next guy. Hmm, this one... How old is he? I bet he's over 40!

Lulu: 哈哈,这个是挺老的,可是我觉得我们俩挺来电的。We have chemistry!

JESSICA: Really? You saw sparks flying around?

Lulu: Spark? 我知道,s-p-a-r-k, spark,是火花,你说 “sparks flying around”,就是“火花乱飞,瞬间来电”,是不是?

JESSICA: Yes. For example, the first time my boyfriend and I kissed, I saw sparks!

Lulu: 这么说,There are definitely sparks between us!

JESSICA: That's great! So you are seeing this, er, mature guy, aren't you?

Lulu: Am I seeing him? 我看他?

JESSICA: Actually, to see someone means to date someone.

Lulu: 哦, to see someone就是和某人交往。我正在和他交往,就是I'm seeing him.

JESSICA: Correct. 不过,I think this guy is a bit too old for you.

Lulu: 我就喜欢成熟的! 年龄不是问题!

JESSICA: Well, if you say so. Now I see why people say "love is blind."

Lulu: Love is blind? 爱情是盲目的?

JESSICA: 对啊! Anyway, I wish you good luck! Let's see what you've learned today!

Lulu: 第一,来电可以用chemistry 或者sparks

第二,和某人交往是to see someone

第三, 爱情是盲目的,说Love is blind.


B: That's why someone who seems so lovable at the beginning of a relationship can become so annoying later on.

A: 是啊,要是你不喜欢这个人了,看见他之后可就不是sparks flying around, 火花乱飞,瞬间来电了,我估计,The only thing you can see will be stars! 你一看见这人就烦得头晕,眼冒金星。

B: Then you have to break up with the person.

A: 是,就剩分手了。

B: Let's listen to the next program--GoEnglish,美语三级跳。讲的就是分手!

GoEnglish: Relationship─Intermediate


Winnie: Emily 告诉好朋友 Kevin,自己交了个男朋友,可最终却分手了。Professor Bowman, 怎么会这样呢?

Professor: Let's listen and find out what went wrong.

Kevin: So Emily, what happened with the guy you started dating recently?

Emily: Well, a guy from one of my classes asked me out on a date. At first I had a crush on him, but after a couple of dates, I knew he wasn't my type.

Kevin: Well, don't worry, there are lots of other guys out there. Why wasn't he your type?

Emily: Well, I like guys that like to have a good time and make me laugh, but this guy just wanted to stay home and play video games all the time.

Winnie: 哦,原来 Emily 的前男友一天到晚窝在家里打电子游戏,难怪 Emily 受不了。Professor Bowman, Emily 说她一开始的时候对那个男生有 crush,这是什么意思?

Professor: A crush is a temporary love for someone. A lot of people say that they have a crush on someone, which means that they like that person.

Winnie: 哦, crush 就是说对某个人有好感。 那如果两个人开始约会了,还能说自己对这个人有crush么?

Professor: Good question, Winnie. The answer is no. A crush can only be a person who you like, but who you aren't dating yet.

Kevin: Well, I think it's good that you don't go for guys who play video games all the time. But why did you have a crush on him at first?

Emily: Well, our first date started well because we talked about how much each of us likes movies. But it turned out we don't like the same kinds of movies.

Kevin: That's too bad. I remember a few years ago I was seeing a girl who only wanted to watch movies that I hated. Every weekend we argued about what movie to watch.

Emily: That's too bad. I hope your current girlfriend likes the same kinds of movies as you.

Winnie: 原来,Emily和前男友是因为两人都喜欢看电影才开始交往的。Emily后来发现,这个男生不是她"go for", 喜欢的类型,所以决定分手。对了,没准 Kevin 有什么朋友,可以介绍给 Emily 呢。

Professor: You guessed it. In the next section, listen for the phrase "set up," which means to introduce two people.

Kevin: Actually, I have a friend who you might like. Do you want me to set you up?

Emily: Well, I usually don't like to be set up because I really don't like blind dates.

Kevin: I understand. But this time you should let me set you up because I think my friend is really your type.

Emily: Well ... OK. If you think he is my type, then I will let you set us up.

Winnie: 太好了,Kevin 要把自己的朋友介绍给 Emily!

Professor: That's right. But why doesn't Emily usually like to be set up?

Winnie: 她不喜欢别人给自己介绍男朋友是因为她不爱去盲约,blind dates, 也就是由别人安排的约会。这点她跟我倒很像!

Professor: But, Winnie, sometimes you have to trust your friends. I think Emily trusts Kevin to introduce her to someone nice. In this section, listen for the word "jock," meaning "someone who only likes to do sports."

Emily: But Kevin, you have to promise me your friend isn't a jock. I really don't like jocks.

Kevin: No, he's not a jock at all. In fact, he's the opposite of a jock. He's a nerd.

Emily: A nerd? I don't really go for nerds either.

Kevin: Well, you just have to trust me. I won't set you up with someone you won't like.

Emily: Alright. But Kevin, if your friend is a big weirdo, you're going to be in big trouble!

Kevin: Don't worry, I promise he's not a weirdo.

Winnie: Emily 还挺挑剔的,既不要“jock", 运动狂,也不要"nerd," 书呆子。更不要 "weirdo," 古里古怪的人。

Professor: Well Emily does sound picky. But as long as Kevin's friend isn't a weirdo, I think they'll have a good time.

Winnie: 如果Kevin介绍个怪人给她,她绝对饶不了Kevin! 我倒真想看看Kevin给她介绍个什么人!

Professor: Well, listen next time and find out!

A: 原来Emily因为和男朋友电影口味不同就分手啦?这是不是小题大做了?

B: I don't think so. Trivial things can kill a relationship. However, I don't understand why girls hate guys who enjoy playing video games at home.

A: 哈!我知道你喜欢在家打游戏!不过你老打游戏就没时间哄女朋友啦。我们女生多不容易啊,男生们不是jock─运动狂,就是nerd─书呆子,要不就是weirdo--怪里怪气的人。想找个好男人,难!

B: 好女生也很难找啊!

A: So it's perfectly okay to be a bit picky! 交朋友谈恋爱不能一时冲动,光凭感觉,多挑挑,没坏处。在公司里,如果要做出什么决定,也得考虑周全。

B: 对!咱们来听听下面的“礼节美语”,The company has a big decision to make.

Business Etiquette: IPO (I)

公司老板召集手下 Lisa 和 Ken 开会,商量公司上市的问题。Jerry 说,

Jerry: Well, I've called you here today because we have to make a very important decision, one that affects the future of our company. As you know...we have been a privately held, family owned company for over 120 years, but it has come to my attention that it may be time to consider some major changes.

Lisa: You mean... like becoming a publicly traded company?

J: That's right. It's something we should give serious consideration to.

这家公司120多年来,一直是 privately held, family owned 私人持有、家族经营的公司。Jerry 说,it has come to my attention 意思是我注意到,如今应该考虑采取重大改革了。Lisa 问 Jerry 是不是想成为 a publicly traded company. 上市公司。 Ken 说,

Ken: Wow Jerry! That is a revolutionary idea. Can you tell us why you think this makes good business sense to you?

J: We've been doing quite well on our own and we could probably survive like this for quite a few more years to come, but if we really want to take it to the next level, we are going to have to consider finding more investors. We simply don't have the funds to make any serious investments towards obtaining a bigger market share. We need funds to grow.


上市从商业角度看,有没有道理呢?换句话说,does it make good business sense? Jerry 解释说,公司保持现状再维持几年肯定没有问题,但如果想 take it to the next level 更上一层楼的话, 就要找到更多的投资人。公司要争取 a bigger market share 更大的市场份额,需要资金,有了资金,才能成长。

K: So our goal in making an initial public offering is to solicit investors? But then we'll have to accept a Board of Directors chosen by our stockholders. Wouldn't that limit us in many ways?

J: There will certainly be some limitations. But if you consider the massive capital investment that we'll receive, you'll understand that this could take our company from being a medium tier firm to one of the big players.

L: What are the risks of making the decision to become a publicly traded company?

首次公开募股 initial public offering 也就是公司上市,简称 IPO。上市公司由股东 stockholders 推选董事会 Board of Directors,当然会给公司决策带来一些限制,但是Jerry说,与此同时,上市能筹集到大笔资金,让他们的公司从一个中等层次的公司,变成 one of the big players 举足轻重的大公司之一。从家族企业变成上市公司可能会有哪些风险呢?我们下次继续听。

A: 要把一个family-owned company家族企业,变成publicly-traded company 上市公司,这个主意很好啊!这样公司才能做大,take it to the next level─生意更上层楼嘛!

B: The idea seems right, but you have to consider the downside too. For example, all major decisions have to run by the Board of Directors.

A: 也是,上面多了个董事会,很多事情就自己不能做主了。

B: 好了,等咱们成了上市公司的老板,再去烦这些事情吧!

A: 不过,我倒觉得下面这个“体育美语”中讲到的工作更适合我。

B: What is it?

A: 听听就知道啦!

American sports English: Mascots

YC: Umm, 今天我们这里怎么来了一只chicken?

PW: I'm not a chicken, Yang Chen. I'm a rooster.

YC: Okay, so you are a rooster. 那你今天为什么装扮成一只公鸡呢?

PW: I've been asked to be the mascot at my friend's baseball game. His team is called the "Roosters."

YC: 这个棒球队也是,什么名字不好起,偏偏叫"Roosters." 要是叫"Pandas",你不就可以扮成可爱的熊猫了吗?

P It's OK, A mascot can be any animal, person or even a clown.

YC: 小丑也可以作吉祥物。

P A Mascot M-A-S-C-O-T represents a team, brings the team luck and sometimes acts as a cheerleader for the team. So, since my friend's team is called the "Roosters"─the mascot is a big, colorful Rooster. That's me.

YC: 看来Mascot 还真是重要,既能代表这个球队,给球队加油, 还能给球队带来好运。可我还是想作一个可爱的 mascot, not a rooster.

PW: But I really want to see you in the rooster costume, do you want to try it on?

Y: No way, not in a million years.


PW: Well, I'll be wearing this rooster costume the whole time.

Y: The whole time? 你一直都要穿着这身衣服?

P: Yeah, and I'll mostly run around the field doing crazy stunts. Stunts, s-T-U-N-T-S. Audiences really like it when the mascot acts totally crazy.

Y: Crazy stunts,那你都有什么疯狂的举动呢?

P: Like dancing and jumping.

Y: Patrick, You look pretty funny。我今天得去看你朋友的棒球队比赛。I can't wait to see you running around, doing crazy stunts in your rooster costume.

PW: Well, that's the point, Yang Chen. The point of being a mascot is to make the audience laugh and have fun and feel good about the team they are rooting for.

YC: 没错,mascot要是能逗观众乐,那就更愿意为这个球队加油打气了。


PW: You bet, Yang Chen. Especially under all of those stadium lights.

YC: 没错球场了灯光一照,那就更热了。Well, Patrick, 你要听我的话─ drink lots of water.

PW: Thanks, Mom. I will.

B: 怡茹,原来你想当mascot, 吉祥物?I can't believe you would want to get into a silly costume and do crazy stunts!

A: 嘿!美女也疯狂啊! 我平时老是斯斯文文的,现在外面套个大卡通装扮,尽情地出洋相,逗大家开心,也不错啊!

B: So what cartoon character do you want to dress like?

A: Snow white, 白雪公主!

B: Oh please. Not that girly! How about King Kong?

A: 大猩猩金刚?I'll really be taking one for the team if I dress like King Kong! 好啦,今天的节目时间差不多了。这次的撰稿人是晓北,编辑是蔚然。同学们,我们下次的美语训练班再见!


KING KONG 长得真像 Hong Kong
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