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VOA商务英语 - Lesson 268 - You Are What You Wear (2)


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Cathy 跟同事Adam 正在讨论,一个人的穿着是否会对他的精神状态产生影响。Adam 说,

A: Have you ever heard the saying, "clothes make the man"? It might be truer than we imagine.

C: When a police officer or firefighter puts on their uniform it must affect their psychology. It probably gives them a sense of responsibility and authority.

A: Absolutely. When a judge puts on that heavy black robe it transmits an image of power, but it also serves as a reminder to the judge of the responsibility of their position.

C: I know when I'm wearing a nice suit I feel a lot more confident. If I'm going out for a night on the town and I'm all dressed up I feel a lot better about myself than if I was wearing jeans and a T-shirt.

英语里有一种说法叫 clothes make the man. 相当于中文里说的人靠衣服马靠鞍。Adam 说,这句老话恐怕比我们想的更有道理。警察穿上警服,消防员穿上消防服,法官穿上黑色长袍,都会平添一种使命感和权威感,Cathy 说,她每次穿西装,也会倍感自信,还说,晚上出去吃饭消遣时,如果 dressed up 精心打扮,就会自我感觉更好。Cathy说的, go out for a night on the town, 是一种固定说法,意思是出去吃饭,喝酒,看节目,消遣。

A: Yeah, I think everyone recognizes that part about the power of clothes....but that's not exactly why I wear a tie to work every day.

C: You wear it because you think it makes you smarter.

A: Yes. I think putting on a shirt and tie actually affects the way my brain works.

C: That's a very interesting concept!

A: My eyes look down and see what I'm wearing and my brain gets a reminder that I'm a businessman.... and I think the brain responds to expectations.

Adam 说,他每天都穿西装打领带,不是给别人看的,更多的是在提醒自己,随时提醒自己是商界人士,这样大脑就会做出反应,做出的事,说出的话都会更加得体。

C: It's kind of like an actor trying to play a role...you have to have the right costume!

A: I think that's a good way of expressing it! I'm sure it's much harder for actors and actresses to get into character before they put on the right costume.

C: Yeah....but after the clothes and the makeup go on, they look in the mirror and their brains are able to shift into the role.

A: The symbolic meaning of a tie is "business" and so for me it's an identifying symbol that I think affects both how others see me and how I see myself.

C: Interesting.....hmm.....maybe I should start wearing a suit.

这就跟演员穿上戏服,才能进入角色一样。Adam 觉得,这样比喻恰如其分,that's a good way of expressing it. 演员穿上戏服,化好妆,看着镜子里的自己,他们的大脑就会做出反应,help them to shift into the role. 帮他们进入角色。Adam 最后说,西装领带,对他来说就是一种定位的象征符号,不仅影响到别人对他的看法,也会影响到他自己的精神状态。 Clothes make the man, 也可以说,you are what you wear, 人靠衣服马靠鞍。

Although I've realized that the concept in the program is quite reasonable, I still don't have the courage to wear like that because if you do wear that way, the colleagues around you will gossip about what you wear, and you will feel embarrassed when you hear them talk about you. At least, most people in our company won't dress that way either.
I think other's gossip shouldn't be a burden on your heart, if you keep your own style and that's really helpful to your business and attitudes ,others may not so boring to discuss you, then your behavior will be approved of.
when i'm dressed up i feel a lot better about myself. expecially at office.
Clothes make the man.
It's kind of like an actor trying to play a role.
i like to wear a tie.but it is hard for me to make it.
clothes make the man
clothes make a man
you are what you wear 人靠衣装马靠鞍go out for a night on the town 出去吃饭
clothes make the man .i agree with it.
thats a reasonable point, but in some kinds of company, like IT , former colthes may not suitable for them, because they need a more relaxed enviroment, so maybe some casual colthes are more suitable. any way, its just a exception, i agree the concept of this article.
I cannot agree more
you are what you wear.en ,yes
when i take on our school unifom ,i feel proud of my school .
You wear it because you think it makes you smarter.
There is very interesting concept.
there is a very interesting concept.
clothes make the man.. it is very truth...
with reason。Different dress gives a different feeling。
I do think the surroundings have part affects on one's wear style, but we can choose another way rather than uniform but a more business casual, which can also help us to feel better and affect our thoughts
作者:sweet doudou
It's a good way to practise the English.I love it!
I totally agree with the point , for a woman you can wear what you want,it makes you very different and smart , more confident.
clothes make the man you are what you wear .都是人靠衣服马靠鞍。
go out for a night on the town, 是一种固定说法,意思是出去吃饭,喝酒,看节目,消遣。
Clothes make the man
When I'm all dressed up I feel better good and more confident.
personally speaking,I believe "clothes make the man" is a complex concept,which is not telling you to dress up a special style,but emphasize the proper style.we have to pay attention to what is real meaning of you are what you are.if you are afraid of others' gossip, you need find a cloth more proper.for example ,if you go out for wedding banquet, you have to choose a formal dress,and the important thing is better not to rob the bride's focus.in one word, clothing is a knowledge for us.
I want to tell you a story about my experience. The last day in 2014, I and my boy-friend went to Wolrd of Window , he always asked me to take photo ,but I refused him. At the beginning, I had supposed that I shouldn't be able to go there, so I didn't do any preparation,I don't take a shower, don't made up and don't wear beautiful suits so that I seem to lack self-confidence
Clothes make the man. but what measns of clothes make yourself. who know it?
"You are what you wear or clothes make the man. " This saying is super good. From now on, I will wear the right clothes at my work and at any important party.
Dress you up everyday,cos you never know who you will meet in the next minute.
when i go out for a night on the town,i will dress casully,but i will dress formally when i work.
2019-08-14: learn with my husband together, Yes. most times, clothes make a man, you are what you wear. Nancy Liu from DongGuan at home
"ty2000" i want to tell you being yourself is more significant than everything! life is just a period for everyone here.Why you so serious about others' feelings?
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