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Shirley Griffith

Shirley Griffith

Shirley was born, raised and educated in western Canada. Her childhood love of music and singing developed into a professional singing career, with a special interest in jazz. She has appeared on Canadian national television and radio shows, and has performed in nightclubs and on stage. She continued her musical career after she moved to the United States.

Shirley, who studied broadcast journalism, began her broadcasting career in Memphis, Tennessee, where she was a radio news anchor and freelance announcer. She moved to Washington, D.C., and joined VOA in 1988 as an announcer. She has worked in the English to Africa Service and the Chinese Service in addition to Special English.

Shirley's volunteer efforts reading novels for the visually impaired recently won her the award for Best Narrative Reading from the International Association of Audio Information Services.

She lives in Virginia with her husband, Dr. John Griffith, a physician.

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