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翻译研讨:Hang: Don’t Get Excited, Just Hang Loose 2008/12/28

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Hang: Don’t Get Excited, Just Hang Loose

                                                                                                                        Dec 28, 2008


Hang is a simple word. But there are many meanings for hang. Especially when it is used with other words. Two often-heard expressions are to hang tight and to hang loose.


When a friend says to hang tight, he is advising you to wait a little longer, not to give up. He might say, for example, "Hang tight. Keep studying. You can still pass the course."


But if that same friend tells you to hang loose, he is telling you to take it easy, not to get excited. He could say, "Hang loose. You probably passed the English test." 


Hang around is an expression with several meanings. Usually, it means to spend your time doing nothing. You may need time to just hang around if you have been working too hard. Hang around also can mean spending time with friends. You hang around with your friends, for example, because you share a common interest in sports.

Hang around也是几种意思中的一种表述,通常,它的意思是花费你的时间去做一些无关紧要的事情。如果你工作的很辛苦那么你可能会花费一些时间去闲逛,还有一种意思是你把时间花费在你的朋友身上,你陪同你的朋友。比如,你们共同分享一项有趣的运动。

Hanging out is similar to hanging around. You may hang out with the same group of friends and always do things together. 

Hanging outHanging around很相似,你可能会与同类的朋友在一起消磨时间或总是在一起做一些事情。

A similar-sounding expression, however, has a very different meaning. The expression is let it all hang out. Well, when you let it all hang out, you are being completely open and honest. You do not keep your opinions hidden, even if they may cause you trouble.

有一个音上很相似的表述,然而意思却很不同,这个表述就是Let it all hang out. 当你毫无保留的诉说时,也就是你完全放开,很诚实的诉说,你并不会隐藏你的观点,即使它们可能会给你带来麻烦。

Sometimes, a person may suffer from a hang-up. Well, a hang-up is an emotional difficulty that causes a problem for a person. You may know someone, for example, whose hang-up is shyness. They have a problem talking with people they do not know well. 


A hangover can be a very painful condition. A hangover is the headache, upset stomach and other disorders that result from drinking too much alcohol.

头痛可能是一件非常痛苦的情形,A hangouver是由于喝酒过多而导致令人头痛,肚子痛和其它(身心机能的)失调。

Another common expression is to get the hang of something. It means to understand how a device works or how to do a job. An office worker might say that she cannot get the hang of using a computer. But after a few days, she may tell you that she finally got the hang of it.


One of the early heroes of the American republic, Benjamin Franklin, gave a warning to the other signers of the Declaration of Independence. The warning contained two different meanings of the word hang.


"We must all hang together," Franklin said, "or surely, we shall all hang separately." 


The other signers took Fanklin's advice. They hung together, remained united. As a result, the American colonies won their independence. And none of the signers of the declaration was hanged as a revolutionary by the king of England.



1. Hang tight: 提高警惕

2. Hang loose: 沉着,放松

3. Hang around: 闲荡,陪伴;留在附近

4. Hang out: 消磨时间;在某人固定的地方;挂出

5. Suffer from: 忍受,遭受

6. Hang-up: (尤指个人或感情上遇到的)障碍, 大难题

7. Emotional: 情绪的,情感的

8. Hangover: []残剩物; 遗留物; []宿醉(因酒喝多引起头痛等)

9. Painful: 疼痛的, 使痛苦的

10. Upset stomach: 肚子痛

11. Get the hang of(of sth.)熟悉某物的用法;掌握做某事的窍门;理解某事, 摸清概况;鉴赏

12. The Declaration of Independence: 独立宣言

13. Signer: 签名人; (用手势) 示意者; [Signer ]美国独立宣言署名人

14. FranklinBenjamin (1706-1790)

American public official, writer, scientist, and printer. After the success of hisPoor Richard's Almanac  (1732-1757), he entered politics and played a major part in the American Revolution. Franklin negotiated French support for the colonists, signed the Treaty of Paris (1783), and helped draft the Constitution (1787-1789). His numerous scientific and practical innovations include the lightning rod, bifocal spectacles, and a stove.

富兰克林,本杰明:(1706-1790) 美国政府官员、作家、科学家和印刷业者。当他的作品《穷理查的历书》 成功之后(1732-1757年),他进入了政界并在美国革命中起了重要作用。富兰克林通过谈判说服法国支持殖民地、签署了巴黎和约(1783年)并帮助起草了宪法(1787-1789年)。他的众多的科学发明包括避雷针、双焦点的眼镜和暖炉

15. Hang together: 结合在一起, 符合

To stand united; stick together:团结一致;紧密团结:

16. We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately”(Benjamin Franklin)


17. Colony: 殖民地, 侨民, (聚居的)一群同业, 一批同行, (生物)群体


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