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翻译研讨:2009/3/6 美国万花筒——美舰列克星敦号、菲利克斯猫、威利尼尔森和乡村乐队

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Welcome to AMERICAN MOSAIC in VOA Special English.



I'm Doug Johnson. On our show this week ...

我是 Doug Johnson. 本周我们的节目 ……

We visit an aircraft carrier that served during World War Two ...

我们来参观一艘在二战期间服役的航母 ……

Answer a question from Brazil about the cartoon character Felix the Cat ...

回答一个来自巴西的关于卡通形象菲利克斯猫的问题 ……

And listen to western swing music by Willie Nelson.

然后聆听 威利 . 尼尔森 的西部摇滚乐。

U.S.S. Lexington

美舰 . 列克星敦号




The U.S.S. Lexington is an aircraft carrier that was built during World War Two.

美舰 . 列克星敦号是二战期间建造的一艘航母。( 注: U.S.S. =United States Ship 美国船舶)

It earned two nicknames, Lady Lex and the Blue Ghost.


Visitors to Corpus Christi, Texas, on the Gulf of Mexico, can visit this warship which is now a museum. Jim Tedder tells us more.

凡是到科珀斯克里斯蒂港、德克萨斯州、墨西哥湾的游客都能参观这艘现在作为博物馆的战舰。 Jim Tedder 会向我们讲述更多关于它的故事。


The Lexington, not surprisingly , is huge.


From the dock, the visitors standing high up on the flight deck look very, very small.


The flight deck is over two hundred and seventy meters long.


It could hold more than one thousand parked cars.


The ship is as tall as a nineteen-floor building.

这艘战舰有一栋 19 层的建筑那么高。

Yet the Lexington is small compared to today's aircraft carriers.


Visiting the ship provides a history lesson.


The Lexington entered service in nineteen forty-three during World War Two.

列克星敦号在二战期间于 1943 年进入服役期。

The ship was part of the Fifth Fleet based at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.


The Lexington was involved in twenty-one months of fighting.

列克星敦号卷入了长达 21 个月的战争。

It took part in almost all major operations in the Pacific Ocean during the war.


Tokyo Rose, the Japanese radio propagandist , called the ship "the Blue Ghost" after its color.

日本无线电宣传员 Tokyo Rose 因它的颜色称它为“蓝色幽灵”。

Japanese radio reported four times that the Lady Lex had been sunk. But she kept on fighting.


After the war, the Lexington served out of San Francisco, California.


Later, it became a training ship until it was retired in nineteen ninety-one.

后来,它成为了一艘训练舰,直到 1991 年退休。

Visitors can see how crew members lived and worked on an aircraft carrier.


The ship is like a city at sea, but a city with low ceilings, narrow halls and steep staircases.


Visitors can explore areas where the crew slept.


The narrow beds are stacked one above the other, with little room in between.


The ship has dental and medical clinics, a post office and a religious chapel .


Visitors can also go through the large galley where crew members got their meals.


The Lexington carried about one thousand five hundred crew members.


In nineteen eighty it became the first United States Navy ship to have women among its crew.

1980 年它成为第一艘有女性船员的美国海军军舰。

The Lexington could carry enough fuel to sail, nonstop, for almost fifty thousand kilometers.


In nineteen ninety-two, the Lady Lex became a museum docked in Corpus Christi Bay.

1992 年,莱克斯女士成为一座停靠在 科珀斯克里斯蒂湾的博物馆。

At night, the ship is covered in a deep blue light. The Blue Ghost lives on.


Felix the Cat





Our listener question this week comes from Brazil.


Jose Isidoro wants to know the history of the cartoon character Felix the Cat.

Jose Isidoro 想知道卡通形象 菲力克斯猫的历史。

This short black cat with large white eyes and a huge smile was one of the first stars in movie history during the period of silent films.


The playful cat made his first appearance in nineteen nineteen in a short animated movie called " Feline Follies ."

这个爱玩耍的猫第一次亮相是在 1919 年的一部短幕动画片“猫的闹剧”中。


His name was Master Tom but it was soon changed to Felix. By nineteen twenty-four, Felix had developed into a softer and rounder form.

他的名字叫 Master Tom ,但很快就被改为 菲力克斯。到 1924 年,菲力克斯已经演变成一种更温柔、更丰满的样子。

The earliest history of Felix the Cat is disputed .


The animator Pat Sullivan invented the character and owned the copyright for Felix.

动画制作人 Pat Sullivan 创造了这个形象并拥有菲利克斯的版权。

But Mister Sullivan's co-worker, the animator Otto Messmer, often receives credit as Felix's main artist.

但是 Sullivan 先生的合作者,动画制作人 Otto Messmer 经常收到作为菲利克斯的主要创造者的荣誉。

Years after Mister Sullivan's death in nineteen thirty-three, some people claimed that it was Mister Messmer who invented the cat.

1933 年 Sullivan 先生逝世后的多年里,有些人称是 Messmer 先生创作了这只猫的形象。

Pat Sullivan once said that the idea for Felix was influenced by a cat that his wife brought to the office one day.

Pat Sullivan 曾说创作这只猫的想法是受他妻子某一天带到办公室的一只猫的影响。

By nineteen twenty-three Felix was as famous as the top movie stars of the period, including Charlie Chaplin, Harold Lloyd and Buster Keaton.

到 1923 年菲利克斯已经和同期最优秀的电影明星,包括查理 . 卓别林、哈罗德 . 劳埃德、巴斯特 . 基顿一样出名。

In fact, in the cartoon "Felix in Hollywood" the cat meets Charlie Chaplin and becomes a film actor in California. The more than one hundred cartoon movies starring Felix were popular internationally. Felix the Cat was also made into a comic strip that was published in more than two hundred newspapers around the world.

事实上,在动画片“菲利克斯在好莱坞”中这只猫遇见了查理卓别林并成了加利福尼亚的一位电影演员。由菲利克斯担任主角的 100 多部动画片流行于全世界。菲利克斯猫也被制成了连环画,在全世界 200 多家报纸连载出版。

However, the popularity of this famous cat began to decrease in the nineteen thirties. This was partly because of the rise in popularity of a new animated character created by Disney Studios called Mickey Mouse. Disney had made a better transition to movies with sound.


But Felix the Cat returne d in the nineteen fifties on a television show. The animator Joe Oriolo created this version of Felix. He also created the cartoon character Casper the Friendly Ghost.

但菲利克斯猫还是在二十世纪五十年代的一个电视节目中 复出 。动画制作人 Joe Oriolo 创作了这种版本的菲利克斯。此外他还创作了卡通形象卡斯珀,一个可爱的小精灵。

In nineteen eighty-eight, Mister Oriolo's son, Don Oriolo, made a full-length movie starring Felix the Cat.

1988 年, Mister Oriolo 的儿子 Don Oriolo 制作一部由菲利克斯主演的多幕剧电影。

Willie Nelson and Asleep at the Wheel

威利 . 尼尔森与“心不在焉”乐队


HOST: 主持人:

Willie Nelson has been making records for almost fifty years. He is widely considered one of country music's most famous songwriters and performers. For his latest album, Nelson returned to the roots of country music. In "Willie and the Wheel" Nelson performs old western swing songs with the country band Asleep at the Wheel. Influenced by songs from the nineteen twenties and thirties, this album will make listeners want to start dancing. Barbara Klein has more.

威利尼尔森已经灌制了将近五十年的唱片。他被广泛地认为是乡村音乐最著名的歌曲作者和表演者之一。为了他的最新专辑,威利尼尔森重回乡村音乐的 发源地 。在专辑“ Willie and the Wheel 《威利和轮子》”中威利与乡村乐队“心不在焉”一起表演了古老的西部摇滚乐。受二十世纪二十年代和三十年代的歌曲影响,这张专辑常使听众忍不住想要舞起来。芭芭拉 克莱因有更多要分享的。



That was the nineteen thirty hit "Sweet Jennie Lee" sung by Willie Nelson. Asleep at the Wheel and Willie Nelson did not try to modernize the western swing favorites on their album. Instead, they stayed true to the tradition of this music and gave it a fresh and energetic performance.

这是由威利尼尔森演唱的 1930 年的主打曲“ Sweet Jennie Lee (甜蜜的珍妮 - 李)”。“心不在焉”乐队与威利尼尔森并不想在他们的专辑中努力使西部摇滚 金曲 现代化。相反,他们保留这种音乐传统的真实面目并赋予它一种 鲜活 的表演。

Western swing music first became popular in the nineteen twenties. It combined the sounds of country, folk, and polka music with the swing of Dixieland jazz.

Here is the song "I Ain't Gonna Give Nobody None o' This Jelly Roll" from "Willie and the Wheel."

西部摇滚乐第一次流行是在二十世纪二十年代。它融合乡村音乐、民间音乐、波尔卡舞曲和迪克西兰爵士乐于一体。接下来就是来自专辑“ Willie and the Wheel ”中的“ I Ain't Gonna Give Nobody None o' This Jelly Roll ”。


This album was released last month. But it has been in the making for about thirty years. In the nineteen seventies, a record producer urged Willie Nelson to record these classic examples of western swing. The producer even made a list of suggested songs . But Nelson changed record companies and the idea was put on hold until now.


We leave you with "I'm Sittin' on Top of the World." Willie Nelson performs this song with Asleep at the Wheel band member Elizabeth McQueen.

接下来留给你们的是“ I'm Sittin' on Top of the World ”。尼尔森和“心不在焉”乐队的成员 Elizabeth McQueen 一起演唱。



I'm Doug Johnson. I hope you enjoyed our program today.

我是 Doug Johnson 。希望你们喜欢我们今天的节目。

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排水量较小的护卫航空母舰(Escort Aircraft Carriers,CVE)并没有列入此列表。

船舰编号 舰名 级别 附注
CV-1 Langley 兰利号  以补给舰木星号(USS Jupiter)改造而成
CV-2 Lexington 列克星敦号 列克星敦级
CV-3 Saratoga 萨拉托加号 列克星敦级
CV-4 Ranger 游骑兵号 游骑兵级
CV-5 Yorktown 约克镇号 约克镇级
CV-6 Enterprise 勇往号 约克镇级
CV-7 Wasp 胡蜂号 胡蜂级
CV-8 Hornet 大黄蜂号 约克镇级
CV-9 Essex 艾塞克斯号 艾赛克斯级
CV-10 Yorktown 约克镇号 艾赛克斯级
CV-11 Intrepid 无畏号 艾赛克斯级
CV-12 Hornet 黄蜂号 艾赛克斯级
CV-13 Franklin 福兰克林号 艾赛克斯级
CV-14 Ticonderoga 提康德罗加号 艾赛克斯级
CV-15 Randolph 朗道夫号 艾赛克斯级
CV-16 Lexington 列克星敦号 艾赛克斯级
CV-17 Bunker Hill 碉堡山号 艾赛克斯级
CV-18 Wasp 胡蜂号 艾赛克斯级
CV-19 Hancock 汉考克号 艾赛克斯级
CV-20 Bennington 班宁顿号 艾赛克斯级
CV-21 Boxer 拳师号 艾赛克斯级
CVL-22 Independence 独立号 独立级
CVL-23 Princeton 普林斯顿号 独立级
CVL-24 Belleau Wood 贝勒伍德号 独立级
CVL-25 Cowpens 科本斯号 独立级
CVL-26 Monterey 蒙特利号 独立级
CVL-27 Langley 兰利号 独立级
CVL-28 Cabot 卡伯特号 独立级
CVL-29 Bataan 巴丹号 独立级
CVL-30 San Jacinto 圣哈辛托号 独立级
CV-31 Bonhomme Richard 理查号 艾赛克斯级
CV-32 Leyte 雷伊泰号 艾赛克斯级
CV-33 Kearsarge 奇尔沙治号 艾赛克斯级
CV-34 Oriskany 奥里斯卡尼号 艾赛克斯级
CV-35 Reprisal 复仇号 艾赛克斯级
CV-36 Antietam 安提顿号 艾赛克斯级
CV-37 Princeton 普林斯顿号 艾赛克斯级
CV-38 Shangri-la 香格里拉号 艾赛克斯级
CV-39 Lake Champlain 尚普兰湖号 艾赛克斯级
CV-40 Tarawa 塔拉瓦号 艾赛克斯级
CVB-41 Midway 中途岛号 中途岛级
CVB-42 Franklin D. Roosevelt 罗斯福号 中途岛级
CVB-43 Coral Sea 珊瑚海号 中途岛级
CVB-44  无  兴建计划取消
CV-45 Valley Forge 佛吉谷号 艾赛克斯级
CV-46 Iwo Jima 硫磺岛号 艾赛克斯级
CV-47 Philippine Sea 菲律宾海号 艾赛克斯级
CVL-48 Saipan 塞班岛号 赛班岛级
CVL-49 Wright 莱特号 赛班岛级
CV-50到CV-57  无  兴建计划取消
CVA-58 United States 美国号 美国级 建造中途计划遭取消
CVA-59 Forrestal 佛瑞斯特号 佛瑞斯特级
CVA-60 Saratoga 萨拉托加号 佛瑞斯特级
CVA-61 Ranger 游骑兵号 佛瑞斯特级
CV-62 Independence 独立号 佛瑞斯特级
CV-63 Kitty Hawk 小鹰号 小鹰级 服役中
CV-64 Constellation 星座号 小鹰级
CVN-65 Enterprise 勇往号 勇往级 服役中
CVA-66 America 美利坚号 小鹰级
CV-67 John F. Kennedy 肯尼迪号 (改良)小鹰级 服役中
CVN-68 Nimitz 尼米兹号 尼米兹级 服役中
CVN-69 Dwight D. Eisenhower 艾森豪号 尼米兹级 服役中
CVN-70 Carl Vinson 卡尔文森号 尼米兹级 服役中
CVN-71 Theodore Roosevelt 罗斯福号 尼米兹级 服役中
CVN-72 Abraham Lincoln 林肯号 尼米兹级 服役中
CVN-73 George Washington 华盛顿号 尼米兹级 服役中
CVN-74 John C. Stennis 史坦尼斯号 尼米兹级 服役中
CVN-75 Harry S. Truman 杜鲁门号 尼米兹级 服役中
CVN-76 Ronald Reagan 里根号 尼米兹级 服役中
CVN-77 George H. W. Bush 布什号 尼米兹级 试航中
CVN-78 Gerald R. Ford 福特号 福特级 筹备中
CVN-79  尚未定名 福特级 筹备中
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“CV”是航空母舰最基本的代号,由“Cruisers”巡洋舰而来,字母“V”是法语的“Voler”(飞行 Fly),这代号区分了航空母舰和巡洋舰的作用。这与当时大众的看法并不相同,当时人们认为"CV"的意思代表的是"Carrier Vessel"(运载舰只)。自1935年后,"CV"正式成为了舰船类别代号,其意义为"Aircraft Carrier"(航空母舰)。在美国,航空母舰的代号被分类两个序列:第一序列为"CV"序列,即战斗航母序列。第二序列为"CVE"序列,即护航航母序列,该序列现已经被废除。


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From the dock, the visitors standing high up on the flight deck look very, very small.


dock: 码头

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oh,I'm sorry. I made a mistake because of carelessness.Thanks a lot, Body.
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In nineteen eighty-eight, Mister Oriolo's son, Don Oriolo, made a full-length movie starring Felix the Cat.

1988 年, Mister Oriolo 的儿子 Don Oriolo 制作一部由菲利克斯主演的多幕剧电影。

full-length: having a length as great as that which is normal or standard for one of its kind <a full–length play>

 正式的, 达到标准的

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Lark2009,你译的不错呀. 在跟贴Jack译文里的试译就挺好. 我要向你学习啦!

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美国万花筒 ---希望翻译更多的“美国万花筒
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 Sweet Jennie Lee
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