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听写交流:4/10/2009 WORLD NEWS

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It is zero hour thirty universal time. Here is the news in Special English.

The US officials say, they are seeking the release of American ship Captain Richard Philips. Captain Philips is being held hostage by hijackers of the Coast of Somalia. The sea robbers briefly hijacked the American ship Maersk Alabama Wednesday. They took Captain Philips capted and escaped in a small boat after the crew regained the control of the ship.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said the small holding Captain Philips appears to have run out of fuel. She said the US navy and Federal Law Enforcement officials are working to end the hostage situation and capture the hijackers.

The head of the UN peace-keepers in the Democratic Republic of Congo says there had been progress in Securian area in the east of the country, but Ugandan rivals from the Lorge resistance army continued to threaten civilians there. Alan Dorce told UN Security Council Thursday that peace between Congo and Rwanda has improved the situation in the north Kivu area since January. But he said smaller groups of rivals continued to attack civilians in the northern part of the country.

Iran has announced major development in its nuclear program. It has offened the country’s first nuclear fuel centre. Iran has also tested two new Iranian Enrichment devices. Thursday announcement that it was part what the government now calls “national nuclear day”. President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said the fuel centre in Isfahan will produce Iranian fuel for a heavy water nuclear reactor. The reactor could permit Iran to make petroleum. It can be used in nuclear weapons.

Also Thursday Iran’s nuclear chief said Iran has set up about seven thousand enrichment devices at its Netan nuclear center. That is one thousand more than had been reported.

In Algeria voting has ended in the country’s presidential election. President Vako is expected to win a third term. Interior Minister Yazid Zehrouni says about 74% of those who could vote took part in the election. Mr. Zehrouni is expected to announce the winner on Friday.

The head of the election observers from the Vero Yahuni said the voting was carrying out legally and with good security, but some incidence of violence will be reported. Officials a bomb exploded near a voting center in the town of Masalia. Two police officers were wounded. Security officials also disabled two other bombs in the same place.

The head of the Central Intelligence Agency says the US is no longer using secret prisons in foreign countries. CIA director Leon Panetta said in a letter Thursday that the agency planned to permanently close the prisons which were used to detain and question terrorism suspects.

The Administration of former President George W Bush was criticized for using the secret prisons in the war of anterrorism. Critics say detainees could be tortured because they were outside of the American justice system. The former Bush Administration had said the US did not accept or carry out torture.

You are listening to the VOA Special English.

President Obama is asking Congress for an additional 83 billion dollars to pay for the wars in Iraq and Afganistan this year. An Obama Administration spokesman said the additional money is needed to pay for new operations in Afganistan and withdrawl of troops from Iraq.

President Obama’s plan calls for American Forces to leave Iraqi cities by the end of June. Most forces will be leave in Iraq by August, 2010 and some troops will remain until 2011. Those troops will help to train the Iraqi forces.

President Obama recently announced a new plan to fight militants in Afganistan and Pakistan. It includes sending more troops to Afganistan.

Obama Administration economic adviser Laurence Summers the belief that the economy has continued to worsen will end in a few months. Mr. Summer said it is not yet clear how soon and how quickly the economy will improve. He said the speed of the economy will depend on the world economy, people’s support and how well the Obama Administration’s economic plan works. Earlier in the day, the President said millions of the Americans could save money by refinancing their homes to benefit from the low interest rates.

Thousands of Georgian opposition supporters are protesting in the capital Tbilisi. They are calling for President Mikheil Saakashvili to resign. Former allies of the president spoke to a large group of people near Georgia’s Parliament Thursday.

Protesters also gathered in other cities. They say they will wait 24 hours for Mr. Mikheil Saakashvili to answer their demands before they announce any future actions. Some of the demonstrators promise to remain outside Parliament overnight to wait for the President’s answer.

The Opposition accuses Mikheil Saakashvili of misusing power and leading the country into a disastrous war with Russia last year.

Sri Lanka ’s Tamil Tiger rivals have accused the army of killing 129 people on Wednesday. The rivals say the army show a safe area in the country’s northeast where civilians were trapped. The government denies the accusations and claims can not be independently confirmed.

Sri Lanka ’s military says it is close to defeating the rivals. Tamil fighters have been fighting since 1983 for a separate home for Ethnic Tenners.

And now briefly here again the major news of the hour read in VOA Special English. American officials say they are seeking the release of American ship captain Richard Philips who is held hostage of the coast of Somali. Iran has announced major developments in its nuclear program. and the head of the Central Intelligence Agency Leon Panetta says the US is no longer using secret prisons in foreign countries.

And that’s the news in Special English coming to you from Washington.

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