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翻译研讨:July 9, 2009 教育报道 – 留学美国:从“代替父母”到“合伙人”

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Education Report – Studying in the US: From 'In Loco Parentis' to 'Partnership'
教育报道 – 留学美国:从“代替父母”到“合伙人”

Written by Nancy Steinbach
撰稿:南希 · 斯坦贝克

This is the VOA Special English Education Report
这里是 VOA 特别英语节目:教育报道。

"In loco parentis" is a Latin term meaning "in the place of a parent." It describes when someone else accepts responsibility to act in the interests of a child.

This idea developed long ago in British common law to define the responsibility of teachers toward their students. For years, American courts upheld in loco parentis in cases such as Gott versus Berea College in nineteen thirteen.

Mostly parents attend a meeting for new students at Colgate University in 2005. Helicopter parents find it hard to let go. / 科尔盖特大学新生家长见面会,直升机般的家长们发现要放手很难

Mostly parents attend a meeting for new students at Colgate University in 2005. Helicopter parents find it hard to let go.

Gott owned a restaurant off campus. Berea threatened to expel students who ate at places not owned by the school. The Kentucky high court decided that in loco parentis justified that rule.

In loco parentis meant that male and female college students usually had to live in separate buildings. Women had to be back at their dorms by ten or eleven on school nights.

But in the nineteen sixties, students began to protest rules and restrictions like these. At the same time, courts began to support students who were being punished for political and social dissent.

In nineteen sixty, Alabama State College expelled six students who took part in a civil rights demonstration. They sued the school and won. After that, it became harder and harder to defend in loco parentis.

Students were not considered adults until twenty-one. Then, in nineteen seventy-one, the twenty-sixth amendment to the Constitution set the voting age at eighteen. So in loco parentis no longer really applied.

Slowly, colleges began to treat students not as children, but as adults. Students came to be seen as consumers of educational services.

Gary Dickstein, an assistant vice president at Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio, says in loco parentis is not really gone. It just looks different. Today's parents, he says, are often heavily involved in students' lives. They are known as "helicopter parents"; they always seem to hover over their children.
俄亥俄州代顿的莱特州立大学副总裁助理 Gary Dickstein 称,“代替父母”并没有真正消失,只是看起来不一样,如今的家长,他说,常常深深介入学生生活,他们被称为“直升机般的家长”,他们似乎总是在他们孩子的头上盘旋。

Gary Dickstein says these parents are likely to question decisions, especially about safety issues and grades. They want to make sure their financial investment is not being wasted.
Gary Dickstein 称,这些家长很喜欢对孩子的决定提出质问,尤其是有关安全问题和学习成绩,他们想确保他们的投资没有被浪费。

As a result, in loco parentis has been replaced by what some administrators call a partnership between the school and the family. In fact, the orientation program for new students at Virginia Tech this summer includes a meeting for parents called "Parents as Partners."

And that's the VOA Special English Education Report, written by Nancy Steinbach. Our Foreign Student Series is online at www.unsv.com. I'm Steve Ember.
以上是 VOA 特别英语节目:教育报道,由南希 · 斯坦贝克撰稿,我们的外国留学生系列在线节目在www.unsv.com,我是斯蒂夫 · 艾姆伯。

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Maybe the school is ruite

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