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WORLD NEWS - November 18th, 2009

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WORLD NEWS - November 18th, 2009

Written by Voice of America 错误之处请多多指正!

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It is 22:30 universal time and here is the news in special English

The Chinese and the American Presidents have agreed to work together on climate change, nuclear disarmament and other issues. Presidents Hu Jintao and Barack Obama announced the agreement after they met in Beijing Tuesday. The meeting produced no major new developments except for expressions of good will. President Obama however spoke of Human Rights and pressed China to let its money increase in value. He also urged China to hold talks with representatives of Tibet’s exiled Buddhist Spiritual Leader as soon as possible. President Hu said it is normal that the two countries may disagree about issues because there have different national conditions. But he said that it is important to respect each other’s major influences and concerns.

Israel has approved plans to build 900 new homes in occupied East Jerusalem. Israeli officials announced that the homes are to be built in the Gilo area of mostly area East Jerusalem. The United States is pressing Israel to stop building projects at Jewish settlements in an attempt to get Israelis and Palestinians to return to peace talks. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas says the talks cannot start again until Israel stops building in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. The Obama administration released a statement criticizing Israel’s decision. A spokesman said the actions made restarting peace talks more difficult. Israel took control the East Jerusalem in the War of 1967. The seizure is not recognized internationally.  

The head of NATO says he is strong in his believe that allies will send additional troops to Afghanistan. Anders Fogh Rasmussen said he expects “considerably more forces” but only at part of “a wider plan” to someday give security duties to Afghans. Mr. Rasmussen was speaking to the NATO Parliamentary Assembly in Scotland. At the meeting British Foreign Secretary David Miliband described his nation’s plan for Afghanistan. Britain has promised to send an additional 500 troops. But it will do so only if other members of the alliance send more troops and the Afghan government does more to fight corruption. Also Tuesday Slovakia’s Prime Minister said his country wills double the number of troops it has servicing with NATO in Afghanistan to about 500.

The Pakistani military says its forces have regained control of most of Taliban positions near the country’s border with Afghanistan. Major General Athar Abbas said the military has gained control of major town and population centers in South Waziristan. The Major General spoke as he showed reporters around Sararogha, a town the Pakistani Taliban had controlled. He said more than 500 militants have been killed since the army launched a major offensive in South Waziristan last month. Major General Abbas said 70 soldiers have been killed in the fighting. There has been no independent confirmation of the deaths. Also Tuesday Police say an explosion killed two people and wounded several others near a Police Station in Baluchistan Province.

You are listening to the news in VOA special English

An international group says Somalia is the most corrupt country in the world. Transparency International rated 180 countries from one to ten points. Somalia received at rating at 1.1; Afghanistan was the second most corrupt followed by Burma. Sudan and Iraq shared fourth place. The group rated New Zealand as the least corrupt country followed by Denmark. Singapore and Sweden shared the rating a third least trouble by corruption. Transparency International said that its 2009 corruption list is a great concern because most of countries have ratings of less than five.      

Gunmen from Somalia have released a Spanish ship and its 36 crew members. Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero announced the release at the MV Alakrana. He said the ship is sailing toward safe waters and the all of its crew members are safe. Earlier Tuesday gunmen holding the ship told reporters they have received millions of dollars for its release. Mr. Zapatero said that in his word “the government did what it had to do”. In the past the gunmen said the ship would not be freed until Spain released two suspected Somalia pirates. The two will charge with armed robbery and kidnapping on Monday.

More than ten thousand protesters in Greece have marched through Athens to mark the 36th anniversary of a student revolt that was crushed by the ruling military dictatorship. Protesters marched to the American embassy Tuesday as part of a yearly event to mark the uprising. Many Greece accused the United States of supporting the military government which ruled the country during that period. At least 6,000 police officers were on guard during the march. Demonstrators threw rocks at police who answered with tear gas. No injuries were reported.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy arrived in Saudi Arabia Tuesday for talks with King Abdullah. The two leaders are expected to discuss the delayed Israeli-Palestinian peace talks. Mr. Sarkozy met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu last week and discussed ways to restart the talks. King Abdullah and the French President are also expected to discuss a possible purchase by Saudi Arabia of French military equipments.      

And now briefly here again is the major news of the hour

Presidents Hu Jintao and Barack Obama have agreed to work together on climate change, nuclear disarmament and other issues.

Israel has approved plans to build 900 new homes in the Gilo area of occupied East Jerusalem.

And NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said he is strong in his believe that allies will send additional troops to Afghanistan.

That’s the news in special English from Washington

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