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WORLD NEWS - November 29th, 2009

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WORLD NEWS - November 29th, 2009

Written by Voice of America 错误之处请多多指正!

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It is 00:30 universal time and I am Harvard Neuberger in Washington

Government lawyers in Russia have begun a criminal investigation of the development of a passenger train. Earlier official said that a bomb explosion forced the train off the railroad track Friday. At least 26 people were killed. And Russian Communicate Minister put the number of injured at more than 96. The train crashed had happened about 400km northwest of Moscow near the town of Bologoye. Russian news media reported that the Railway Chiefs said a second smaller device exploded there Saturday.

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown says Britain will hold an international conference on Afghanistan next year. The meeting was established conditions for giving security responsibilities to Afghan officials. The British Prime Minister said NATO allies, top world powers and leaders from countries near Afghanistan will attend the meeting. It will be held in London on January 28th. A statement from Mr. Brown’s office includes a nine-month period with important security goals for Afghan President Harmid Karzai. The statement calls for the Afghan government to build up its army, police and local officials so that British troops can withdraw.

Muslims around the world are celebrating Eid al-Adha, the religious celebration of sacrifice. The celebration honesty had believed that God permitted Prophet Ibrahim to sacrifice surrender instead of his son. In the Saudi city of Mecca more than 2 million religious visitors throw stones at livestock of Jewish representing Satan. No major problems have been reported at the Hajj this year.

Officials in Saudi Arabia say flooding has killed more than 100 people in the western part of the country. Heavy rains caused floods in and around the Red Sea port of Jeddah. The city is the main entry point for Muslims performing the yearly religious trip to Mecca. Officials say no hajj travelers were among the dead. Many of the victims drowned after their vehicles were surrounded by flood waters. And some were killed when homes and bridges collapsed. Officials have had to rescue hundreds of people trapped by the rising waters.    

In Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari has given control of the country’s nuclear weapons to the Prime Minister. Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani welcomed the change on Saturday. He said President Zardari believes in the balance of the power between the President and Parliament. The Pakistani public is giving Mr. Zardari low approval ratings. The country is dealing with a struggle economy and with violence from the Taliban. Earlier a program to pardon the President and other officials from corruption charges ended. Mr. Zaidari is still protected from legal action as President. But officials caused him are not protected.    

You are listening to the news in VOA special English

Iranian lawmakers are considering how they will react to a United Nations resolution that seriously criticized Iran owned its nuclear activities. Legislator Mohammad Karamirad reportedly said that the country make withdraw from the treaty to ban the spread of nuclear weapons. Iranian state media published the comment.

A boat accident in the western Democratic Republic of Congo has killed at least 73 people. The international committee of the Red Cross says the boat was carrying passengers and wood when it sank in the Mai Ndombe. Local reports say the boat was not approved to carry passengers.

An international group of lawmakers has urged countries to better protect and support North Koreans who flee their country. Representatives from 12 mostly Asian countries met Saturday in the Thai city of Chiengmai to bring attention to the situation of North Korea refugees. The group approved the statement demanding that China stopped forcibly returning refugees to North Korea where they could face execution. The lawmakers praised Thailand’s efforts to permit North Korean refugees to go to South Korea or to another country.

Public Opinion study in Honduras showed candidate Porfirio Lobo as the possible winner in the disputed presidential election planned for Sunday. The study showed Mr. Lobo with a 16-points lead over Elvin Santos of the ruling Liberal Party. The date for election on Sunday was set before the ouster of former President Manuel Zelaya. Mr. Zelaya was ousted in June after pushing for national vote to lift the ban on terminates. Mr. Zelaya and his supporters have called for a boycott of the Sunday election.

Swiss police have clashed with protesters in Geneva during a demonstration before a meeting of the World Trade Organization ministers. The protesters broke windows and set cars on fire. An estimated 3,000 protesters began the peaceful march Saturday. The protesters turned violence however after a group of about 200 protesters demonstrated its property in Geneva’s main business area. Police used tear gas to break up the crowd. On Monday the World Trade Organization began its first ministers’ meeting in four years in Geneva. The three-day conference is aimed at bringing new ideas to world trade talks.

Briefly here again is the major news of the hour

Government lawyers in Russia have begun a criminal investigation of a passenger train crash that killed 26 people.

The British Prime Minister says Britain will hold an international conference next year about returning security responsibilities to Afghanistan.

And in Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari has given control of the country’s nuclear weapons to the Prime Minister.

That’s the news in VOA special English I am Harvard Neuberger in Washington

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WORLD NEWS –November 29, 2009

Written by Voice of America.

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It is 23:30 universal time and here is the news in special English.

The Iranian government says it plans to build 10 new uranium enrichment centers. State Media reports say 5 locations have already been approved. They also say the country’s atomic energy agency has been ordered to find 5 more places to build. Iran’s nuclear chief said the new centers will be built into mountains to protect them from attacks. He also said the centers will use new and better equipment. Earlier Iranian lawmakers asked the government to reduce its cooperation with International Atomic Energy Agency. The UN nuclear agency approved a resolution Friday. They criticized Iran for ignoring international demands that its stop enriching uranium. It also criticized government for secret building a nuclear center near the city of Qom. The resolution demanded that Iran stop building on the project immediately.

Hondurans are voting for a new leader for the first time since the military ousted President Manuel Zelaya 5 months ago. Neither Mr. Zelaya nor temporary leader Roberto Micheletti are competing. The two main candidates are Porfirio Lobo of the opposition national party and Elvin Santos of the ruling liberal party. That is the party that led government overthrow in June. Mr. Zelyaya is staying in the Brazilian Embassy in the Hondurans capital Tegucigalpa. He had urged his supporters to boycott the election. The Untied States, Costa Rica and Peru have welcomed the vote. Brazil and Argentina say it makes the military overthrow seem legal.

Unofficial Swiss election results show voters are proved a proposal to ban the building of new minarets attach to mosques, Islamic religious centers. The Swiss News report says 57% of the voters supported the disputed measure with all but one voting area counted. About 55% of voters entered ballots. The Swiss government opposed the measure. Opinion studies taking before the vote had suggested the proposal would be rejected. Supporters of the proposed ban carved the minarets symbols of militant Islam.

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown is urging Pakistani leaders to take stronger action against Al-Qaeda fighters in Pakistan. British officials say Mr. Brown spoke to Pakistan’s President Asif Ali Zardari on the telephone Saturday. They say Mr. Brown expressed support for Pakistani military action against Taliban fighters, but said more must be done against Al-Qaeda. Pakistani Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani is to meet with Prime Mister Mr. Brown in London on Thursday.

You are listening to the news in VOA special English.

Officials in eastern Afghanistan say border guards and coalition air attacks have killed at least 26 militants near the Pakistani border. No security forces were reported killed in the hour’s long battle in Khost province. On Tuesday President Obama is to announce his decision about troop levels in Afghanistan. He is expected to send as many as 35, 000 more soldiers to the area. The Washington Post newspaper is reporting that the first group of new troops will be as many as 9,000 marines. The newspaper says they will be deployed to the southern province of Helmand where the Taliban is strong.

European commission president José Manuel Barroso is urging China and other countries to increase their efforts to fight climate change. Mr. Barroso said promises made by governments so far are not enough to form an effective plan to stop climate change at talks in Copenhagen next month. He said the promise in mission cuts for short of the least amount scientists believe is needed to prevent a future world temperature increase of 2 degrees Celsius. That could lead dangerous climate conditions. Mr. Barroso made the comments in the eastern Chinese city of Nanjing following talks with Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao. The two leaders discussed climate change and other issues before the meeting of Chinese and European leaders. That meeting officially begins on Monday.

Heads of Latin American government have joined 3 European leaders in Portugal for economic meeting. Representatives of 19 Latin American countries are gathered with leaders from Spain, Portugal and Andorra in the resort town of Vestavia. They are expected to discuss economic policies and technology. The leaders are also expected to discuss climate change, trade and world economic crisis. Experts say the meeting may also provide a place to ease or resolve some area disputes. One of the ease involves Venezuela and Columbia and United States military bases in Columbia. A separate dispute is growing between Chile and Peru of reports that a Peruvian officer spied for Chile.

Voting stations have closed in Equatorial Guinean . But experts say the election is almost guaranteed to extend the 30-year rule of President Teodoro Obiang Nguema. Four of the candidates are also competing. However, none is considered to have a real chance of victory. Official results are not expected until December 7th. Mr. Obiang ceased power in a 1979 overthrow. In the last presidential election, he won more than 97% of the vote.

Finally, health workers in West Africa are completing a huge campaign to vaccinate people against the disease yellow fever. The week-long United Nations supported campaign targeted 12 million people in Benin , Liberia and Sierra Leone. Those countries are among 13 in Africa considered at high risk for yellow fever. The disease is spread by mosquitoes and kills more than 30, 000 people each year.

Briefly, here again is the major news of the hour.

The Iranian government says it plans to build 10 new uranium enrichment centers.

Hondurans are voting for a new leader for the first time since the military ousted President Manuel Zelaya 5 months ago.

And in Switzerland, unofficial election results show that voters have approved a proposal to ban the building of new minarets attach to Islamic religious centers.

That’s the news in special English from Washington.

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