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World News-2012年5月27日

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文章来源:WORLD NEWS - May 27th, 2012

  1. It is the news in Special English I'm * in Washington.
  2. Activists in Syria say intense shelling by government forces in the central town of law has killed more than 90 people since Friday. United Nations military and civilian observers said at least 30 children under the age of 10 were among the dead. Videos on Youtube showed images of some of the children. The total number of dead could not be independently confirmed. Syrian Observatory for human rights told VOA that the government raids forced citizens to flee their homes. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon met special representative Kofi Annan condemned the violence. French Foreign Minister * condemned the violence as well. He called for a meeting of the Friends of Syria in Paris that the group is attempting to remove Syrian President Assad from power.
  3. Egyptian presidential candidate Ahmed Shafi praised the revolution that removed President Hosni Mubarak from power. And he promised that leaders in the former government would not be returned to power if he is elected. Mr. Shaw made the comments during a news conference at his campaign headquarters on Saturday. He called for unity among the you the the Egyptian people he also said nobody will be excluded or pushed aside by the new government. Mr. Shaw will likely have to run against the Muslim Brotherhood candidate Islamist Mohammed * who has gotten the most votes in the early election results. * is followed closely by Shafi who served as prime minister in the ousted government.
  4. Iran is dismissing a report by United Nations observers. The report claims that Iran has increased the quality of uranium being produced at one of its nuclear centers. The international atomic energy agency released a report on the issue Friday. The IAEA said tests of uranium taken from affordable center showed that it had been enriched to 27%. Iran has repeatedly said that the enrichment levels for those are only 20%.
  5. The Vatican confirmed Saturday that Pope * has been arrested on suspicion of giving the pope's private documents and letters to news reporters the Vatican spokesman said Paolo Gabrieli was arrested Wednesday after secret documents were found at his home in Vatican City. The documents show evidence of corruption in the Vatican's finances. Mr. Gabrielle they had been the pope's personal assistant since 2006. He is one of the few members of the Pope's household which includes some New Orleans and secretaries.
  6. You are listening to the news in VOA Special English.
  7. Astronauts on the international space station had their first look inside the privately owned spacecraft known as the dragon capsule. American astronaut Dan Pettit spoke to reporters from inside the spacecraft. He praised the Dragon signs and said it could be used to transport people in the future. The United States, Russia, Japan and nations in Europe are able to resupply the space station. However, at present Russian's spacecraft is the only one that can transport astronauts to the space station. The dragon will stay linked to the space station for a week as the crew unloads more than 500 kg of supplies from capsule. They will then reload with used equipment then be sent back to Earth.
  8. A VOA reporter in the Ethiopian and his language assistant are saved at home with their families. The two were released earlier Saturday after being detained overnight by Ethiopian police. Peter Hineline and his assistant were arrested Friday as they were leaving a religious center near the capital Addis Ababa. Mr. Highline told VOA editors Saturday that the police questioned him at links about the purpose of his reporting. "You engage in illegal reported this is a problem area that you want to and after reportedly had moved to go in there". Peter Hineline and his language assistant for release after an official from the American embassy visited the prison Saturday morning. Reuters east African spokesman for the committee to protect journalists said his group is concerned about the Ethiopian government's efforts to prevent foreign journalists from reporting the news.
  9. In Finland, police say a gunman opened fire from the top of a house in the small southern town of * Saturday. An 18-year-old man and woman were killed in the shooting which took place about 50 km north of Helsinki. At least seven others were wounded including a policewoman. She has been hospitalized in very serious condition. Police have arrested an 18-year-old man in connection with the shootings. They did not give a reason for the attack or say if the suspect knew any of the victims.
  10. And President Obama is urging all Americans to honor past and present members of the military on Memorial day. During his weekly speech to the country Mr. Obama said memorial day is a time for the country to again confirmed its promise to care for veterans and their families. He said making sure that they have healthcare a college education and good jobs are just a few of the things veterans should receive for risking their lives to protect our freedom.
  11. Briefly here again is the major news of the hour. Activists in Syria say government shelling in the central town * has killed more than 90 people since Friday including many children. Egyptian presidential candidate * has praised the revolution that removed President Hosni Mubarak from power. And astronauts on the international space station have had their first look inside the privately owned spacecraft known as the dragon capsule. That's the news in VOA Special English.
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