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A: 欢迎大家来到这期的美语训练班! 我是杨琳!

B: 大家好,我是Jo! 从今天开始, 我来给Kat代班,希望大家多多支持!

A: 放心,有我罩着你,你肯定没问题的拉!

B: 哈哈,你可得说到做到! 快来说说咱们今天都要学什么!

A: 好! 今天,咱们一起去看看电影,八卦一下办公室恋情,还要探讨探讨怎么处理工作压力!

B: 工作压力, oh my god! Tell me about it! I have so many things on my plate right now that I don't even know where to start!

A: 等会我就来给你支招! 现在,咱们还是言归正传,赶快来进入第一个单元,Learn a Word!

Learn A Word 1544 work-related

今天我们要学的词是 work-related. Work is spelled w-o-r-k, related is spelled r-e-l-a-t-e-d, work-related. Work-related 与工作有关的。比如,He claimed that the travel expenses were all work-related. 他说,外出旅行的这些开支都是跟工作有关的。最新研究显示,The more work-related stress parents experience, the more likely their children are to eat unhealthy meals. 家长在工作上的压力越大,他们的孩子吃不健康食物的可能性也就越大。More than 8,000 cancer deaths in Britain each year are work-related. 英国每年有八千多起癌症死亡都是由工作引起的。好,今天我们学习的词是 work-related, work-related, work-related...

B: This is exactly what I'm talking about, work-related stress. I have three scripts to write, a video to shoot, another video to edit, and tons of paperwork to finish by the end of this week!

A: 哎,可不! 在今天这种社会里,你只能学会忙里偷闲! 说起来,我下了班就要去yoga class, 要不然咱们一起去?

B: I'm not really a sports person. Sports never really decompresses me, instead, I get excited after working out and could not sleep.

A: 或者吧...嘿嘿嘿,你最近不是有个新实习生? 你可以多锻炼锻炼她嘛....

B: She's helping a lot but I can't let her to do my work! Actually she's really a diamond in the rough. With a bit more training, she can become a great reporter very soon!

A: That's why I think you can give her some more challenging work! ~~你刚才提到了一个很好的词儿,a diamond in the rough, 咱们今天就来学学这个习惯用语的用法!

Words and Idioms 974

现在播送美国习惯用语第 974讲。我是杨琳。

M: 我是 Steve Baragona.


M: Diamond in the rough. Diamond is spelled d-i-a-m-o-n-d, and rough; r-o-u-g-h. Diamond-in-the-rough. Diamond in the rough.

Diamond 是钻石的意思,而rough, 意思是粗糙的,未经雕琢的。连起来,diamond in the rough, 字面意思是粗糙的钻石,实际上就是我们在中文里所说的“未经雕琢的璞玉”。上面例子里谈到的那个实习生就是这样。She may not be an established broadcaster, but she shows potential. She's a DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH. 她现在还不是一名播音员,但是她很有潜力。她是一块未经雕琢的璞玉。下面的例子里,一个刚买房的人对他的房子有什么跟别人不一样的见解呢? 我们来听听看:

M: "My friends don't have a very high opinion of the house I bought. True, it's small and outdated. But the way I see it, its my DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH. Once I build an addition on to it, install new windows, doors and give it a fresh coat of faint, it'll be quite inviting. "


我相信他很善于投资房地产,因为他能够意识到什么房子有翻修的价值。我的一个好朋友也是这样,她从来没有投资过房地产,不过她投资对了人。在她和她男朋友恋爱的时候,大家都不看好,可是她认为她男朋友是个潜力股。事实证明,His husband then started a great business. He was a DIAMOND IN THE TOUGH after all. 好了,言归正传,我们再来听听刚才那段话:

M: "My friends don't have a very high opinion of the house I bought. True, it's small and outdated. But the way I see it, its my DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH. Once I build an addition on to it, install new windows, doors and give it a fresh coat of faint, it'll be quite inviting. "

Diamond in the rough, 未经雕琢的璞玉。对于教练或者教师来说,发现这种潜力股的能力很重要。下面的这名网球教练就试图说服大家他发现了一个很有潜力的新球员,我们来听听看:

M: "Samantha's coach has tried to convince anyone who will listen that he's discovered the next great tennis star. But nobody believes that she's a DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH. No matter how much she trains, they think it's doubtful that she'll ever become an exceptional player."

这段话是说: 萨曼塔的教练试图让其他人相信他真地发现了未来的网球明星。但是没有人相信她是一支潜力股。不管她怎么训练,大家都怀疑她是否能成为一名出色的网球选手。

一般来说,很难想像所有人都是错的。不过也有很多例子说明真理有时候确实会站在少数人那一边。说起Diamond in the rough这个短语的起源,最初人们用这个短语来指那些还没有经过雕琢的,特别是那些可能被打造成高贵珠宝的宝石。现在,我们用这个短语的引伸意义,来形容那些非常有潜力的人和物品。好的,让我们再来听听刚才那段话:

M: "Samantha's coach has tried to convince anyone who will listen that he's discovered the next great tennis star. But nobody believes that she's a DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH. No matter how much she trains, they think it's doubtful that she'll ever become an exceptional player."

今天我们学习的习惯用语是diamond in the rough, 意思是“未经雕琢的璞玉”。好的,这次[美国习惯用语]就到此结束,我是杨琳,我是 Steve Baragona。谢谢各位的收听。

A: Diamond in the rough, this is a good term to describe myself....(笑) kidding kidding. 不过上周我看了一部电影,里头的女配角虽然不出名,但是演得特别好! She's definitely a diamond in the rough.

B: Sounds like you watch a lot of movies! Do you go to the movie theater a lot?

A: 其实不是! 我就是在Netflix上,在线看! It's a lot more cheaper than going to a movie theater, and a great way to relax after a long day of work!

B: That's true! I used to go to the movie theater a lot when I was dating my husband...but now, maybe I should consider having Netflix! Sounds like there are some great options there!

A: 是呀! 这不,在今天的美语三级跳里,Emily和Peter就要聊聊有关看电影的话题,咱们一起去听听吧!

Movie Dialogue: Intermediate


Emily 和 Peter正在约会,俩人聊到了电影,还有平时喜欢的消遣。

Professor: Winnie, we already know that both of them like going to movies in the theaters. Now let's listen to them talking about other ways to watch movies.

P: Did you do anything fun over the weekend?

E: I didn't want to go out last weekend, so I decided to stay at home and watch a movie.

P: Why didn't you want to go out?

E: I was very tired after working all week. Sometimes on the weekend I don't have enough energy to go out to a movie theater.

P: Did you download a movie or rent it at the store?

E: I downloaded it so that I didn't have to remember to return it.

Professor: So, Winnie, besides going to the movie theater, what are the two other ways to watch movies that Emily and Peter talked about?


Professor: Right. And what's better about renting a movie by downloading it?

MC: 这个我有亲身体会,下载电影不用记得去还!这么做的确很方便!

Professor: I agree, Winnie! Now let's listen to Peter talking about the other activity he really likes.

P: Last weekend I didn't want to go out either, so I stayed at home and played video games by myself. It was really fun!

E: Oh yeah, that sounds pretty cool, I guess ...

P: Yeah, I'm really into video games. In fact, all my friends are on the Internet. I've never met any of them in the real world.

E: Oh really ... well you must be very popular on the Internet. But it's true that it's nice to do some things in the comfort of your own home.

不会吧?Peter 的朋友都是玩线上游戏时认识的网友?在 Emily 眼中,这好像不能加分呦!

Professor: I think you're right, Winnie. Emily didn't sound very impressed by Peter's being "into" video games. By the way, saying you're "into" something is a casual way of saying you really like it.

哦,所以,如果我对政治特别感兴趣的话,就可以说 "I'm really into politics"?

Professor: Exactly. I wonder if Emily is "into" guys who spend all their time playing video games. Let's listen and find out.

P: You're right. Watching movies at home is way cheaper than going to the theater, too. I like downloading movies too because it's easy and fast.

E: I agree. And it's very convenient.

P: Have you ever heard of a movie rental company called Netflix? They send the movies directly to your house in the mail.

E: Really? That's great! I'm going to try that next time.

P: Yeah, but I wish they delivered video games too. Then I would never leave my house!

Professor: Winnie, did you hear Peter say why he likes watching movies at home?

好像是他觉得在家看电影比去电影院便宜。可是,他说 "way cheaper"是什么意思呢?

Professor: The word "way" can be slang for "very."

我明白了。前面加个 way, w-a-y, 是为了加重语气。那我可以说 "Peter is way into video games"!

Professor: That's it!

P: So Emily, do you still want to see a movie together this weekend?

E: Well, what do you want to see? I don't think there are many good movies out right now.

P: Hmmm ... I know! We can go to a really bad sci-fi movie and sit in the back of the theater and make fun of it. What do you think?

E: Now that's a great plan. It's a date!

大功告成!虽然Peter沉迷于网络游戏,可Emily还是愿意继续跟他约会,两人准备去看最烂的 sci-fi movie 科幻片,然后一起嘲笑电影的粗制滥造!

Professor: That's right. When you say that a movie is "out," that means that it is playing in the theaters.

对啊!我特别想看布拉德皮特的新片,but it won't be out until next month!So, professor Bowman, do you think Emily and Peter's next date will go well?

Professor: For that, Winnie, we'll have to tune in next time and find out!

A: Emily和Peter聊起了看电影的方式,除了去电影院,还可以rent or download a movie; 不过Peter谈起电子游戏的时候兴致大增,Emily 觉得 Peter "way into video games" ,太热衷电子游戏了。

B: Hope they can keep going out!

A: 对啊! 真羡慕他们!!!! At least they have someone to go out with. 现在天天工作10小时,我都没时间出去认识人,怎么找男朋友呀!

B: Yeah I know, work is tough these days. Actually a lot of people are complaining about the same thing. Hmm...wait, why don't you check out some of the cute guys in the office?

A: 啊? 办公室恋情? 大家不是都说同事最好别恋爱吗?

B: Well, I mean, the only thing you need to think of is an exit strategy in case things don't work out. But if you really like someone and he happens to be your co-worker, what's wrong with that?

A: 哈,也是! 今天的business etiquette里就要讲讲浪漫~的办公室恋情,咱们先一起去听听看吧!

公司老板 Joe 找员工 Sam 和 Lucinda 谈话。

Joe Tan: Hi Sam, please take a seat. Good morning, Lucinda. Please sit down. How are you both this morning?

Sam and Lucinda: Good, thanks.

Joe: I asked you both to come in this morning because there's been rumors floating around that you two are involved in a personal relationship. Now I know these kinds of things can be sensitive, but I do feel we have to discuss it.

Joe 开门见山,说找他们两人谈话,是因为公司里有传言,there has been rumors floating around...说 Sam 和 Lucinda 在谈恋爱。Joe 承认,这种事可能很敏感 sensitive, s-e-n-s-i-t-i-v-e,但还是得谈。

Lucinda: Yes, the rumors are true. Sam and I are in love!

Sam: It's true, I feel the same way about Lucinda!

Joe: Well, let me be the first to congratulate you! Falling in love is great and I'm very happy for both of you.

S: But?

J: Well, our company does have some guidelines for internal relationships.

Lucinda 和 Sam 两人都承认,they are in love. 他们确实在恋爱。Joe 首先向他们表示祝贺。但随即承膂b,公司在员工谈恋爱方面有 guideline 指导原则 g-u-i-d-e-l-i-n-e. 什么 guideline 呢?

L: The company frowns on co-workers dating each other, right?

J: Let's just say such relationships are not actively encouraged.

S: But why? We are in love!

J: There are many reasons, but one of the main downsides to interoffice relationships is that they can be a big distraction from work. Other employees can also sometimes see such relationships as unfair. The end result can be jealousy, hurt feelings and a loss of productivity for the company.

Joe 解释说,公司之所以不鼓励公司员工之间的恋爱关系,最主要的原因是干扰工作,a big distraction from work. d-i-s-t-r-a-c-t-i-o-n 分心。其他员工会觉得不公平,最后造成 a loss of productivity for the company. 公司生产力的下降。p-r-o-d-u-c-t-i-v-i-t-y 生产力。

L: But in today's modern working world, I feel like there is very little opportunity to meet people. Bars are smoky and loud. Internet dating can be very scary...it seems like I spend most of my time working at the office, so isn't it natural to find a co-worker as a partner?

S: I have to agree. Lucinda and I work on the same projects so we have a lot in common. I even think our productivity has increased as a result of our relationship. We talk about work even during our free time!

Lucinda 说,她觉得,酒吧烟雾弥漫、人声鼎沸,网上交友又不安全,既然一天到晚待在公司,在办公室找对象不是很自然吗。Sam 也说,他们两人是同一个项目组的,we have a lot in common. 有很多共同点。他觉得,他们的恋爱关系反而提高了公司的生产力。说到这儿,老板 Joe 是不是理屈词穷了呢?我们下次继续听。

A: 原来,老板说办公室恋爱得有guideline指导原则,公司一般不鼓励办公室恋爱,主要是怕it can be a distraction from work, 干扰工作,造成a loss of productivity 生产力下降。

B: Yeah, I think this is the main reason why some companies forbid office relationship.

A: 可是不都说,男女搭配,干活不累吗?

B: Of course! But if the couple break up and still need to face each other everyday, that's going to be awkward, don't you think?

A: That's true. But you can work on different projects, that's why we say an exit strategy is extremely important! 咱们接着听老板Joe给出了什么样的建议吧!


A Relationship at the Office II

Sam 和 Lucinda 在公司谈恋爱,被老板 Joe 找来谈话。Sam 和 Lucinda 保证,两人的恋爱关系不会影响工作。让我们听听老板 Joe 是怎么说的。

J: I understand your position completely. And let me say: our company doesn't have a blanket ban on interoffice relationships. We are just concerned about possible ramifications. When you first fall in love, of course you don't think about what would happen if you broke up, but let's face it...break-ups are very common. Have you considered what it would be like if the relationship didn't work out?

Joe 说,公司并不一律禁止内部的恋爱关系,a blanket ban 一概而论,全部禁止。但他 同时提醒他们,万一两人吹了,该怎么办。Joe 说,Break-ups are very common. Break-up 意思就是恋爱关系的中断。

L: That's true. It would be very awkward to work with an ex-boyfriend every day.

S: But there must be some way we can continue dating and working together. We are adults after all.

J: Yes, I think there are ways you can continue a relationship while working together. Relationship experts say the first rule when co-workers decide to date each other is to plan an 'exit strategy.'

Lucinda 承认,万一两人吹了,会十分尴尬,但是 Sam 表示,总该有个让恋爱工作两不误的好办法,毕竟大家都是成年人。Joe 告诉他们,专家说了,跟同事谈恋爱,首先应该想好 'exit strategy'. 退出战略。

L: Exit strategy?

J: Yes. What would you do if the relationship isn't successful? You should think about that. I think the biggest issue is that if it doesn't work out, you still have to face that person every day...and that can be tough.

S: I think you've given us some good points we should talk over. Let me assure you that Lucinda and I will be as discreet as possible around the office.

Joe 所说的 exit strategy 退出战略,其实就是想好后路的意思,万一吹了,该如何彼此面对。Sam 保证说,他和 Lucinda 一定会尽量注意影响。

J: One option is for one of you to transfer to a different department so you can still work together, but not in such an intimate way.

L: Yes, that's a possibility we should think about. Let me also say that we recognize that when we are working, the job comes first. There will be no drop in productivity, I can guarantee that!

J: Well, I think you both are handling this situation in a mature way. Let's just take it from here and see how it goes, OK? Thanks for talking with me and being honest and open. I really appreciate that.

S: Thanks, boss!

Joe 建议说,Sam 和 Lucinda 其中一人不妨考虑换个部门工作。Lucinda 再次保证,不会影响工作,Job comes first. 一切以工作为重。谈话结束前,Joe 称赞两人处事成熟,Let's just take it from here and see how it goes. 意思是走一步看一步吧。

B: That sounds like a good idea, to let the couples work on different projects. This way it won't be too awkward if the two split.

A: 那我得抓紧时间,去别的办公室寻找帅哥行动开始!

B: All right, day dreaming queen...

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