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Lesson 224 - glitch / tweak

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LL: What a busy morning in our office! We discovered a glitch in some new software we were trying out at work.

LH: 你们发现新的电脑软件有一个glitch。Glitch是什么呀?

LL: A glitch is a technical problem. When your computer or software doesn't work the way it is supposed to, it often has a glitch.

LH: 噢, glitch就是技术故障。电脑或软件不能正常运作时往往就是因为有了故障。那你们弄清楚了没有电脑软件到底是什么问题呢?

LL: Well, glitches are often difficult to explain. Basically, we would try to use a certain function of the software, and it would cause the office computers to lock up.

LH: 用软件的某一功能,办公室的电脑就都不能用了,你说的就是所谓的电脑死机吧。

LL: Glitches are very frustrating. They cost a lot of time and effort.

LH: 没错,出了故障要花很多时间去解决,是很烦人的。对了,Larry,你听说没有,最近大家都在抢购一种电子游戏软件,结果发现这种软件有严重的技术问题 - it has a big glitch in it。听说厂家正在回收产品呢。

LL: Oh, I know all about that! I love video games and actually bought that game system. It does have a serious glitch, and now I need to send it back to the company.

LH: 你也买了那软件?那你就得把它寄回去。Larry,你说既然有问题,那厂家为什么还要出售他们的软件呢?

LL: Sometimes the companies don't know about a glitch in a video game or video game system until enough people play it.

LH: 那倒也是,有的问题必须在很多人用了以后才会发现。 对了,Larry, 你不是说今天要跟老板一起吃午饭吗?

LL: I was originally, but there was a glitch in our plans. My boss discovered he had two appointments on the same day, so he had to reschedule our lunch for next week.

LH: 你的老板也真是够糊涂的,怎么会在同一天安排两个午餐。幸好你是个年轻新雇员,取消和你的约会还不要紧。 Larry,我们说好了这个周末去参观摄影展览。这个计划没问题吧?Are there any glitches in that plan?

LL: I don't think there will be any glitches. I am really looking forward to it. When do you want to leave?

LH: 我也跟你一样盼着去呢。星期六早上十点半出发,怎么样?



LL: Hmmm, I need to do an errand Saturday morning. We may have to tweak our plans a little.

LH: Tweak our plans? Tweak这个字的发音有点怪。你的意思是要改变计划吗?

LL: Tweak, may be a funny-sounding word, but it means to adjust something just a little bit.

LH: Tweak的意思是稍微作些改动。 那你的意思是说星期六的计划要变喽。

LL: Right, we don't have to change our plans too much. If we just tweak the time a little bit and leave at 11:00, I can finish my errand, and we still have plenty of time to enjoy the exhibit.

LH: 没问题。我们把10:30出发改成11点出发就行了。不过我们也不能玩得太晚喽。

LL: Why is that?

LH: 我下个星期要在研讨会上宣读一篇论文。论文是写完了,但我还要作一些修改。

LL: If the paper is in English, Li Hua, I can help you tweak it by reading it after we get back tonight.

LH: 我是用英文写的, 你要是能帮我修改一下,那真是太好了。

LL: It would be my pleasure, Li Hua. Well, this has been a nice lunch, but I need to get back to work. I've had some ideas about how to tweak the computers at work.

LH: 瞧你,想出了修电脑的主意就急着要回去工作了。 你真有把握吗?

LL: I'm not sure. But if I can't tweak it, maybe some one at the software company can. Thanks again for lunch, Li Hua. I'll see you later.

LH: 哎,Larry,你的午饭都没怎么吃嘛。

LL: To be honest, it wasn't very good. I think the chef needs to tweak the seasoning. It was kind of bland.

LH: 这菜的确是没有什么味道。厨师是该改变他的佐料了。再见,Larry。 Good luck tweaking your computers!

今天李华学到了两个常用语。一个是glitch,意思是技术故障。还有一个是tweak, 意思是作小的改动。

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