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李华和Larry排队买票看电影。今天我们要学两个常用语:rope somebody into something和spot.

LH: 我真是太想看这部电影了,自从Sex and City《欲望都市》电视系列结束以后,我就一直眼巴巴地等着电影版上映。

LL: Yes, I remember. I think you were addicted to that show. In fact, I might even call it an unhealthy obsession.

LH: Unhealthy obsession? 你才病态呢!你每天都看Oprah的脱口秀,雷打不动,居然还说我病态。不过话说回来,你能陪我看这么女性化的电影,我还真没想到。

LL: Actually, you didn't have to rope me in at all. I love Sex and the City even more than Oprah.

LH: 你说的rope you in是什么意思啊?

LL: When you rope someone into something, it means that you convince them to do something they don't want to do.

LH: 也就是说,如果你本来不想看这个电影,但是经不起我软磨硬泡,最后只好同意,就是被我rope into it.

LL: Yup. But even if I didn't want to see this movie, I would have gone anyway. I owed you a favor after I roped you into going to the national Chia Pet convention with me.

LH: 一个人情?我陪你去参加草头娃娃展览大会,你至少欠我五个人情。我到现在都不知道自己为什么会同意干这么傻的事!

LL: Well what about the time you roped me into house-sitting your dog? I knew that was going to be a bad idea.

LH: 你帮我照看snoopy难道不开心吗?它那么可爱!

LL: He would have been more adorable if he were house trained.

LH: 我正在加紧训练它不要随地大小便,下星期还要麻烦你照顾它。

LL: No way, you're not roping me into that again. But you know, you can also use that phrase when you play a trick on somebody.

LH: Oh really?

LL: Yes. For example...Wait a minute. Oh no! There's a sign that say Sex and the City is sold out!

LH: Oh No! 我今天晚上看不成一定会急死的。

LL: Wow. You are really gullible. I can't believe I roped you into that joke so easily. It's not sold out.


LL: Uh oh Lihua, I think I forgot my wallet.

LH: 不会吧?为什么我们每次出来你都“忘记”带钱包呢?

LL: I'm sorry. I was just so excited to find out what happens with Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda that I completely forgot. Can you spot me?

LH: Spot you? Spot you是什么意思啊?哦,我知道了,你一定是在请求我的原谅。

LL: Actually, no. Spotting somebody is like loaning somebody something, usually money.

LH: 所以你是要跟我借钱买电影票?

LL: Er... yes. But I think you owe me that favor. Remember last week when you were going to the store to buy some Chia Pets and I spotted you the money?

LH: 那不算,因为草头娃娃本来就是买给你的。那你说,spotting somebody跟picking up the tab意思一样吗?

LL: "Picking up the tab" is usually only used to refer to paying the bill at a restaurant. "Spotting" is used mostly for small things and favors. You wouldn't use it for something big.

LH: 你说spot只能用在小事上,那什么样的事才算小事呢?

LL: Well, for example, since my car is broken, I might need you to spot me a ride home after the movie.

LH: 你是说我不仅要买票请你看电影,看完电影还要开车送你回家,你这个男朋友还真挺难伺候的。

LL: Maybe, but it's worth it. You know, if you want to get really colloquial, you can also "bum" something off somebody.

LH: 那bum可以用在什么事情上呢?大事还是小事?

LL: "Bum" is only for little things. If I smoked and was out of cigarettes, I could ask to bum a cigarette off someone. But since my only addiction is gummy bears, I will need to bum a dollar off you to buy some candy in the theatre.

LH: 什么?你还要买糖吃。你看人家《欲望都市》里的男人多绅士,从来不让女人花钱。你得好好学学。

LL: Well, you can't believe everything you see on TV, Lihua.

今天李华学了两个常用语。一个是rope somebody into something,意思是说服某人去干本来不愿意干的事。另一个是spot,意思是借东西,往往是借钱。

bum a dollar off you. it is easy to rope you into the joke. can you spot me a ride home?can you pick up the tab?
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