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VOA流行美语 - Lesson 307 - taking stock / dead tired


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李华在咖啡馆跟Larry见面。今天我们要学两个常用语: taking stock和dead tired.

LH: Larry, 这两天还好吗?

LL: I'm doing pretty well. How are you?

LH: 还可以,就是这个周末有好多功课要做,肯定会忙得不得开交。

LL: I know how that goes. I am taking stock of all the errands I need to run this weekend.

LH: Taking stock是什么意思?

LL: Taking stock means to step back from a situation and try to look at the whole picture. In this case it means the same thing as collecting one's thoughts.

LH: 我知道了,taking stock就是纵观全局,全面考虑。你是说我应该从整体出发,安排所有要做的事情。

LL: Exactly! When you take stock of a situation, you think about it more clearly as a whole.

LH: 你刚才说,这个周末你也有一大堆事情要做。What things are you taking stock of?

LL: This weekend I have to go to the dry-cleaners; drop off some mail at the post office; wash my car; and pick up some groceries. I don't think it will take too long.

LH: 看起来,你已经taking stock of the situation,把所有要做的事情都安排好了。

LL: Yes, taking stock of what I need to do certainly helps put things in perspective and lets me realize how to best go about getting things done.

LH: 下星期上课前,我要完成两篇论文,有三篇文章要读,还要借同学的笔记,把上星期生病缺席的功课补上。

LL: It certainly sounds like you have quite a bit of work to do.

LH: 不过,我肯定能完成,特别是如今在你的帮助下,把思路全部整理清楚了,我准备在图书馆泡上一整天,不完成作业绝不出来。

LL: That's the spirit.



LL: So Li Hua, did you get everything done?

LH: 做是做完了,可我现在连说话的力气都没有了。

LL: Yeah, I did a lot today too, and now I'm dead tired.

LH: Dead tired? 意思应该是特别累吧?

LL: I am so tired it feels like I'm dying. Chinese has similar expressions, right?

LH: 有啊,可以直接翻译成“累死了”。

LL: Since I am dead tired, what do you say we just order a pizza for dinner?

LH: 双手赞成!我整整一个周末都是在图书馆里度过的。

LL: That sounds exhausting, but are you done now?

LH: 总算是把功课都做完了,今天晚上可以好好休息一下,明天早上去上课就好了。

LL: That sounds like a smart idea. Here let me call in the order.


LH: Larry, 你说,这么热的天,烤比萨饼的人多辛苦,they must be dead tired from working in the heat.

LL: The person who answered the phone did sound dead tired. At least we will be able to eat soon though.

LH: 这个周末可真是一个名副其实的工作的周末。

LL: I agree, there sure was a lot to do. Hopefully I can get a good night's sleep tonight so that I am not dead tired at work tomorrow.

LH: Yes, me too. 上次熬夜复习功课,第二天虽然dead tired, 但还是硬挺着去上课,结果整堂课都是睡过来的。

LL: Oh, I've experienced that before. I guess that's the result of exhaustive research.

LH: 还说呢,这个周末我在图书馆里看到好多人都累得不行,索性趴在图书馆的桌子上呼呼大睡。

LL: I believe it. There have even been meetings at work where someone is so dead tired that they drift off to sleep.

LH: 老实说,你开会睡没睡过觉?

LL: No, definitely not. I've been dead tired before, but I avoid falling asleep in a meeting no matter what.

LH: 说起来容易,我也不想上课睡觉,可有时候实在是太累了,一闭眼就睡着了。

(Door Bell)

LL: It sounds like the pizza is here!

LH: Great!

今天李华学了两个常用语。一个是taking stock,意思是全面考虑。另一个是dead tired,意思是累死了。

i have to take stock of all the things i want to do
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