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WORLD NEWS - 00:30 UTC, April 25, 2006

作者:Voice of America 发布日期:4-25-2006


Special thanks to Spag Bolo for posting his script of broadcast dictation.

It is zero hours thirty Universal Time. I am Jim Tedder in Washington.

Egyptian officials say three explosions in the city of Dahab have killed at least 23 people. They say more than 60 others were wounded. Officials said earlier that they had counted 30 deaths. Reports say the explosions took place within seconds in the central part of the city near several hotels and markets. No one has claimed responsibilities. Dahab is on the gulf of Akaba, it's popular with visitors. Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak called the explosions terrorism, and said officials will find those responsible. In the United State, President Bush strongly condemned the bombings.

The United States has called on Nepalese political leaders to answer the demand of their people and bring democracy to the country. Earlier thousands of people in Nepal cerebrated in the streets after King Gyanendra announced that he is reestablishing parliament. The king said he is making the move to resolve Nepal's political conflicts and other problems. Reestablishing parliament was a main demand of protesters who held 19 days of demonstrations. At least 14 people were killed during the protests. Opposition political leaders called the king's announcement a victory for the people. King Gyanendra dismissed the elected government of Nepal 14 months ago and gave himself total power. He said the government had failed to end a rebellion.

In Iraq the series of bombings and shootings in Baghdad has killed at least 14 Iraqis and wounded more than 80 others. 8 people were killed when seven bombs exploded near the Ministry of Health, a university, and in other parts of the city. Separated shooting attacks killed 6 Iraqis. Separately officials say the bodies of at least 17 others also were found in Baghdad.

The American Ambassador to the United Nations says the Security Council is to consider a resolution that would legally require Iran to honor international nuclear demands. John Bolton said the resolution will be considered because there has been no change in the Iranian nuclear program. He said there is no reason to believe there will be such a change. Permanent Security Council members China and Russia had expressed opposition to UN action against Iran. They would like the International Atomic Energy Agency to deal with the situation. Iranian leaders have said they are continuing with nuclear activities that violate a Security Council demand made last month. The President of Iran has said he does not expect the United Nations Security Council to place restrictions on Iran.

NATO's top military commander has dismissed reports that recent increase violence in southern Afghanistan is the result of growth in the Taliban group. American general James Jones made the comments at NATO military headquarters in Brussels, Belgium. He said more attacks are taking place against international and afghan troops because they are expanding their operations in the area.

Weather experts in Australia say the sever storm over the Northern Territory has weaken in the past few hours but is still dangerous. Sever storm warnings have been announced for areas around the capital Darwin. The experts say Darwin will experience strong winds and heavy rains over the next day. They say the storm's winds speeds are now 125Km/hour. Earlier the storm brought heavy rain, strong winds and flooding to villages in the Northern Territory of Australia.

President Bush again has called for a law to permit more foreign citizens to enter the United States as temporary workers. Mr. Bush made the statement in a speech in the western state of California. He said worker identification cards would permit foreigners to get jobs without violating laws or paying people to bring them into the country illegally. He said above 6,000,000 people have been caught trying to cross into the United States from Mexico in the last five years. The president praised a senate legislative proposal that calls for strengthening border security and providing a chance for citizenship to people already in the country illegally. Many lawmakers agree on the need for immigration reform but cannot agree on the details.

The Agriculture Minister in Malawi says Africa is not prepared to fight bird flu. Uladi Mussa spoke to a 19-nation-bird flu-conference taking place in Malawi. He said the lack of knowledge among health officials is as dangerous as a lack of drugs or medical equipments. An official of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization also spoke to the delegates. Mazlan Jusoh said most African countries remain free of bird flu. But he also said African nations should act now against the disease. He said poverty and limited health education and services could leave Africa especially open to bird flu. The deadly H5N1 version of bird flu has been found in 5 African nations.

Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko has appealed to world nations for financial help in rebuilding the country. He opened a three-day international meeting in Kiev to discuss the lessons learnt from the Chernobyl nuclear accident on April 26, 1986. The explosion of a Soviet nuclear power center released radiation that spread across much of Europe. Experts continue to debate the accident's effects on human health over the past 20 years, and for years to come. The World Health Organization says the radiation will cause deadly cancers in about 9,000 people around the world. The environmental group Green Peace says the total number of deaths will be about 93,000.

Briefly here again is the major news. Egyptian officials say three explosions in the city of Dahab have killed at least 23 people. Thousands of Nepalese have cerebrated in the streets after King Gyanendra announced that he is reestablishing parliament. And series of bombings and shootings in Baghdad has killed at least 14 Iraqis and wounded more than 80 others. And that's the news in VOA Special English from Washington, Jim Tedder reporting.

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