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WORLD NEWS - May 10th 2011


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It is 00:30 universal time, here is the news in Special English.

Pakistan's prime minister has denied accusations that his country helped hide Osama bin Laden. Yousuf Raza Gilani rejected recent criticism of Pakistan in a speech to parliament. Mr. Gilani said Pakistan is working to end terrorism. He also criticized the United States raid on bin Laden's Pakistan headquarters. He said there can be serious results for secret foreign action on Pakistani territory. But he also said Pakistan places high importance on its relationship with the United States.

The European Union has ordered a ban on weapon sales to the Syrian government. The EU also says it is seizing the property of 13 Syrian officials and barring them from all 27 EU nations. In Syria, security forces reportedly arrested hundreds of people in raids on houses in several cities. They say the arrests targeted anti-government protesters and their leaders. The military operations also spread to an area near Damascus. And troops and tanks remain deployed in the coastal city of Banias and the central city of Homs. Witnesses said security forces killed 14 people Sunday in the city of Homs.

Refugees trying to flee the violence in Libya are facing dangers at sea. The United Nations said Monday, a ship carrying 600 refugees sank off Libya's coast on Friday. Salah Kurdi, a legal adviser with the U.N. Human Rights Council, told VOA that the boat was sailing to Italy when it hit rocks and turned over. The Italian coast guard rescued many passengers. But there was no information on the number of dead. The U.N. official also talked about an earlier incident in which a smaller boat fleeing Libya ran into trouble. The boat floated helplessly on the open sea for 16 days. Survivors said NATO military units saw their boat but failed to help. NATO denied the claim. The British newspaper the Guardian reported that NATO units seemed to have ignored the victims.

Hundreds of Egyptians continued to demonstrate in Cairo Monday to protest violence against the country's Coptic Christian minority. The mostly Coptic Christian protesters began their sit-in demonstration Sunday. The protesters want Field Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi to resign. He is the head of Egypt's ruling army council. The protesters also are demanding legal action against the persons who burned two Coptic churches Saturday. State media says 12 people were also killed in the clashes between Muslims and cops near Cairo. About 220 others were reported wounded. Pro-democracy activists also marched Monday in a separate demonstration.

Rebels have killed at least 11 people in eastern Afghanistan. Afghan officials say militants killed at least four officers in a surprised attack Monday in Ghazni province. In Khost province, officials found the bodies of four men kidnapped earlier in the day. In a third attack, a suicide bomber targeted a group of NATO vehicles in Laghman province. At least three Afghan civilians were killed and several more were hurt. There were no reports of NATO deaths. Also on Monday, the American embassy in Kabul warned of threats of attacks against Afghan government offices in three areas of Helmand province.

You are listening to the news in VOA Special English.

Two interest groups say Vietnamese security forces are continuing a deadly campaign against thousands of ethnic Hmong Christians. The Center for Public Policy Analysis and the group Hmong Advance released the report. It says 63 people have been killed and hundreds more wounded since the campaign began in late April. The events are reportedly taking place along Vietnam's border with Laos. The United States embassy in Vietnam says it is in investigating. It called on all sides to avoid violence.

Singapore's prime minister is promising greater government efforts for lower earning citizens. Lee Hsien Loong says the first goal for his new government will be to improve the life of Singaporean citizens. He spoke to a business group Monday. On Saturday, Mr. Lee's ruling People's Action Party had its worst election performance in more than 50 years. It captured 60 percent of the vote. That is a decrease of 15 percent since 2001. Opposition parties won six of the 87 seats in parliament. Experts say voters were angry about high immigration rates, low wages and increased housing prices.

United Nations investigators say they have found mass burial places in Ivory Coast, containing the bodies of more than 50 people. Officials with the U.N. human rights office said Monday that the graves were found in the Yopougon area of Abidian, the country's financial capital. People who live in the area say the victims died April 12. On that day, gunmen loyal to former President Laurent Gbagbo attacked supporters of the country's new President Alassane Ouattara. Pro-Ouattara forces had captured Mr. Gbagbo the day before. There has been a political crisis in Ivory Coast since the November presidential election. Mr. Gbagbo refused to leave office after losing the election. The U.N. announced last week that it is investigating the possible killing of civilians by both sides.

The United Nations says north and south Sudan have agreed to withdraw all unapproved forces from the Abyei area. The two dispute ownership of the oil-rich area. Both sides deployed troops to Abyei. The troop withdrawals began Tuesday. The United Nations office in Sudan says the agreement calls for the withdrawals to be completed by May 17. The agreement also calls for joint security services to remain in the area. South Sudan voted for independence from the north in January. It will become a new nation in July.

Here again is the major news.

Pakistan's prime minster has denied accusations that his country helped hide Osama bin Laden. The European Union has ordered a ban on weapon sales to the Syrian government. And the United Nations said Monday a ship carrying 600 refugees sank off Libya's coast on Friday.

That's the news in VOA Special English from Washington.

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