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WORLD NEWS - Aug 14th, 2011


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Christopher Cruise的口音太重,且有口误,听起来费劲。而且今天的新闻做得很差,大量引用记者报道,不做加工,且长短不一,很不符合Special English的风格。东搜西搜,总算听写完了,仅供大家参考。

Now here is the news in VOA Special English. I'm Christopher Cruise reporting from the VOA News Center in Washington.

Pakistani police say at least eight armed men kidnapped an American citizen from his home in the eastern city of Lahore early Saturday. The United States Embassy has identified the American as Warren Weinstein. He was serving as the director in Pakistan of an American development company. Police said they learned that Mr Weinstein had finished his work in Pakistan and intended to leave the country by Monday. He had just returned to Lahore after traveling to the capital, Islamabad. From where the VOA's Phil Ittner now reports. According to local police gunmen overpowered the guards at the man's residence in Lahore and forced the American into a car in the early hours of the morning. Tajjmul Hussain, a police officer from the area, said that the kidnappers gained entry into the compound by offering to provide a ceremonial early morning meal that Muslims eat during of Ramadan. Once inside they tied up the guards and went upstairs to take the American. A spokesman for the U.S. Embassy, Alberto Gonzalez, says that they are working closely with Pakistani authorities. "We can confirm that an American citizen working for a private company in Lahore has been abducted. Because the Pakistan are the lead in the investigating crime here Pakistan." Phil Ittner, VOA News, Islamabad. No group has yet claimed responsibility for the kidnapping.

An Afghan official says eight kidnapped security officials have been found dead in Wardak province. This is the same area where a helicopter crashed last week, killed 38 troops, most of them Americans. Provincial spokesman Shahidullah Shahid said Saturday the bodies were found late Friday night. The victims included five policemen and three Afghan intelligence officers. They were kidnapped Thursday while traveling along a main road leading to Bamiyan province. Mr Shahid said police have detained three suspected militants in connection with the incident. The Reuters news agency reports a Taliban spokesman says his group carried out the killings.

The president of the World Bank is warning that the world's economic recovery is in great difficulty. World Bank chief Robert Zoellick told The Weekend Australian newspaper that the world economy has entered what he called a "new and more dangerous time." Mr Zoellick put most of the blame on debt problems in Europe. He urged American and European leaders that is to urgently attack the debt crisis. Mr Zoellick is to meet with Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard and other top officials.

You're listening to the news in VOA Special English from Washington.

New fighting has broken out between Libyan rebels and forces loyal to Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi. Early Saturday rebels said they had seized the town of Gharyan, about 100 kilometers from the capital, Tripoli. Later in the day, government forces returned with more troops. Also Saturday rebels pushed toward Zawiya, a city west of Tripoli. But the government has denied rebels' claims that they captured the city. Separately, Libya's deputy foreign minister has criticised United Nations leader Ban Ki-moon. Khaled Kaim said the UN chief was wrong to not name NATO as being responsible for civilian deaths. On Thursday, Mr Ban had expressed concern about civilian deaths and urged all sides to be extremely careful.

At least three people have been killed as Syrian security forces launched raids in two areas of the country. Activists and witnesses say Syrian tanks entered Latakia early Saturday. Activists say security forces killed two people and left many others wounded. A government attack comes one day after thousands of anti-government protesters gathered in the city. Syria has been facing growing international condemnation for its violence against civilians. On Saturday, President Obama and Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah called for an immediate end to the violence. And the president also spoke with  British Prime Minister David Cameron Saturday. They agreed that the violence should end immediately. And Canada announced that it would add to its list of financial restrictions on Syria.

The United Nations humanitarian chief has visited Somalia's capital. Tens of thousands of people there are in need of food and medical treatment. Valerie Amos visited a hospital Saturday during her visit to Mogadishu. She also met with people who have fled their homes in southern Somalia to escape the food shortage. Lisa Schlein has more on the crisis in Somalia and Kenya. More than 70,000 Somalis fleeing drought, famine and conflict have arrived Kenya's Dadaab camp over the past two months, pushing the overall population to about 440,000. The new influx adds to the existing chaotic conditions of the overcrowded complex. Dadaad was designed to accommodate about 90,000 people. It has since grown to be the world's largest refugee camp. UNHCR (the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees,联合国难民事务高级专员) spokesman Adrian Edwards says the UN refugee agency is transferring the first of the several thousand Somali refugee families into a new site, which is planned to accommodate 90,000 people. "We are currently seeing 1,500 people arriving on average every single day. These new arrivals urgently need proper shelter, medical help and other basic aids." Lisa Schlein for VOA News, Geneva.

Tens of thousands of Israelis protested across their nation Saturday. Protesters marched in Tel Aviv, and Haifa in the north and Beersheba in the south. They demanded changes in the country's economic system.

And violence struck in Northern Ireland's second largest city Saturday after a Protestant parade passed close to Roman Catholic areas of Londonderry. The violence took place after a march that is held every year to mark historical events, including British military (vehicles) victories. (that is)

Now briefly, here again is the major news of this hour in VOA Special English. Pakistani police say at least eight armed men kidnapped an American citizen from his home in the eastern city of Lahore early Saturday. The president of the World Bank is warning that the world's economic recovery is threatened. And at least three people have been killed as Syrian security forces launched raids in two areas of the country.

There's news anytime at voanews.com. That's the news in VOA Special English. I'm Christopher Cruise in Washington.

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