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WORLD NEWS - Aug 17th, 2011


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It is 00:30 universal time, here is the news in Special English.

Syrian security forces fired heavy machine guns Tuesday in the coastal city of Latakia. The security forces have been attacking opposition supporters there since Saturday. Reports from Latakia say at least five people were killed in the city on Tuesday. Security forces there are said to have killed at least 35 people in the past four days. Syria announced Tuesday it has begun withdrawing its forces from the eastern town of Deir el-Zour. The SANA news agency says police officers are removing barriers that were set up by what it called "armed terrorist groups." It said a number of "gunmen" have been arrested.

Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh says he will return to his country soon. The Yemeni leader made the comment in a speech from Saudi Arabia Tuesday. He has been recovering in Saudi Arabia from wounds he suffered in a rocket attack on his presidential headquarters in June. Mr. Saleh did not give a date for his return. But he said he would be willing to give his powers to a deputy if opposition gunmen ended their attacks.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas says a request for Palestinian statehood will be given to U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in September. Mr. Abbas made the announcement in Sarajevo Tuesday as he completed a trip to Bosnia-Herzegovina. He asked Bosnian officials to support a Palestinian campaign for statehood. Later Tuesday, he went to Lebanon to seek additional support for the statehood effort. Bosnia-Herzegovina and Lebanon are two of 10 non-permanent members of the U.N. Security Council. Mr. Abbas is asking U.N. members to recognize a Palestinian state that would include the West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem. Israeli forces captured those areas in the 1967 Middle East war.

Israel is holding a reporter for [the] al-Jazeera television on charges he has links to the Palestinian group Hamas. Reporter Samer Allawi appeared in an Israeli military court Tuesday. He denied the charges. Al-Jazeera officials say Mr. Allawi is the head of the television network's office in Kabul. They said that Israeli officials arrested him on August 10 as he attempted to enter Jordan. Al-Jazeera said he had been at his home village in the Israeli occupied West Bank before his arrest.

Libyan rebels have denied reports that they have held talks with representatives for Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi. The chief of the rebel Transitional National Council  says no negotiations have taken place. Mustafa Abdel Jalil said such talks require that the Libyan leader resign. The rebel forces have advanced toward the capital Tripoli hoping to oust the Gadhafi government. The rebel statement answers Western news reports. The reports said representatives for Mr. Gadhafi had met with Libyan rebels in a hotel on a Tunisian island. The reports said the U.N. diplomat Libya had joined the talks.

You're listening to the news in VOA Special English.

The Royal Dutch Shell company has found a second leak in an oil production center off the coast of Scotland. The oil company says it is struggling to contain the worst North Sea oil spill in 10 years. On Monday the Netherlands-based oil company said it had the first leak under control. The technical director of the company says the first leak is mostly stopped. But he says the second leak is more difficult to control.

Afghan officials say a bomb has exploded in a busy market in Uruzgan province killing at least seven people. The attack Tuesday in the Dihrawud area took place as people were preparing to break their fast for the holy month of Ramadan. Officials say the bomb was hidden on a motorcycle. Eight people were wounded. In nearby Kandahar province, a female provincial government worker was shot in Kandahar city. A government spokesman says the woman was shot and killed by a gunman on a motorcycle as she walked to her car early Tuesday. Her driver was wounded.

China says it never got a look at a U.S. helicopter that crashed in the raid that killed al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden. The website of the Chinese Ministry of Defense published the statement Tuesday. It strongly denied accusations that Pakistan had let China examine the helicopter wreckage. Both the New York Times and the Financial Times newspapers had reported that unnamed American officials said Pakistani officials let Chinese engineers examine the aircraft and take some materials from it. China's denial comes one day after a similar denial from Pakistan.

In Bangladesh, the High Court is investigating the death of a woman who killed herself after being publicly criticised by a village court. Ferdousi Akhter jumped in front of a train with her four children after a village court banished her from the community. The village court said she was suspected of having a romantic relation outside her marriage. Ms. Akhter and two of the children died. The two others children were seriously injured. The High Court said it would ask the [local] police chief, village officials and eight others to appear in court and give details of the incident. Human rights groups have urged Bangladesh to take action against local councils that abuse their power.

President Obama is urging Americans to pressure their representatives in Congress to take steps to create jobs. He spoke at a rural economic gathering in the state of Iowa Tuesday. Mr. Obama accused some lawmakers of thinking about next year's election instead of passing legislation to help Americans.

And now briefly, here again is the major news of the hour. Reports from Syria say at least five people were killed Tuesday when security forces fired machine guns in Latakia. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas says a request for Palestinian statehood will be given to the U.N. in September. And Libyan rebels have denied reports that they held talks with representatives of Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi.

That's the news in VOA Special English coming to you from Washington.

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