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WORLD NEWS - Oct 17th, 2011



It is 00:30 universal time, time for the news in Special English.

The Arab League says it will bring together leaders of Syria's government and opposition groups to try to end violence in the country. The league's secretary general Nabil al-Arabi said the group wants a meeting of the groups within 15 days. He spoke Sunday after an emergency meeting of Arab foreign ministers in Cairo. Six Gulf nations wanted to suspend Syria from the league, but a majority of members of the 22-nation group did not support such a move. Gulf Arab states had called for Sunday's meeting. Saudi Arabia and some other Gulf states already have removed their ambassadors from Syria to protest government violence against opposition to President Bashar al-Assad.

Libyan revolutionary fighters say they have entered the southern city of Bani Walid. They say forces loyal to former leader Moammar Gadhafi strongly resisted. The Libyan National Transitional Council said Sunday that its troops were in the town center. However, the report could not be independently confirmed. Earlier in the day, NTC forces began a new attack on the city. Last week the NTC suffered heavy losses in fighting for control of Bani Walid. That town and Sirte are the only two cities not under NTC control.

Israel has published the list of the 477 Palestinian prisoners to be exchanged Tuesday for the release of an Israeli soldier. Hamas gunmen captured Gilad Shalit in a cross-border raid in the Gaza Strip in 2006. The prisoners to be released Tuesday are the first group from a total of 1027 Palestinians. Mr. Shalit is to be released to Egyptian officials and then handed over to Israel. The remaining Palestinian prisoners will be freed over two months.

A Somali doctor says rebels have destroyed one of the largest camps for displaced people near Mogadishu. The doctors spoke to VOA. He said al-Shabab fighters forced more than 4,300 families into trucks. The trucks reportedly took the people from the Ala Yasir Camp back to the areas from which they had fled. The doctor also said each family was given 20 kilos of sugar, rice and cooking oil and about $30. The Ala Yasir Camp is in an area under al-Shabab control. There is a severe lack of food in the area.

Reports from southern Somalia say Kenyan troops have entered the area to fight the al-Shabab rebel group. But Kenya's defense minister denies the reports. An official with a militia group allied with the Somali government, told VOA that about 400 Kenyan soldiers crossed the border on Friday. He says the soldiers are in the Lower Jubba area to help Somali government forces. The official also said the Kenyan troops are moving toward a town controlled by al-Shabab. Earlier Kenyan Defense Minister Yusuf Haji told VOA that Kenya is not sending troops into Somalia. But other Somali and Kenyan officials and witnesses say Kenyan forces are in Somalia. They say the troops are supported by military aircraft.

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Former French Labor Minister Martine Aubry has admitted defeat in a Socialist Party nominating election. The primary election was similar to those held in the United States, but it was the first such election in France. Francois Hollande received 56 percent of the votes. Ms. Aubry received 44 percent. The candidate says she now will help Mr. Hollande when the presidential election next year.

NATO peacekeepers in Kosovo say ethnic Serbs have until Monday to remove barriers at a northern border crossing with Serbia. NATO troops say they will take down the roadblocks if the ethnic Serbs do not. The barriers are preventing NATO vehicles from transporting supplies to the peacekeepers. NATO commander Erhard Drews is demanding that the peacekeepers be permitted to cross the border freely. He says NATO's goal in Kosovo is to protect freedom of movement for people and communities. He says NATO will carry out the goal.

President Obama has helped dedicate a national memorial to civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. Mr. Obama declared that the nation must follow Mr. King's example by continuing to struggle for a better country. Mr. Obama praised the strength and courage of all those who helped bring about change in the civil rights movement. About 50,000 people attended the ceremony. The memorial is the only one on the National Mall that is not dedicated to a president or a war.

British race driver Dan Wheldon has been killed in a crash at a race in the American city of Las Vegas, Nevada. Fifteen cars were involved in the crash. The race was canceled after the accident. The 33-year-old driver won the famous Indianapolis 500 race twice, including this year.

A 52-year-old man who spend half of his life in prison has won his first and only professional fight. Dewey Bozella knocked out Larry Hopkins in the final round of their boxing match at a sports center in Los Angeles, California. Mr. Bozella was imprisoned for 26 years for a murder in 1983. He always said he was innocent. The guilty finding was canceled in 2009 after witnesses withdrew their earlier court statements. Mr. Bozella says winning the fight was the greatest moment in his life. He had been a champion in non-professional boxing before he went to prison. He says he will now begin training boys and girls in how to box.

And now briefly, here again is the major news of the hour in Special English.

The Arab League says it will gather Syrian officials and opposition leaders to seek an end to violence in the country. Libyan revolutionary fighters say they have entered the southern city of Bani Walid. And a Somali doctor says rebels have destroyed one of the largest camps for displaced people near the city of Mogadishu.

And that's the news in VOA Special English, coming your way from Washington.

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