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WORLD NEWS - Jan 3rd, 2012

Tuesday, January 3, 2012 -- Views:

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  1. It is 22 hours 30 universal time, time for the news in Special English.
  2. The head of the Arab League says gunfire is still a threat in Syrian cities even though Arab League observers have been in the country for a week. Nabil spoke in Cairo Egypt. He called for a cease-fire. Activists say at least seven protesters were killed on Sunday in Syria. Civilian deaths were reported in * a city near Damascus and in the town of Homs activists say more than 150 people have been killed across the country since Arab League observers arrived last week. Delegates to the Arab League Parliament advise the observers to leave Syria because they are not able to stop the government from killing civilians. More Arab League observers were planning to go to Syria later this week.
  3. Reports from Iran say the value of the country's money has dropped to a record low rate against the American dollar. The reports come two days after Pres. Obama approved new restrictions that could affect Iran's central bank and the financial system. Also from Iran, the government says it has successfully tested a new cruise missile. Iran had already been announced on Sunday that it tested a surface to air missile near the Strait of Hormuz. Also on Sunday, Iran said it had successfully produced fuel for use in nuclear power plants.
  4. Egyptian government lawyers will soon present their final arguments in the trial of the former Egyptian president *. Final arguments could begin Tuesday on Monday. The judge dismissed a request from Mr. Mubarak's lawyer that the leader of Egypt's ruling military counsel return to court to give new information. Mr. Mubarak has been charged with killing protesters and abusing power.
  5. South Korean President Lee Mo Bock says there is a chance for better relations with North Korea. But he said North Korea should not take any threatening actions. Mr. Lee gave a nationally televised speech on New Year's Day. He said the two Koreas must take the road of shared benefits and success. North Korea warned Friday that there would be no softening of its position toward South Korea because of the death of North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il.
  6. Tens of thousands of people in Budapest have protested Hungary's new constitution. They say it restricts court powers, the media, and judicial independence. And will weaken the nation's democratic tradition. The protest took place near of the days of ruling party celebration of the new so-called basic law. The demonstrators shouted against Prime Minister Victoire Albond and the deluge as government officials arrived at the celebration. Mr. Albond says the new constitution completes the country's move from communism to democracy the constitution went into effect on January 1.
  7. You are listening to the news in the VOA Special English.
  8. Spain warned Monday that the deficit from last year could be even higher than predicted a few days ago. The new government predicted that the 2011 deficit would be 8% of the country's production of goods and services. The country's finance ministers said the deficit could be even higher. Spain also said it would announce new spending and saving measures later this week.
  9. Employment in the United States has improved over the past year. But the lack of jobs remains greater than normal and will be a major political issue during the presidential election in November. The economy gained almost 1,500,000 jobs in the first 11 months of last year. But that was not enough to replace the millions of jobs lost during the recession.
  10. About 25 million Americans remain without jobs or are not able to find full-time jobs. Monday is the last day of campaigning before the first event of the American presidential nominating process. Republican party candidates are making their final speeches in the central state of Iowa. On Tuesday Republican party members in that state will hold meetings to choose their favorite candidate. The latest voter studies suggest that former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney has the lead. Mr. Romney is closely followed by Texas Congressman Ron Paul. Former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum is in third place. There are seven Republican candidates in all.
  11. Venezuela says it will pay the Exxon Mobil company $225 million for an oil project. That is more than 70% less than what Exxon Mobil had earlier announced it would receive. The government owned Petroleum State Venezuela seized control of the project from the American company in 2007. PDVSA says it will pay Exxon Mobil the money within 60 days. PDVSA also said it is not paying all the $907 million awarded to Exxon Mobil because the company had some debts. Exxon Mobil has not yet commented on PDVSA's announcement. Oil reform is a major goal of Venezuelan Pres. Ugo Chavez.
  12. Fuel prices in Nigeria have more than doubled in one day. On Sunday the government stopped for fuel buyer assistance program. Gas prices jumped from $0.40-$0.88 per liter. Witnesses say police in Abuja used tear gas to in a protest of the increase. Labor unions in Nigeria say they were call for nationwide strikes in the coming days. The fuel price support was one of the few rewards to the average person from Nigeria's oil wealth available. Nigerian Pres. Goodluck Jonathan said the 7.5 billion dollars spent to support oil prices would be better spent on social programs and other government services.
  13. And now briefly here again is the major news of the hour. A head of the Arab League says gunfire is continuing in Syrian cities. Reports from Iran say the value of the country's money has dropped to a record low rate against the American dollar. And tens of thousands of people in Budapest have protested Hungary's new constitution. That's the news in VOA Special English coming to you from Washington.

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