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EDUCATION REPORT - A Goal for 2012: Learning English

Thursday, January 5, 2012 -- Views:

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This is the VOA Special English Education Report.

Did you make a New Year's resolution? Some of you shared your goals at the VOA Learning English page on Facebook. And, no surprise, many of you said at least one of your goals for twenty-twelve is to speak English better. Daniel Kwon even went so far as to declare: I'm definitely going to try to study English at least an hour a day.

Jose Antonio Velarde says: My first resolution is to speak English as fluently as my Spanish. And Tuti Riel says: My New Year's resolution is to be able to speak English and Mandarin fluently, and be a better person.

Juwita Zulmi says she wants to improve her English and get a scholarship to study overseas. Another goal for twenty-twelve: a new boyfriend.

Derly Johanna Barreto has these two resolutions: to speak English fluently and to get a job. Jiseon Kim also has two goals: to lose weight and improve speaking English. And Katie Chekalina has these resolutions: Don't eat meat. I'll take it easy. Then, to learn Spanish or Italian, and find my real love. The last ones will be the most difficult, she thinks.

Rafa Mtz's main goal is finishing high school and getting into a university. Lola Wazqito Oktobrata says: I am going to get married and finish my undergraduate study with good results. And Uma Cherif is ready for the next step this year: a master's degree.

Handri Permana has this resolution: Be more meaningful before my time's up on earth. And Handri has this advice for others: Have fun seriously in life!


Dionel Paguirigan has fun playing the video game Defense of the Ancients, or DotA. Dionel says: My New Year's resolution is I want to spend more time on my studying than playing DotA.

Refky Aditya's resolution is to not be lazy about studying anymore. And Nur Chanifah says: I want to be the best in my national examinations, to be a braver girl, and to take a scholarship abroad.

Sharah Radinka offered this comment: My resolutions are to pass vocational school, get a scholarship and visit Singapore and Malaysia. And Sita Ayudha is thinking of Australia in twenty-twelve: I wish I could have a career abroad in my dreamland of Oz. And let's see, as I'm an optimist, I'm gonna make it real this year, hahaha.

And that's the VOA Special English Education Report. Go to www.unsv.com to read, listen and learn English with our programs and activities. You can also find live lessons at the VOA Learning English page on Facebook. I'm Steve Ember.

Reader's Comments (5):
Author: hunter
my resolution of new year is to kill the small person.
Author: hbb
My New Year's resolution is I want to improve myself english.
Author: Samuel
of course improving my English first, then I wanna get an master offer from the university in the USA
Author: HolybirdSeu
My resolution is I want to impove my english !
Author: SarahBai
My resolution is to finish my Scientific Papers as soon as possible.
Author: Youncy
And mine is to be strong in mind.
Author: Nancy Hu
My resolutions are to get married and change a new job to make more much money! Keep healthy! Buy my own house!
Author: backy.luo
My resolution is find a new job in the new year
Author: 第七根烟
My new year's resolution is to find a girl and get merried.
Author: leehombeauty
My new year's resolution is to fit into the life of Taiwan
Author: sunny
I'm definitely going to try to study English at least two hours a day in 2012.
Author: rongchangluo
Obtain a PhD
Author: frankcui
为什么 I am going to get married and finish my undergraduate study with good results. 最后不用result?有何区别?
Author: Brookie Xue
My net year's resolution is able to speak Eglish fluently as my Chinese and get a new job
Author: Anna
resolution: enjoy life, keep fit
Author: Toored
My resolution is getting more inner peace in mind.
Author: promise
Make more money and have my love!
Author: Crazy-Lucky
I have three new year's resolutions: to keep fit, speak better English and travel to America.
Author: lilika
My new year resolutions:to improve my math andmy English.
Author: ayoka
my new year's hope :my parents are healthy and happy,everyone are positive,everything will be OK. resolutions:improve English and study Spanish better,i'd better to lose weight!
Author: jane
My New year's resolutions : job-hunting and get together with him
Author: Susan
my new year's resolutions are to lose weight and improve my English.
Author: mendycheese
and my resolutions are to lose weight and improve my English the same as Susan haha
Author: Van
improve my English
Author: lilin
Author: Lean broiler
wishes are the best expects for new year. for me not only speak english well, but alos I must have a better health.
Author: XsXSJ
NOT just is my new year resulution to improve my English , at any time it's my goal and the only thing i would like to do in these later years.
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