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WORLD NEWS - April 13th, 2012


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  1. It is 22 hours 30 universal time. Here is the news in special English .
  2. International diplomat Kofi Gammon says he is hopeful about the cease-fire between Syrian government troops and rebels. Reports say the cease-fire appears to be holding. Mr. Adams said the Syrian government had not fully obeyed the terms of the peace plan. He urged the government to take additional steps including removing troops and large weapons from heavily populated cities. The former United Nations Secretary-General spoke to the Security Council on Thursday. Syria's ambassador to the UN said his government ended attacks and it expected opposition militias to do the same. Bernard Joffrey blamed anti government forces for several violent acts and he said took place after the cease-fire began. Rights activists say at least three civilians were killed after the truce took effect.
  3. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says we United Nations Security Council will take action against North Korea if the North carries out a planned rocket launch. Sec. Clinton spoke in Washington Thursday after meeting with diplomats from the group of eight industrial nations. Earlier in Switzerland, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon urged North Korea to cancel the launch. Mr. Ban said the launch will only increase tensions. He also said it clearly violates Security Council resolution aimed at controlling North Korea's nuclear weapons program.
  4. Pakistan's parliament has approved conditions that the United States must meet if relations between the countries are to improve. Parliament also said Pakistan will let vehicles carrying supplies to NATO forces enter Afghanistan if the conditions are met. Lawmakers ordered a re-examination of relations after 24 Pakistani soldiers were killed in cross border NATO airstrike last November. The United States has expressed regret for the strike Bob has not made an apology but new conditions include an apology for the attack and an end to American drone strikes in Pakistani territory. The conditions also ban secret operations inside Pakistan. American forces killed Osama bin Laden during a secret operation in Pakistan.
  5. In the United States of White Hispanic man charged in the death of a 17-year-old African-American has made his first appearance in a Florida court. George * only answered yes sir when asked simple questions. He was questioned Thursday about the second-degree murder charge for killing Martin. The judge set May 29 as the next court date. Mr. Zimmerman has said he shot and killed Martin in self-defense.
  6. The head of the international monetary fund says Europe's debt and financial problems are the biggest threat to world economic growth. Christine Lingard said improvements in the United States and some other economies have reduced the immediate threat of the world economic crisis. However, she says a risk of a crisis remains. Ms. Woodard says the IMF needs more money to deal with economic problems. She says that failure to act on the world's economic problems will have a larger cost and giving to the IMF fund. Ms. Woodard spoke Thursday in Washington.
  7. You are listening to the news in VOA Special English.
  8. Reports from Guinea-Bissau say the military has seized the ruling party headquarters and the national radio station. Witnesses reported hearing gunshots and rocket fire in the capital Bissau. On Thursday, soldiers occupied central streets including one where presidential candidate Carlos * lives. There are reports of heavy arms fire and shelling in the city. The incidents took place before the campaign began for the presidential runoff vote in Guinea-Bissau. The voting is set for April 29. Countries opposition has called for a boycott of the election warned against campaigning.
  9. In Malim * has been sworn in as the temporary president. After the ceremony in *. Mr. * warned the * rebels and Islamist militants in the North to withdraw from fighting or face war. He also said the new temporary government will never negotiate to divide the nation. * Rebels took over parts of the North after President * was ousted last month. The rebels declared an independent state they called *. African nations have rejected the rebel claims.
  10. The United Nations Security Council has told Sudan and South Sudan to stop border clashes. The Security Council says the fighting could lead to a war between the East African neighbors. The council's 15 members ordered Sudan to stop its airstrikes and South Sudan to withdraw troops from an oilfield. Fighting along the border between the former Civil War opponents has led to clashes over the * oil field.
  11. British Prime Minister David Cameron says his country could soon ease restrictions on Burma. Mr. Cameron travels to Burma on Friday. He is to meet with Pres. * in * the capital. The British leader is also expected to meet with opposition leader Aung Sun Su Ki in Rangoon. He told the British broadcasting Corporation Thursday that Britain will be quick to respond, if Burma continues making democratic progress.
  12. The Philippines has withdrawn its largest warship from a disputed area of the South China Sea. The action appears to be an attempt to lessen tensions with China over of naval dispute in the waters. Foreign affairs secretary said Thursday that a smaller navy boat will replace the warship. The ship is in an area 230km off the northwestern coast of the Philippines. The Philipino and Chinese naval ships began a dispute Tuesday went to Chinese ships blocked the Philippines warship.
  13. Again the major news, former UN secretary-general Kofi Annan says he is hopeful the cease-fire in Syria appears to be holding. Secretary of State Clinton says the UN Security Council will take action against North Korea, if the North carries out a rocket launch. That's the news in VOA Special English from Washington.

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